Wenzhou Metro

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Wenzhou Metro
LocaleWenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Transit typeSuburban Rail
Rapid transit
Number of lines6 (planned)
Operator(s)Wenzhou Mass Transit Rail Corporation
System length361.8 km (224.8 mi) (planned)
System map

Wenzhou Metro S1 Line.svg

Wenzhou Metro
Simplified Chinese温州轨道交通
Traditional Chinese溫州軌道交通
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese温州轨交
Traditional Chinese溫州軌交

Wenzhou Metro officially branded as WZ-MTR is the suburban passenger rail metro network serving the city of Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China. The network is a hybrid suburban-commuter rail system with a some underground stations. Six lines have been proposed, with a total length of 361.8 kilometres (224.8 mi), and three have received approval from the national government for construction. The first line (S1) has been under construction since November 2011 and was originally scheduled to open in 2016. The first three lines are projected to cost about 50 billion yuan.

First phase[edit]

Line Terminals Commencement Length
 S1  Tongling
Shuang'ou Avenue
2nd half of 2018 53.507 19
 S2  Xiatang
Renmin Road
TBD 62.945 20
Train of WZMTR Line S1, built by CRRC Qingdao Sifang

The first phase of Wenzhou MTR received official approval from the National Development and Reform Commission in September 2012. This phase includes three lines: S1, S2, and S3, with a total length of 140.7 kilometres (87.4 mi). Construction is projected to complete by 2018, at an estimated cost of about 50 billion yuan.[1]

The first phase of Line S1 begins at Panqiao Town in the west, south of Wenzhou South Railway Station, and ends at Peninsula No. 2 Station in the east, with 51.9 kilometres (32.2 mi) of track and 20 stations.[2] Construction of Shitan Tunnel of Line S1 began on 11 November 2011,[3] and the rest of the line officially began construction in March 2013. Line S1 was originally scheduled to open in October 2018.[1][2]

The first phase of Line S2 runs southward from Xiatang Station in Yueqing to Renmin Road Station in Rui'an, with 63 kilometres (39 mi) of track and 20 stations, including one at Wenzhou Yongqiang International Airport. Construction of S2 began in January 2016.[4] Line S2 will feature distinct express and local services.[5]

The first phase of Line S3 starts at Shenyang Boulevard, where it connects with Line S2, and ends at Aojiang Railway Station, with 20 kilometres (12 mi) of track and 7 stations.[2]

Long-term plans[edit]

Short-term plans for Wenzhou Metro

Three more lines have been planned, but have not yet received approval.

Line S4 is planned to run in a northwest-southeast direction, from Tengqiao in the west to Huanghua Station in the east, where it will connect with Line S2. Its total length is projected to be 47.15 kilometres (29.30 mi), with 10 stations.[2]

Line M1 is planned to run in a southwest-northeast direction, connecting the city center with Ouhai District, Yueqing, and Wenzhou South Railway Station. Its total length is projected to be 57.3 kilometres (35.6 mi), with 32 stations.[2]

Line M2 is planned to run in a northwest-southeast direction, connecting the city center with Longwan District and areas south of the Ou River. Its total length is projected to be 35.2 kilometres (21.9 mi), with 24 stations.[2]


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