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Miss Universe Ireland
Motto Deliver the title of Miss Universe to the Irish
Formation 1961
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Dublin
Miss Universe
Official language
National Director
Brittany Mason
MOXIE Media Productions
Website [1]

Miss Universe Ireland is a national beauty pageant that has selected Ireland's representative to the Miss Universe pageant since 2002.


Between 2002 and 2015, Andrea Roche Model Agency was awarded the rights to host the Miss Universe Ireland pageant and to send an Irish representative to compete at Miss Universe. This came in 2003 after the Miss Ireland Organisation changed owners and dropped the license of Miss Universe. Since then the organisation has been sending the Republic of Ireland's representative to the international beauty pageant.

Beginning in 2017 Britanny Mason, former Miss Indiana USA 2008 took the Miss Universe franchise for Republic of Ireland in Dublin. Brittanny with her management, MOXIE Media Productions aim to produce the new style of Miss Universe Ireland national contest.[1]

Since Ireland's debut in Miss Universe 1961, it has yet to produce an Irish Miss Universe.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Miss Universe Ireland represents her country at Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Before creating of Miss Universe Ireland, the winner of Miss Ireland will be competing at the pageant respectively.

Year Miss Universe Ireland County Placement Special Awards
2016 No pageant held
2015 Joanna Cooper Derry Unplaced
2014 Lisa Madden Cork Unplaced
2013 No pageant held
2012 Adrienne Murphy Dublin Unplaced
2011 Aoife Hannon Limerick Unplaced
2010 Rozanna Purcell Tipperary Top 10
2009 Diana Donnelly Dublin Unplaced
2008 Lynn Kelly Dublin Unplaced
2007 No pageant held
2006 Melanie Boreham Galway Unplaced
2005 Mary Gormley Dublin Unplaced
2004 Cathriona Duignam Louth Unplaced
2003 Lesley Flood Limerick Unplaced
2002 Lisa O'Sullivan South Dublin Unplaced

Miss Ireland 1961-2001[edit]

Since 1961-2001, the official candidate selected by Miss Ireland winners to compete at the Miss Universe pageant.

Year Miss Ireland Placement Special Awards
1961 Jean Russell Unplaced
1962 Josie Dwyer Unplaced
1963 Marlene Margaret McKeown 2nd Runner-up Miss Photogenic
1964 Maurine Elizabeth Lecky Unplaced
1965 Anne Elizabeth Neill Unplaced
1966 Gladys Anne Waller Unplaced
1967 Patricia Armstrong Top 15
1968 Tiffany Scales Unplaced
1969 Patricia Brine Unplaced
1970 Rita Doherty Unplaced
1971 Marie Hughes Unplaced
1972 Maree McGlinchey Unplaced
1973 Pauline Theresa Fitzsimons Unplaced
1974 Yvonne Costelloe Unplaced
1975 Julie Ann Farnham Top 12
1976 Elaine Rosemary O’Hara Unplaced
1977 Jakki Moore Unplaced
1978 Lorraine Bernadette Enriquez Top 12
1979 Lorraine Marion O’Conner Unplaced
1980 Maura McMenamim Unplaced
1981 Valerie Roe Unplaced
1982 Geraldine Mary McGrory Unplaced
1983 Roberta Brown 2nd Runner-up
1984 Patricia Nolan Unplaced
1985 Olivia Marie Tracey Top 10
1986 Karen Ann Shevlin Unplaced
1987 Rosemary Elizabeth Thompson Unplaced
1988 Adrienne Rock Unplaced
1989 Collette Jackson Unplaced
1990 Barbara Ann Curran Unplaced
1991 Siobhan McClafferty Unplaced Miss Photogenic
1992 Jane Thompson Unplaced
1993 Sharon Ellis Unplaced
1994 Pamela Flood Unplaced
1995 Anna Maria McCarthy Unplaced
1996 Joanne Black Unplaced
1997 Fiona Mullally Unplaced
1998 Andrea Roche Top 10
1999 Vivienne Doyle Unplaced
2000 Louise Doheny Unplaced
2001 Lesley Turner Unplaced



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