Live in Orlando, FL

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Live in Orlando, FL
Live album by King Crimson
Released June 2003
Recorded February 27, 1972
Genre Progressive rock
Label King Crimson Collectors' Club

Live in Orlando, FL is a live album (2-CD set) by the band King Crimson, released through the King Crimson Collectors' Club in June 2003. The album consists of a recording of a concert at the Kemp Coliseum, Orlando, Florida, United States, February 27, 1972.[1]

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1[edit]

  1. "Pictures of a City" (Robert Fripp, Peter Sinfield) 10:12
    • "42nd at Treadmill"
  2. "Formentera Lady" (Fripp, Sinfield) 8:24
  3. "Sailor's Tale" (Fripp) 6:57
  4. "Cirkus" (Fripp, Sinfield) 9:20
    • "Entry of the Chameleons"
  5. "Ladies of the Road" (Fripp, Sinfield) 6:07

Disc 2[edit]

  1. "Groon" (Fripp) 16:09
  2. "21st Century Schizoid Man" (Fripp, Michael Giles, Greg Lake, Ian McDonald, Sinfield) 11:05
    • "Mirrors"
  3. "Earthbound" (Burrell, Collins, Fripp, Wallace) 6:31
  4. "Cadence and Cascade" (Fripp, Sinfield) 4:24