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Clarified Networks
Privately held company
Founded 2006
Headquarters Oulu, Finland
Area served
Products Situation Awareness Tools
Services Network Analysis Services
Owner Codenomicon
Number of employees
Clarified Networks
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Situation Awareness, Network Analysis, Network Mapping

Clarified Networks is a company that is headquartered in Oulu, Finland. The company was acquired by Codenomicon in 2011, but continues to operate as a separate company under the Codenomicon Group.[1]

The company is most famous for producing visualizations of security incidents, for example the patching of DNS cache poisoning attacks[2] and Botnet[3] traffic.

Since 2006 Clarified Networks has in particular concentrated in developing the collaborative focus in their products and currently refers to itself as a provider of Collaborative Network Analysis tools. Practical applications for Clarified Networks' tools are for example Traffic Auditing, troubleshooting and malware analysis.


Clarified Networks provides a wide set of different situation awareness tools,[4] including:

Virtual Situation Room (VSRoom) provides unified, real-time views to the information provided by your monitoring systems. With VSRoom you will be able to collect, visualize and share monitoring data collected from your critical infrastructure. It provides beautiful situation overviews of complex data for decision makers and first line operation centers.

AbuseHelper is an open framework for collecting and sharing intelligence on suspected malicious activity. Clarified Networks is the lead developer and community contributor of AbuseHelper.

Network Analyzer is the tool of choice for collaborative analysis and visualization of complex networks. The analyzer helps you in collaborative troubleshooting, traffic audits and network documentation based on real traffic.


The research and development for Clarified Networks' tools began in 2002 and continued for four years in the Oulu University Secure Programming Group (OUSPG) before Clarified Networks spun off from the research group in 2006.

The company entered the Venture Cup competition that year, and was one of the finalists.[5]

In 2007, the founders of Clarified Networks also were awarded for their VMware Applicance called HowNetWorks.[6][7]

In 2011, Company was acquired by Codenomicon.


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