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Sarbloh Warriors is a computer game in development by Taranjit Singh, a Birmingham-based Sikh video game creator. It is touted as the first game mod with the theme of Sikhism. Set during the 18th century, the game explores how the nascent Sikh community was suffering under Mughal imperial rule and religious intolerance, and how the Sikhs rebelled against the Mughal empire to secure a future for their faith.

It is a 3D first person action-adventure game, featuring a variety of characters, custom-designed levels, authentic Indian and Persian architecture, with period weaponry, costumes and armour.

In 2006, Singh complained that the game was unfairly stereotyped by the BBC as being anti-Muslim, stating that it was meant to educate the youth on the complicated history of Sikh-Muslim tension. This was eventually resolved and production was continued.

Due to the lack of public donations and some issues with funding, Sarbloh Warriors has been halted temporarily.


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