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The following is a list of programs currently and formerly broadcast on CMT and its former incarnation as NCN.

Current programs[edit]

As of September 2017, shows currently broadcast include:[1]

Music blocks[edit]

  • CMT Music (2006-2018)
  • CMT Rewind (2009–2018)
  • CMT Spotlight (2006–2018)
  • My CMT Morning (2008–2018)
  • Number 1s (2012–2018)
  • Old School (2010–2018)
  • Wide Open (2010–2018)

Music programming[edit]

  • Chevrolet Top 20 Countdown (2011–2018)
  • CMT's Hottest (2013–2018)
  • Live at the Edison (2014–2018)
  • One 2 One (2012–2018)

Original programming[edit]

  • Best in Chow (2013–present)
  • Ice Racer Showdown (2015–present)
  • Tornado Hunters (2014–present)
  • Yukon for Sale (2015–present)

Acquired programming[edit]

Former programs[edit]

Shows formerly broadcast on CMT (Canada) include:

Program Years Hosts Notes
According to Jim 2009–2014 Syndicated
CMT After Hours 1997–2002 Music videos
All About... 2008-2011 CMT (Canada) original
CMT All Access 1998–2001 Produced by CMT
CMT AM 2002-2005 Music videos
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? 2010-2012 Jeff Foxworthy Syndicated
Austin City Limits 1998–1999; 2002 Syndicated
Barn Satellite Network 2001 Danny Hooper CMT (Canada) original
Bayou Billionaires 2013–2014 Produced by CMT
Beyond Chance 2006–2008 Melissa Etheridge Syndicated
CMT Big 12 2003-2006 Music videos
Big 12 Karaoke 2006–2008 Music videos
Big in a Small Town 2012 Brooke Pashley CMT (Canada) original
Big Ticket 1996-1998 Stu Jeffries CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Bonanza 2003 Syndicated
Build It Forward 2011 Paul Brandt CMT (Canada) original
CMT Buzz 2003 Elissa Lansdell CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Call 2 Win 2011–2012 TJ Anderson
Alexandra Bell
CMT (Canada) original
Candid Camera 2006-2009 Peter Funt
Suzanne Somers
Dina Eastwood
Casey Clarke Covers 2012 Casey Clarke CMT (Canada) original
Cash and Cari 2013–2015 Cari Cucksey Produced by Cineflix
Cash Mob 2014 Andrew Chapman
Jenna Warriner
CMT (Canada) original
Celtic Country 2000–2002 Music videos
CMT Central 2003-2007 Elissa Lansdell (2003-2004)
Stu Jeffries (2003-2005)
Nicola Jones (2004)
Colleen Rusholme (2005)
Paul McGuire (2005-2007)
Beverley Mahood (2005-2007)
CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Cheerleader Nation 2007–2008 Produced by Lifetime
Chevrolet Cross Canada Countdown 2010-2011 Casey Clarke CMT (Canada) original
Chevy Cross Canada Countdown 2008–2010 Casey Clarke
Lindsay Stone (2009–2010)
CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Chevy Top 20 1995-2008 Cliff Dumas (1995-2002)
Elissa Lansdell (2002-2003)
Casey Clarke (2003-2008)
CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Chick Flick Fridays 2009 Elissa Lansdell CMT (Canada) original
CMT30 2007-2008 Paul McGuire CMT (Canada) original
Coast to Coast 2002–2006 Music videos
Coming Home 2011 Matthew Rogers Produced by Lifetime
Commercial Free Zone 1999–2000 Music videos
Country Couples 2003-2004 CMT (Canada) original
Country Now 2000–2001 Nancy Sinclair CMT (Canada) original
Cowboy U 2004-2005 Produced by CMT
Crossroads 2002–2003 Greg Martin Produced by CMT
Crystal: Living the Dream 2008 CMT (Canada) original
D-J-U 2003–2005 Music videos
Daily Dozen 1997-1998 Music videos
Dakota Sessions 2008–2011 CMT (Canada) original
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 2008–2014 Produced by CMT
Deal with It (U.S.) 2014–2015 Theo Von Produced by TBS
Dedicated 2007–2011 Elissa Lansdell CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Delivery Room 1996-1999 Music videos
Due South 2009–2011 Syndicated
The Dukes of Hazzard 2004-2009 Syndicated
Ed 2005–2009 Syndicated
Employee of the Week 2012–2013 Casey Clarke CMT (Canada) original
eQuest 2002-2004 Music videos
ER Vets 2010–2013 Jann Arden CMT (Canada) original
Evening Shade 2003–2006 Syndicated
Everyone's a Critic 2002 Music videos
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 2012 Ty Pennington Syndicated
Face the Music 1999-2001 Produced by CMT
The Fashion District 2010–2011 Sharadha Ramjit CMT (Canada) original
Fear Factor 2013–2014 Joe Rogan Syndicated
Flashback 2005-2007 CMT (Canada) original
Four Strong Winds 2005 CMT (Canada) original
CMT 4 Tracks 2008-2010 CMT (Canada) original
The Funny Pit 2013 CMT (Canada) original
Gilmore Girls 2009–2010 Syndicated
CMT Goldrush 1998-2000 Music videos
Gone Country 2008–2009 John Rich Produced by CMT
CMT Got Me in with the Band 2003-2004 Lance Smith Produced by CMT
Grand Ole Opry Live 2002–2009 Katie Cook (2002–2003)
Nan Kelley (2003–2009)
Produced by GAC
CMT's Greatest 2008–2011 Paul McGuire CMT (Canada) original
Hammer & Chew 2012–2013 CMT (Canada) original
Heart & Home 1997-2005 Music videos
Heartthrobs 1998 CMT (Canada) original
Hit or Miss 2012–2013 Paul McGuire
Josie Dye
CMT (Canada) original
CMT Hits 2001-2002 Music videos
Home Improvement 2008–2011 Syndicated
Hope & Faith 2007-2015 Syndicated
CMT Hot 1's 1999–2001 Music videos
HotWire 2003-2005 Music videos
Impact 2003 Elissa Lansdell CMT (Canada) original
Indie Scene 1999-2003 Music videos
The Industry 2003 CMT (Canada) original
Inside Country 1996-1999 Chas. Hay CMT (Canada) original
Inside Fame 2003–2005 Produced by CMT
Inside the Box with Ty Pennington 2013 Ty Pennington Syndicated
JAG 2011–2013 Syndicated
Jammin' Country 1996–1997 Music videos
Jason McCoy Eats America 2013 Jason McCoy CMT (Canada) original
Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country 2014 Produced by CMT
The Judds 2011 Produced by OWN
Karaoke Star 2007–2010 Paul McGuire CMT (Canada) original
Karaoke Star Jr. 2009-2010 Paul McGuire
Phil Guerrero
CMT (Canada) original
Kortney & Dave by Request 2011–2012 The Wilsons CMT (Canada) original; music videos
LeAnn & Eddie 2014 Produced by VH1
Less than Perfect 2013 Syndicated
Little House on the Prairie 2002–2006 Syndicated
Lonesome Dove 2004-2007 Syndicated
Lost Highway 2003 Produced by BBC
Love & Tears 2010–2013 Music videos
Malibu Country 2015 Syndicated
Married... with Children 2006-2007 Syndicated
Matlock 2003–2005 Syndicated
Meet the Wilsons 2009-2010 CMT (Canada) original
Melissa & Joey 2012 Produced by ABC Family
The Middle 2012–2013 Syndicated
Mississippi Snake Grabbers 2015 CMT (Canada) original
Mom's a Medium[2] 2014–2015 CMT (Canada) original
CMT Morning 1997–2002 Music videos
CMT Most Shocking 2004-2005 Produced by CMT
CMT Most Wanted Live 2002–2004 Greg Martin (2002)
Katie Cook (2002–2004)
Cledus T. Judd (2002–2004)
Produced by CMT
CMT Movie 2010-2012 Syndicated
Movie Night 2010 Elissa Lansdell CMT (Canada) original
CMT Music Hits 2012 Music videos
MWL Star 2003 Katie Cook Produced by CMT
My Big Redneck Vacation 2013–2015 Tom Arnold Produced by CMT
My CMT Top 5 2009-2010 Lindsay Stone Music videos
Naked 2011–2013 CMT (Canada) original
Nashville 2007 Produced by Fox
Nashville Star 2003-2007 Nancy O'Dell (2003-2004)
LeAnn Rimes (2005)
Wynonna (2006)
Jewel (2007)
Produced by USA Network
New Rockin' Country 1997 Music videos
Not Your Daddy's Country 2005 CMT (Canada) original
Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy 2005 Syndicated
One on One 1998–2001 CMT (Canada) original
One on One 2007-2011 Paul McGuire CMT (Canada) original
Our Song 2009 CMT (Canada) original
Out of Country 2010-2011 CMT (Canada) original
Personal Playback 2001 Produced by CMT
Personal Top 5 2000-2001 CMT (Canada) original
Pet Heroes 2010–2013 Jason McCoy CMT (Canada) original
Pick a Puppy 2010–2014 Beverley Mahood CMT (Canada) original
Picker Sisters 2013 Produced by Lifetime
Picture This 2006–2008 Elissa Lansdell Produced by Discovery Home
Plucked 2006 CMT (Canada) original
Power Couples 2012 CMT (Canada) original
Power Trip 2002–2006 Music videos
CMT Presents 2012 CMT (Canada) original
CMT Prime 2001-2002 Music videos
Private Lives of Nashville Wives 2014 Produced by TNT
Project Dad 2006–2008 Beverley Mahood CMT (Canada) original
Project Mom 2007-2008 Beverley Mahood CMT (Canada) original
Pure Country 1998–1999 Music videos
Pure Country 2004-2010 Music videos
Rebel Country 1998 Music videos
Rehearsal 1999 CMT (Canada) original
CMT Request Line 1998–2000 Greg Shannon CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Road Hammers 2005-2007 CMT (Canada) original
Rock N' Country 1999–2002 Music videos
Rockin' Country 1998–1999 Music videos
Roseanne 2005-2008 Syndicated
Roseanne's Nuts 2013 Produced by Lifetime
Rules of Engagement 2012–2014 Syndicated
Saturday Night Movie 2009 Elissa Lansdell CMT (Canada) original
Save Us from Our House 2013 Hina Khan
Dylan Marcel
Screening Room 1999-2002 Casey Clarke CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Sessions at West 54th 2000–2002 John Hiatt Syndicated
Set List 2011 CMT (Canada) original
Shaye: This Is It! 2007–2010 Produced by Global
Sheet Music 2002 Music videos
The Show 2009–2012 Paul McGuire CMT (Canada) original
CMT Showcase 1996–2001 Produced by CMT
CMT Smash Hits 2004-2006 Music videos
CMT Social 2013–2015 Music videos
CMT Songbook 1998–2001 Music videos
Songwriter 1997-1998 CMT (Canada) original
CMT Star 2005–2011 CMT (Canada) original
CMT Star Crossed 2009-2011 CMT (Canada) original
CMT Star Horoscope 1999–2000 Music videos
Storytellers 1998 CMT (Canada) original
Supernanny 2010–2012 Syndicated
Swamp Pawn 2013–2014 Produced by CMT
Sweet Home Alabama 2012 Produced by CMT
Talkin' 'Bout 2009–2011 CMT (Canada) original
The Tara Diaries 2008 CMT (Canada) original
Texas Cheer Moms 2009 Produced by TLC
CMT 3rd Shift 2002-2008 Music videos
Three Chords from the Truth 2009 CMT (Canada) original
Three Wishes 2006-2008 Amy Grant Syndicated
Today's New Country 1997–2000 Music videos
Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever 2014–2015 CMT (Canada) original; reality
CMT Top 10 CDs 1997-1998 Nancy Sinclair CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Top 10 Countdown 1997–1998 Music videos
Top 10 Time Capsule 1998 Music videos
Top 12 People's Choice 1998–2002 Music videos
Top Shot 2014 Colby Donaldson Produced by History Channel
Totally 2006-2010 CMT (Canada) original
Touched by an Angel 2005–2007 Syndicated
Tuckerville 2009-2011 Produced by TLC
CMT TXT Me 2006 Casey Clarke CMT (Canada) original; music videos
CMT TXT Us 2005-2007 Music videos
CMT Ultimate 2006–2007 CMT (Canada) original; music videos
CMT's Ultimate 2004–2005 Beverley Mahood Music videos
Ultimate Country Home 2003 Lynnette Cole Produced by CMT
The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search 2006–2009 Produced by CMT
Ultimate Fan Access 2009-2010 CMT (Canada) original
Ultimate Power Trip 2005 Music videos
Undercover Boss Canada 2013–2015 Produced by W Network
Undiscovered Country 2004 CMT (Canada) original
UnStable 2009–2011 CMT (Canada) original
Video Bio 1999-2001 Produced by CMT
NCN Video Premiere 1995–1996 Music videos
Vote Nation 2006-2007 Music videos
CMT Wake Up 2006–2008 Music videos
The Week the Women Went 2011 Produced by CBC
CMT Weekend 2002–2009 Paul McGuire (2009) Music videos
Western Beat with Billy Block 1999-2001 Billy Block Syndicated
Wipeout 2012–2014 John Anderson
John Henson
Wipeout Canada 2013–2015 Jonathan Torrens
Ennis Esmer
Why Not? with Shania Twain 2011 Produced by OWN
Wide Open Country 2008-2010 Music videos
The Wilkinsons 2006-2008 CMT (Canada) original
The Wilsons Flip Out 2011 CMT (Canada) original
Wings 2003-2004 Syndicated
CMT Workout 2000–2002 Music videos
XM Sessions 2010-2011 CMT (Canada) original
Xtreme Country 1999–2001 Gnarley Charley CMT (Canada) original; music videos
Yearbook 2012 Music videos

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