Snow white salad

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Snow white salad
Alternative names Snezhanka salad
Type Salad
Course Appetizer
Place of origin Bulgaria
Main ingredients Yogurt, cucumbers
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Snezhanka salad or Snow white salad or Milk salad (Bulgarian: Салата Снежанка — Snow White Salad), sometimes called "Mlechna salad" (Млечна Салата — Yogurt Salad) or "Tarator salata" (Сух таратор салата — Dry Tarator Salad), is a traditional Bulgarian salad, which is made of strained yogurt, cucumber, garlic, salt, usually cooking oil, dill, sometimes roasted peppers, walnuts and parsley.

"Snezhanka salad" was popularized in the former Eastern Bloc during the twentieth century by the Bulgarian tour operator Balkantourist.[citation needed]

Snezhanka (snow white) salad derives its name from the fairy tale character Snow White[citation needed] but the only reason for the name is the predominantly white color of the salad.

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