Cox's Road, Hong Kong

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Cox's Road near Jordan Road

Cox's Road (traditional Chinese: 覺士道; simplified Chinese: 觉士道; pinyin: Juéshì Dào; Cantonese Yale: gok3 si6 dou6) is a road in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It lies between Austin Road and Jordan Road and is bordered on its east side for most of its length by the Kowloon Cricket Club. The former headquarter of Scout Association of Hong Kong Morse House was in this street too. In 1997, the headquarter was moved to the new building "Hong Kong Scout Centre" in Austin Road, and the Morse House was rebuilt to become a residential building, Carmen's Garden.


The road was named after its lessor, James Cox as was the nearby street, Cox's Path. Cox dealt in smuggled opium and had started out selling mechanical novelties in Canton (now Guangzhou) but soon found the drug trade to be more profitable. He was obliged to leave China and eventually went into real estate dealing in Hong Kong. James owned the leases on a number of the lots which ran along Cox's Road and Cox's Path.

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