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Tommy & Oscar
Tommy and Oscar logo.jpg
Created byMax Alessandrini and Iginio Straffi
Directed byIginio Straffi
StarringMax Alessandrini
Valentino Grassetti
Francesco Artibani
Luca Raffaelli
Tito Faraci
ComposerRoberto Belelli and Francesco Sardella (ph Music WorX s.rl.)
Country of originItaly
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes52
ProducerIginio Straffi
Running time22 minutes
Production companiesRainbow S.r.l.
Rai Fiction
Original networkRai 1
Original release2000 (2000) –
2002 (2002)

Tommy & Oscar (Italian: Tommy e Oscar) is an Italian animated television series co-created by Max Alessandrini and Iginio Straffi, with graphic creation by Pietro Dichiara and Carlo Rambaldi. It was the first major project from Rainbow,[1] which later became a much larger television studio co-owned by the American company ViacomCBS.[2] 52 episodes over two seasons were made.


Professor Leonard is the classic mad, bizarre and eccentric scientist . His amazing inventions often end with unpredictable results. However, thanks to these inventions, his nephew Tommy becomes a superhero intent on protecting the world from Caesar, an unscrupulous businessman.

Tommy, a 10-year-old boy with his alien friend Oscar and his friends Yukari and Peter along with his uncle, Professor Leonard, join forces to stop the evil desires of Caesar. His strategies for getting rich, however, are diabolical plans to make money quickly without considering the disastrous consequences.

Fortunately, our heroes are not alone. There are Yukari, an expert in martial arts, and Peter, a talented black musician. Together they will have to save animals, protect forests and reveal complicated secrets.


The main town in the series is Rainbow City, which takes its name from the production company of the series.

  • Tommy – A blond boy of about 10 years who lives with his eccentric uncle Leonard and Oscar.
  • Oscar – A fun and weird pink alien who eats musical notes that can change his body at will. Oscar was voiced by Rick Jones.
  • Yukari – A 10-year-old girl of Japanese origin, full of action. Her dance attack is the Katonga Dance. She was voiced by Jaclyn Linetsky.
  • Prof. Leonard – Bizarre scientist, but a great inventor. Is Tommy's uncle and lives with him. Similar to Doctor Emmett Brown from Back to the Future.
  • Peter – Tommy's best friend, and he has a music store. He is voiced by Oliver Grainger.
  • Woody Alien - is Oscar's friend who lives on their home planet: Pianota. His name is a parody of the name of director Woody Allen.
  • Buck – A dog that can walk on their front legs, he lives with Tommy and Oscar.
  • Caesar – Unscrupulous, low and ugly, he is convinced that the only thing that counts is money, and does not spare oppression to get rich.
  • Ork and Dork – Pair of idiots apes, with speech but not of intellect. They works for Caesar as gorillas.
  • Decibel - A robot tyrant of Pianota, a sort of alien counterpart to Caesar.

Since their first appearance in the two educational CD-ROM "The Phantom of the Theatre" (awarded in 1996 with the prestigious "Bologna Media Prize") and "Mission Music" (1998), the characters of Tommy and Oscar have been very successful worldwide, especially in Europe, Latin America and Asia.


Season 1 Episodes:

  1. A concert for Oscar
  2. Oscar kidnapped!
  3. Jurassic Mystery
  4. Flying Animals
  5. Basket Ball Mania
  6. Past, Present... and Future garbage.
  7. The phantom Manor
  8. A super home stain remover
  9. Mission Music!
  10. The Pioneer's come back
  11. Split Personality
  12. Vote For Caesar
  13. The bubbly Gusher
  14. The singing crystal
  15. The joke factory
  16. Love is blind, Caesar!
  17. Katonga, Katonga
  18. Jingle Jeopardy
  19. To Whales to tango
  20. A night at the opera
  21. Ghost in the Mine!
  22. All that Jazz!
  23. First day at School
  24. Woodunnit?
  25. T&O Lucky stars
  26. Futurgame

Season 2 Episodes: (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)


Character Italian voice actor
Tommy Monica Ward
Oscar Luca Violini
Yukari Beatrice Margiotti
Zio Leonard Toni Orlandi
Cesare Goffredo Matassi


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