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The Sheriff of Kolkata is an apolitical titular position of authority bestowed for one year on a prominent citizen of Kolkata. The Sheriff has an office and staff but does not have executive powers. In the order of precedence, the Sheriff ranks just below the Mayor. Mumbai and Kolkata (Calcutta) are the only cities in India to maintain this post. He has a separate office in Calcutta High Court.

The Sheriff presides over various city-related functions and conferences and is in charge of receiving foreign guests of the government.

Amal Chakraborty, a pediatrician, has been the sheriff of Kolkata from January 1, 2006.[1] He took charge from prominent sportsperson Chuni Goswami.

In 2010, Mr. Utpal Chatterjee, professor of IISWBM has been appointed the Sheriff of Kolkata.

In 2013, Dr. Swapankumar Ghosh, a notable physician has been appointed the Sheriff of Kolkata.

Notable persons in this post[edit]

Persons to hold this office include: