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This page serves as an index for dump reports generated from the database dumps. Many of these lists show possible problems with various areas of the wiki which may need fixing.

Current reports[edit]

Report Description Data as of
Hydrogen Pages in namespace 0 containing e-mail addresses 12 March 2010
Helium Pages containing over 20 consecutive <ref>s 30 July 2010
Lithium Potential biographies of living people 16 September 2010
Beryllium Untemplated hatnotes 26 May 2011
Infobox television status Usage of status parameter of {{Infobox television}} 12 March 2010
Category cycles Categories that are their own subcategories 4 September 2013
Missing articles Articles in other Wikipedias, but not the English one 13 December 2011


Please list any requests for reports on the talk page; be as specific as possible.