Tidore language

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Native to Indonesia
Region North Maluku, islands of Tidore, Maitara, Mare, northern half of Moti, and some areas of west coast of Halmahera.
Coordinates 0°1′N 127°44′E / 0.017°N 127.733°E / 0.017; 127.733
Native speakers
(26,000 cited 1981)[1]
20,000 L2 speakers (1981)[2]
West Papuan
Language codes
ISO 639-3 tvo
Glottolog tido1248[3]

Tidore of eastern Indonesia is a language centered on the island of Tidore but also spoken in neighboring Halmahera. A Papuan language, it is unlike most languages in Indonesia which belong to the Austronesian language family. It, and the similar Ternate language, appear to be related to languages of the Bird's Head peninsula in Papua.[4]

It is closely related to Ternate.


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