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Miss Belize
Motto The Talented of Beauty, Elegance and Excellence
Formation 1975
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Belize City
Miss Universe
Miss World
Miss International
Miss Earth
Official language
National Director
Romeo Escobar (Universe)
Michael Arnold (World)

Miss Belize is a national beauty pageant in Belize.


In the early years,[when?] there was one pageant held yearly to select a Belizean representative for the Miss Universe pageant, with either that same winner or a runner-up representing Belize at Miss World.[citation needed] Recently[when?] there have been the emergence of different pageants to select representatives for the different international pageants as opposed to just one pageant with several winners.[citation needed]

Opal Enriquez won a pageant in Los Angeles but was never an official Miss Belize winner of any pageant held in Belize but nonetheless did well in her pageant under her US Director Eva Gallego and went on to become Miss Costa Maya 1st.[citation needed] Runner-up when Andrea Elrington withdrew.[citation needed][when?] Enriquez has gone on to produce her own winner at Costa Maya in 2013 and giving Belize its third Miss Costa Maya pageant International winner.[citation needed]

2008 elected Miss Belize Universe Tanisha Vernon spoke out "against Pageants Belize and its owner and only employee – Margaret Johnson".[1] Her crown was then revoked in July 2008.[2]

In 2016 Opal Enriquez took Miss Universe franchise.[citation needed] The 2016 Miss Belize will compete at the Miss Universe after 8 years when it did not exist, while the first runner-up goes to Miss International.[citation needed]

In 2018 Romeo Escobar, a three Emmy award winning producer took over the franchise of Miss Universe in Belize.[3]

Big Four pageants[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as top finalists or semi-finalists

Miss Universe Belize[edit]

The winner of Miss Belize represents her country at the Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Since 2016 Queen of Jewel Miss Belize pageant winner will compete at the Miss Universe.

Year Miss Belize Placement Special Awards
1975 Pelisamay Longsworth Unplaced
1976 Janet Joan Joseph Unplaced
1977 Dora Maria Phillips Unplaced
1978 Christina Margarita Ysaguirre Unplaced
1979 Sarita Diana Acosta Top 12
1980 Ellen Marie Clarke Unplaced
1981 Ivette Zabaneh Unplaced
1982 Sharon Kay Auxillou Unplaced
1983 Shirlene Dianne McKoy Unplaced
1984 Lisa Patricia Ramírez Unplaced
1985 Jennifer (Jenny) Woods Unplaced
1986 Romy Ellen Taegar Unplaced
1987 Holly Emma Edgell Unplaced
1989 Andrea Shermane McKoy Unplaced
1990 Ysela Antonia Zabaneh Unplaced
1991 Josephine Gault Unplaced
1993 Melanie Smith Unplaced
1995 Deborah Wade Unplaced
1996 Ava Lovell Unplaced
1997 Sharon Domínguez Unplaced
1998 Elvia Lilia Vega Unplaced
1999 Viola Jeffery Unplaced
2000 Shiemicka Richardson Unplaced
2003 Becky Belinda Bernard Unplaced
2004 Leilah Anne Magdalena Pandy Unplaced
2005 Andrea Elrington Unplaced
2007 Maria Jeffery Unplaced
2016 Rebecca Rath Unplaced Best National Costume (Top 12)
2018 Jenelli Fraser TBD TBD

Miss World Belize[edit]

Year Miss Belize Placement Special Awards
1987 Janine Sylvestre Unplaced
1988 Pauline Young Unplaced
1989 Martha Badillo Unplaced
1990 Ysela Antonia Zabaneh Unplaced
1991 Josephine Gault Unplaced
2002 Karen Anita Russell Unplaced
2003 Dalila Violeta Vanzie Montano Unplaced
2007 Felicita Arzu Unplaced
2008 Charmaine Chinapen Unplaced
2009 Norma Leticia Lara Unplaced
2010 Jessel Monique Lauriano Unplaced
2011 Kadejah Kenifah Tunn Unplaced
2012 Chantae Chanice Guy Unplaced
2013 Idolly Louise Saldivar Unplaced
2014 Raquel Alejandra Badillo Unplaced
2015 Jasmin Jael Rhamdas Unplaced
2016 Iris Carmen Salguero Unplaced
2017 Renae Sherese Martinez Unplaced

Miss International Belize[edit]

Year Miss Belize Placement Special Awards
2011 Annlyn Nicole Apolonio Unplaced
2012 Destinee Dominique Arnold Unplaced
2016 Marcia Moody Did not compete

Miss Earth Belize[edit]

Year Miss Belize Placement Special Awards
2007 Leilah Anne Magdalena Pandy[4] Unplaced
2008 Larriean Samuels Did not compete
2009 Sherrylee Rodriguez Did not compete
2010 Natasha Nicole Acosta Did not compete
2011 Kimberly Ann Robateau[5][6] Unplaced
2012 Jessel Monique Lauriano[7] Unplaced
2013 Amber Renee Rivero[8][9] Unplaced
2015 Christine Syme[10][11][12][13] Unplaced
2016 Chantae Guy Unplaced
2017 Iris Salguero Unplaced


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