Metropolis (painting)

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Otto Dix Metropolis.png
ArtistOtto Dix
MediumMixed technique on wood
Dimensions181 cm × 402 cm (71 in × 158 in)
LocationKunstmuseum Stuttgart, Stuttgart

Metropolis (German: Großstadt) is a 1928 painting by the German artist Otto Dix. It is a triptych with three nighttime city scenes from the Weimar Republic. The left panel shows a crippled war veteran approaching a group of prostitutes. The central panel shows the interior of a nightclub with a brass band, a dancing couple and scantily clad women with visible jewelry, as well as one person of ambiguous gender. The right panel shows a group of high-class prostitutes dressed in furs, ignoring the war cripple they walk by.

The themes of the painting are femininity, decadence and sexuality in the modern city. The art professor Marsha Meskimmon has written how the war veterans are "shown weakened in every way by the aggressive sexuality of Weimar women. Both the economic and sexual bargaining power rests with the demonized whores of modernity."[1]

The painting belongs to the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart since 1972.[2]

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