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For general help on creation of infoboxes, see Help:Infobox
For information on the choice of colours for an Infobox, see the main article Wikipedia:Infobox colours

An infobox on Wikipedia is a consistently-formatted table which is present in articles with a common subject. Please move your infobox into the main list when it has been implemented.

An infobox may or may not use the template software feature. Infobox templates are an alternative to static infoboxes; they can be used to create a common look between subject items, with a minimum of coding within articles. See also Wikipedia:Infobox templates.

Please avoid creating unnecessary infoboxes; consider first whether an existing infobox already meets your needs, or can be adapted to do so. Superfluous infoboxes are likely to be nominated and approved for deletion, wasting your and other editors' time and efforts.

If your infobox is aligned right, please consider having it no wider than 1/3 the width of the available page.


Proposed but not implemented[edit]

No associated WikiProject, no peer review.

Please add any new proposals at bottom of this page under Wikipedia:List of infoboxes/Proposed#Subpaged proposals David Ruben Talk 02:14, 9 October 2007 (UTC)

Infobox for Nordic noble families[edit]

Please look here: Infobox for Nordic noble families

--- Aaemn784 (talk) 19:34, 15 April 2011 (UTC)

Disneyland Resort Paris[edit]

See Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Disney#Attractions template & Template:Infobox_Disney_ride

Roman emperors[edit]

In the style of English monarchs' ones like Henry VIII of England User:neddyseagoon

As far as I know there is already an infobox/navbox for them; see Augustus for an example. Rhetth (talk) 03:16, 30 January 2008 (UTC)


See Template:Infobox Magazine


Unit system SI Unit
Unit of Electric current
Symbol A 
Named after André-Marie Ampère

So far associated with Wikipedia:WikiProject Physics. I highly recommend use of this template for each article about any unit - in the Metric System, the Imperial System, the CGS System, and even units which are old and not in use. MovGP0 14:28, 13 November 2005 (UTC)

MovGP0 15:29, 13 November 2005 (UTC)

See the Infobox Unit for description. --Kri (talk) 23:53, 24 July 2009 (UTC)

Physical quantities[edit]

Common symbols
SI unit Watt
Derivations from
other quantities

P = E / t
P = F · v

P = I · U

So far only associated with Wikipedia:WikiProject Physics, see discussion. Highly recommended to use in every article about a physical quantity. See Template:Infobox Physical quantity for more details. --Kri (talk) 00:02, 25 July 2009 (UTC)

National Economy[edit]


I created an infobox for national economies several months ago whilst working on the now FA Economy of the Republic of Ireland. Since then the box has been added to similier articles such as Economy of Austria, Economy of Belgium, Economy of France, Economy of Germany, Economy of the United Kingdom, and Economy of the United States. The primary purpose of the infobox is to house the large amount of figures in these articles taken from the CIA World Factbook. Since its creation, I have received no complaints about the box. This box is not currently associated with any particular WikiProject. 14:40, 9 Jan 2005 (UTC) +Featured article Economy of India

Disney themeparks[edit]

Lunar craters[edit]

See Template:Lunar crater data

Mythical characters[edit]

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Mythology

Zeus (Greek Zευς) or Dias (Greek: Διας)

Sky Father of the Greeks

Zeus at Otricoli


Identified with Centers of worship Status
Olympian King of the Gods
Jupiter (Roman)
Tinia (Etruscan)
Sabazios (Phrygian)
Ammon (Egyptian)
Lycaon in Aegina
Mycenae (probable origin), Cape Canaeum, Olympia, Dodona, Pergamon Parentage
Cronus and Rhea
Hera (many other lovers, see below)
Ares, Dionysus, Persephone, Hermes, Apollo, Artemis (many more, see below)
Paintings Literature Sculptures and statues Modern interpretations
Jupiter and Io
Leda with the Swan
??? Statue at Olympia ???

At present, this template only has colors assigned for Greek mythology, which will use shades of blue. Other colors will be used for other cultures (e.g. shades of red to denote different beings in Celtic mythology, etc).

Greek mythology - Titans cadetblue
Greek mythology - Olympians lightskyblue
Greek mythology - Primordial gods paleturquoise
Greek mythology - Other Gods cornflowerblue
Greek mythology - Nymphs, Oceanids and Dryads royalblue
Greek mythology - Demigods steelblue
Greek mythology - Humans dodgerblue
Greek mythology - Monsters cyan

I like the idea of an infobox for Greek and Roman gods etc, but this infobox seems to have too much info. I would get rid of the artwork section, centres of worship and epithets. Parentage, Wife and Offspring could be condensed into one section called "Family".--NeilEvans 00:26, 29 April 2007 (UTC)

Is this still an active proposal ? Notice made at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Mythology David Ruben Talk 00:38, 23 September 2007 (UTC)

...and Justus For All will be the 4th album but more like a official mixtape by NC Group Little Brother. It is scheduled to hit stores on June 10, 2008 with seven all new tracks on the iTunes version and five new tracks on the CD Version. as well as mastered versions of nine tracks from their 2007 Mick Boogie mixtape of the same name. "Black Light Special" features the duo teaming up again with their former group mate 9th Wonder for an instant head-nodder. "Black Light Special" will be available on the Itunes version only as well as "Do Ya Thang," which is one of four new tracks produced by frequent collaborator Khrysis.

The new music also features appearances from Oh No, Tiye Phoenix, and production from DJ Spinna and Designated Hitters.

And "Justus For All" will be released on The Hall Of Justus via Traffic Entertainment Group.[1]

...and Justus For All: Official Album

Release Date

June 10, 2008 Format Audio CD/ Online Download
Label Hall Of Justus/Traffic
Little Brother Chronology
Getback (2007) ...and Justus For All (2008) The Minstrel Show (2005)



See Wikipedia:WikiProject Schools

For lists[edit]

The following table can be used in lists to show the hierarchy in a particular school district. See an example at Elgin_Area_School_District_U46.

Bartlett High School
701 Schick Rd.,
Bartlett, Illinois, 60103
Type High School
Motto Aude aliquid dignum
Established 1997
Principal Diane Longfield
Faculty 160
Enrollment 2,900
Information 630-372-4700
Mascot Hawk
Eastview Middle School
321 N. Oak St.,
Bartlett, Illinois, 60103
Type Middle School
Established 1970
Principal Sherry Hullinger
Faculty 58
Enrollment 1075
Information 630-213-5550
Mascot Wolf
{{Infobox elementary school | name = Centennial Elementary School
| name2=Centennial Elementary School, Bartlett, Illinois
| image=
| motto=
| established=1992
| type=[[Elementary School]]
| address= 234 E. Stearns Rd.,
| location = [[Bartlett, Illinois|Bartlett]], [[Illinois]], 60103
| faculty =26
| enrollment = 639
| free_label = Mascot
| free_text = Eagle
| information = 630-213-5632
| Fax=630-213-5630
| principal = Dr. Thomas Stiglic
| website =
| write up= [ U-46 Link] Correct as of Sept 2005

For individual pages[edit]

Deleting the 'high' template:infobox high school, 'middle' template:infobox middle school or 'elementary' template:infobox elementary school designation while editing the list style school infoboxes, above, causes the 'infobox school' template template:infobox school to be used. This latter template is more suitable for individual school pages, with more information being revealed. See example below for Bartlett.

Bartlett High School
701 Schick Rd.,
Bartlett, Illinois, 60103
Type High School
Motto Aude aliquid dignum
Established 1997
Principal Diane Longfield
Faculty 160
Enrollment 2,900
Information 630-372-4700
Mascot Hawk
Name of School local language

Image (school seal or photo)
© School name

Motto: Xxxxx
Superintendent/Principal Administrator Name
School type Private/Public
Religious affiliation NONE/RELIGION
Founded YEAR
Enrollment Xxxx
Faculty X
Endowment X
Campus surroundings URBAN/RURAL
Campus size X acres
Sports teams Xxxxx
Mascot Xxxxx


see Wikipedia:WikiProject Automobiles/Layouts


See Wikipedia:WikiProject Monarchs

Edward II
Image: Edward2.JPG
Reign July 7, 1307 - January 20, 1327
Coronation February 25, 1308, Westminster
Queen Isabella of France (c.1295-1358)
Royal House Plantagenet
Father Edward I (1239-1307)
Mother Eleanor of Castile (1246-1290)
Issue Edward III (1312-1377)
John of Eltham, Earl of Cornwall
Eleanor of Woodstock (1318-1355)
Jeanne of the Tower (1321-1362)
Date of Birth April 25, 1284
Place of Birth Caernarfon Castle
Date of Death September 21, 1327
Place of Death Berkeley Castle
Place of Burial Gloucester Cathedral

NFL Football players[edit]


[[Image:{{{image name}}}|200px|{{{name}}}]]

Personal Info
Birth {{{birthdate}}}, {{{birthplace}}}
Height {{{playerheight}}}
Weight {{{playerweight}}}
Player Information
Position {{{playerposition}}}
Number {{{playernumber}}}
College {{{playercollege}}}
Awards {{{awardname}}}, {{{awardyear}}}
NFL Draft
Year {{{draftyear}}}
Round, Pick {{{draftround}}}, {{{draftpick}}}
Team {{{draftteam}}}
Teams Played For
{{{yearbegan}}} - {{{yearend}}} {{{teamname}}}
Darius Watts

200px|Darius Watts

Personal Info
Birth December 19, 1981, Atlanta, Georgia
Height 6 feet, 2 inches
Weight 190 lbs.
Player Information
Position Wide Reciever
Number #17
College Marshall College
Awards None
NFL Draft
Year 2004
Round, Pick 2nd round, 22nd pick
Team Denver Broncos
Teams Played For
2004 - present Denver Broncos

As of now, there is no set standard as to what information should go on such a player's page, and I think that an Infobox would be perfect for that kind of use. I welcome any comments or feedback either here or on my talk page. --Rascalb 09:35, 7 November 2005 (UTC)


See Template:Infobox Writer

Nonprofit charitable organisations[edit]

This is an infobox for all Nonprofit charitable organisations. I think it's helpful for highlighting the basic information about such a group.

-- MamaGeek (Talk/Contrib) 12:45, 8 June 2006 (UTC)

I realize this proposal is more than 2 years old. There is already a Template:Infobox Non-profit out there that fills this niche. StevePrutz (talk) 05:18, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Volunteers of America

Chicago Santa Claus 1902.jpg
A man dressed up as Santa Claus fundraising for the Volunteers of America

Country United States
Founded 1896
Founded by Ballington and Maud Booth
Founded in New York City
Charitable focus neglected youths, frail elderly, people with disabilities, and homeless individuals
Number employeed 14,000
Number volunteers 70,000+

Kinnikuman Characters[edit]

An infobox is needed for the characters from the manga/anime series Kinnikuman. Thank you.

Ramenman on the cover of "Tatakae!! Ramenman"
Name: Victory Ramenman
Classification: Zangyaku Choujin
Seigi Choujin
Homeland: Henan, China
Height: 208cm
Weight: 130kg
Choujin Power: 970,000
Trademark Techniques: Camel Clutch
Leg Lariat
Kowloon Wall Drop
Tag Teams: 20 Million Powers (Buffaloman)
Trainer: Chen Sou-Mei
First Appearance: Manga Chapter 29
Anime Episode 7
Seiyuu: Eiji Kanie (ep 7~110)
Banjou Ginga (ep 111~137)
Katsuji Mori (Ramenman)
Yūji Mikimoto (Scramble for the Throne)
Kenichi Ono (Nisei)

--User:Seigi Choujin, 12 June 2006

Area code[edit]

An official infobox is probably better than the bare-bones boxes that are on the area code pages right now.

[[{{{State}}}]] area codes:
North: {{{N}}}
West: {{{W}}} {{{This}}} East: {{{E}}}
South: {{{S}}}

Note that it's rather ugly; colors/beautification would be appreciated as well. --Mr. Lefty Talk to me! 00:59, 25 June 2006 (UTC)


Right now i dont think any infobox exists. Here is the colour code: Please add more to the colour code if any more occur to you.

A map of the affected area/s
{{{Type}}} in {{{Place}}}
Date of Occurance {{{Date of Occurance}}}
Duration {{{Duration}}}
Place {{{Place of Occurance}}}
Mortalities {{{Number of mortalities}}}
Natural/Manmade {{{Natural/Manmade}}}

  • Floods: Blue
  • Cyclone: Cyan
  • Volcanic Eruption: Red
  • Earthquake: Brown
  • Tsunami: Dark Blue
  • Bomb Blast: Orange

Above was added by and updated by Ketanof92.
Other disaster types to consider are 'avalanche' and 'ice storm'. Change 'Bomb blast' to 'explosion', or remove it altogether and make the infobox about natural disasters. Mindmatrix 18:45, 7 October 2013 (UTC)

File comparison[edit]

This infobox can be placed at the bottom of several articles besides those for the file comparison tools listed below, including File comparison and the articles in the See also section here. -Barry- 03:15, 5 July 2006 (UTC)

This infobox is loaded with external links which is counter to the purpose and typical use of most infoboxes. The motivation for this odd proposal will become clearer in the context of Talk:Diff#Diff links. -- 06:49, 6 July 2006 (UTC)

I added two more free tools that have Wikipedia articles. The fact that I missed them before shows that they should be consolidated into a single infobox so all of the related articles don't need to be updated each time a new tool is added, removed, or it's description is edited. -Barry- 19:39, 6 July 2006 (UTC)

They're already consolidated at file comparison and Category:file comparison tools. I don't think file comparison is in need of an infobox, nor one full of external links. Don't you know that Wikipedia is not a link repository? -- 01:06, 7 July 2006 (UTC)

File comparison

Free tools
GNU Diff | iConv diff web-based, local files | DiffNote web-based, local files/URLs | Kompare | fldiff | tkdiff | gtkdiff | Javascript Diff Algorithm by John Resig | JavaScript diff by Cacycle | KDiff3 | VimDiff | xxdiff | DiffMerge web-based Diff/merge | DiffDaff Windows freeware | WinMerge | Meld Diff/merge files and folders.

Proprietary Software
Araxis Merge Diff and merge | Guiffy cross-platform Diff/Merge | AJC Diff | DiffDog | Araxis merge | Beyond Compare | Compare It! | Diff Commander synchronizes directories | Ellié Computing Merge works with 2 or 3 files/folders | ExamDiff Pro | Microsoft File Compare | P4WinMerge | XML Differencing | UltraCompare | Visual Comparer compare/merge | WinDiff | BBEdit for Mac | Differences Examiner for Mac | FileMerge

Thoroughbred Horseracing[edit]

As part of the Wikipedia:WikiProject_Thoroughbred_racing this info box has been created to provide a consistecy in articles that are about racehorses.

[[Image:|200px| ]]
Sire: {{{Sire}}}
Dam: {{{Dam}}}
Damsire: {{{Damsire}}}
Sex: {{{Sex}}}
Foaled: {{{year Foaled}}}
Country: {{{country of birth}}}
Colour: {{{Colour}}}
Owner: {{{Owner}}}
Trainer: {{{trainer/s}}}
Record: {{{record as wins:1st-2nd-3rd}}}
Prizemoney: {{{Prizemoney}}}
Major Wins
{{{Year}}} {{{Racename}}}
{{{**Racing Status}}}

Thoroughbreds and Arabians[edit]

There appears to already be a Template:Thoroughbred racehorse infobox out there--is this the same project? Either way, may I "steal" the same basic design to create a Template:Arabian horse?


Manufacturer Eldon
Era 1960s
Category Action Figures
Country United States
Web address N/A

I feel that this sort of box is really needed to identify toys. When I wrote the article for Billy Blastoff I was really disappointed that there was nothing like this already, something that would cover basics such as Manufacturer and Era.


Aqueduct Template/Infobox[edit]

This template is needed to formalize aqueduct descrptions. We need to use an infobox similar to Template:Infobox_lake or Template:Infobox_dam.

The following attributes are suggested:

  • name
  • location, e.g. Wales.
  • location, coordinates (longitude, latitude) in "coor" format
  • image
  • image caption
  • tunnel or channel
  • length
  • section - rectangular or circular
  • width and height (may be many)
  • diameter (may be many)
  • what it connects
  • maintaining entity
  • opening date
  • closing date?
  • date construction began

The list may be not full. Suggestions are encouraged. Ideally infoboxes should be deprecated in favor of ontologies (see Semantic MediaWiki).

Solarapex 04:57, 17 August 2006 (UTC)

See {{Infobox Aqueduct}} -- Brianhe (talk) 04:14, 19 November 2007 (UTC)
See Also {{Infobox AqueductNavigable}} Ronhjones (talk) 22:26, 24 January 2009 (UTC)

Hotel Company[edit]

Hilton Hotel
Founder Conrad Hilton in 1919
Destinations Served Key Cities Athens, Greece

London, England Honolulu, Hawaii Los Angeles, California

Countries  ???
Hotels Worldwide Over 500

Internet Animation[edit]

Radiskull and Devil Doll
Radiskill and Devil Doll Banner
Radiskull and Devil Doll Banner
Author: Joe Sparks
Animation Style: Flash
Current Status: No Updates

An infobox for Internet Animations such as Radiskull and Devil Doll. kc4 - the Server Monkey Enforcer 05:27, 27 August 2006 (UTC)

I have used a generic infobox for Radiskull and Devil Doll. It can and probably should be modified for the final infobox. Kc4 21:41, 23 September 2006 (UTC)

Fairly OddParents Character[edit]

Bartimaeus Trilogy Character[edit]

Bartimaeus Trilogy Character
True Name Nathaniel
Use Name John Mandrake
Tutors/Masters Arthur Underwood,
Jessica Whitwell
Notable Servant/s Bartimaeus (Bartimaeus trilogy), Scrying Glass Imp
Loyalties British Government

Project Paranormal[edit]

  • Paranormal Creatures
List of infoboxes/Proposed
"Paranormal creatures" appears to be already implemented. See Loch Ness Monster. StevePrutz (talk) 05:24, 26 June 2008 (UTC)
  • Abductees and contactees

{{Infobox encounters}}

"Encounters" appears to be implemented. See Pascagoula Abduction. StevePrutz (talk) 05:24, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Birds of Prey issues[edit]

{{Infobox ''Birds of Prey'' issue|
 Title = Headhunt: Part Four – Class Dismissed
| Series = [[Birds of Prey (comics)|Birds of Prey]]
| Issue = 99
| Editor = [[Gail Simone]]
| Penciller = [[James Raiz]]
| Inker = [[Robin Riggs]]
| Colors = [[Hi-Fi Design]]
| Letters = [[Travis Lanham]]
| Editor = [[Mike Carlin]]
| Associate Editor = [[Tom Palmer, Jr.]]
| Issue Date = [[December]], [[2006]]
| Prev = [[Headhunt: Part Three – False Idol]] (Issue #98)
| Next = TBA (Issue #100)
| Image = 

This is an infobox proposed for use in a project whereby I will be including and summarizing the current issue of the DC Comics series Birds of Prey. Quidam65 16:24, 12 November 2006 (UTC)

Flame of Recca Characters[edit]

| name          = Tokiya Mikagami
| image         = NonFreeImageRemoved.svg
| caption       = Tokiya Mikagami on the cover of volume 31 of the Flame of Recca Manga
| dubname       = Dylan Mikagami
| gender        = Male
| age           = 16 (manga), 17 (anime)
| birthday      = November 13
| madogu        = Ensui
| element       = Water
| affiliation   = Hokage
| firstappanime = Episode 3
| firstappmanga = Volume 2, Chapter 10
| voiceactor    = [[Hikaru Midorikawa]] ([[Japanese language|Japanese]])<br>[[Paul Hunter]] ([[English]])<br>[[Vincent Guttierez]] ([[Tagalog]])

I propose an infobox template for characters from the series Flame of Recca. I think it would be good if readers could have a quick overview of the character, inclusive of information such as affiliations (since there are major groups in the series such as Uruha Jyuushinshuu, Uruha Ma, Hokage, Kuu, and Ura Uruha), madogu (since most of the characters involved in the series wield at least one madogu), and element (most madogu enable their users to manipulate one 'element' like Ensui for water, Fuujin for wind, and Fukyo Waon for sound). Like most animated characters, it would be important to include details such as their age/age range, first appearance, other names (for different dubs) and voice actors. I think that orange (or an alternative color associated with fire) would be appropriate for the identification of the Flame of Recca character infobox, because of the series' title in itself, and because its protagonist wields the element of fire. --- Silentaria 11:32, 10 December 2006 (UTC)

Fashion Designer[edit]

I am proposing the following infobox for Fashion Designers. This is an area that i am currently looking to undertake in more depth and expand.

Fashion Designer
Name {{{name}}}
Nationality {{{nationality}}}
Birth date {{{birth_date}}}
Birth place {{{birth_place}}}
Sexuality {{{sexuality}}}
Working Life
Label Name {{{label_name}}}

Air Training Corps Squadron[edit]

{{{number}}} ({{{name}}}) Squadron
[[Image:{{{image}}}|300px| ]]
Founded: {{{founded}}}
Address: {{{address}}}
Grid Ref: {{{gridref}}}
Website: none
Command Structure
Commanding Officer: {{{commander}}}
Wing: {{{wing}}}
Wing HQ: {{{winghq}}}
Parade Nights
{{{night1}}} {{{night1times}}}
{{{night2}}} {{{night2times}}}

It is my intention to implement this for pages related to squadrons of the Air Training Corps. If there are no objections I will go ahead and implement it. Pastbury 19:57, 18 January 2007 (UTC)

Hollyoaks Character Infobox Proposal[edit]

If no one minds, I drew up a simple infobox to implement with the Hollyoaks character articles. The other soaps have them, so why not? If no one objects, great. Sorry if I'm posting incorrectly, I'm new at this.

Hollyoaks character
Played by {{{actor_name}}}
Duration {{{years}}}
Date of Birth {{{dob}}}
Date of Death {{{death}}}
Marital Status {{{status}}}
Occupation {{{occupation}}}
Family {{{family}}}

List of infoboxes/Proposed List of infoboxes/Proposed

Please don't use "Other shows have them so why not" as an argument. Please see if there perhaps is a more general infobox that can be used instead. If we are gonna create seperate infoboxes that all "do about the same" for every television show in the world, then we will drown wikipedia. {{Infobox character}} will probably do just fine in this case for example. Good luck. --TheDJ (talkcontribsWikiProject Television) 16:27, 19 April 2007 (UTC)

Serial killers[edit]

Ted Bundy
File:Ted Bundy 2.jpg
Born Theodore Robert Bundy
Other names The Campus Killer
Lady Killer
Victims 23
Span of killings
Country USA
State(s) Washington, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Florida
Date apprehended
February 15 1978

What does everybody think of this template for serial killers? What other fields are neccessary, if any?

ONEder Boy 22:52, 4 February 2007 (UTC)

Er, isn't this morally wrong? Institutionalising Wikipedia's depiction of serial killers seems to suggest that what they do is routine and commonplace, especially with fields like "Number of victims". I mean, why not create league tables and premierships of serial killers while we're at it? It Is Me Here (talk) 19:57, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
This Template:Infobox Serial Killer appears to be implemented. See Ted Bundy. StevePrutz (talk) 05:27, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Sample CD[edit]

I propose the following infobox for sample CDs, which are so numerous and diverse as to be almost equivalent to a type of musical synthesiser in their own right.

Sample CD
[[Image:{{{image}}}|300px| ]]
Name {{{name}}}
Company {{{company}}}
Formats {{{formats}}}

I'm probably entering this wrong, so please forgive me. The gist is that each sample CD is made by one company, has one cover, and has one name, but can be released in many different formats such

as Akai S1000, Audio CD, Roland, Samplecell Mac, and so on.

Thank you. Zoeb

High School Athletics[edit]

Can we possibly add an infobox for high school sports? It would be similar to the college athletics infobox:

List of infoboxes/Proposed

Thank you, bluedevil04

Shinto Shrines[edit]

Racquetball players[edit]

I'd like to create an infobox for racquetball players. I've created several entries for racquetball players, and recently another editor has added some infoboxes to some of them (e.g., Paola Longoria), which I thought was nice. That editor used the general sportsperson infobox and I used that for the entry on Chris Crowther I created, but it's not ideal. Thus, I'd like to have an infobox specifically for racquetball players. The important elements to include would be professional career info, international info, and performance at the US Open - the most prestigious racquetball tournament.


The Alias infobox has been translated into english for use in japanese information on english wiki.

Here's the elements I've come up with:

| headercolor = | name = | image = | image_size = | caption = | birth_name = | fullname = | nationality = | residence = | birth_date = | birth_place = | death_date = | death_place = | height = | weight = | website = | country = | collegeteam = | turnedpro = | coach = | retired = | highestranking = | protitles = | profinals = | USOpen = | worlds = | jrworlds = | nationals = | medaltemplates = | show-medals =

Any other suggestions? (note: I tried putting this info in an infobox format, but that wasn't working for me here) Trb333 (talk) 18:33, 4 November 2011 (UTC)

US Region[edit]

For areas such as the Sun Belt and New England, no infobox exists. It would be cleaner to have a US region infobox for articles such as these. Template:Infobox US Region

Subpaged proposals[edit]

Directions (Subpaged proposals)[edit]

See Wikipedia talk:List of infoboxes#Suggestion to split proposed infoboxes for this attempt to "farm out" proposals to subpages, to allow quicker editing. Would also allow a simple page move to both make a template go live and preserve its history & discussion information.David Ruben Talk 02:52, 9 February 2007 (UTC)

To include a new proposal
  1. Click to edit the last member of this list
  2. Add the following subheader and template to the bottom of the list of subpaged proposals:

    {{Infobox Proposal | Name= | Project= | Proposer=~~~~ |Comment=}}

    • Name is the name for the Infobox, and generally should start with the word "Infobox"
    • Project (optional) is the name of the WikiProject to which this relates, this parameter is automatically wikilinked if defined
    • Comment (optional) for a (short) outline of proposal if template coding not to be immediately worked-up to make the proposal self-explanatory
  3. Having saved this edit, then click on the generated red-links to create the proposed infobox or start discussions

To go live
  1. Once the infobox is ready to "go live" move the subpage to real template space.
    • i.e. Wikipedia:List of infoboxes/Proposed/Infobox xxx is moved to Template:Infobox xxx
  2. Finally remove from this proposal page the subheader & the {{Infobox Proposal | ...}} template.

Infobox Poetry[edit]

French Communauté d'agglomération[edit]

Infobox Team Mascot[edit]

Infobox chemical analysis[edit]

Infobox window covering[edit]

Infobox Madrid Metro station[edit]

Infobox window covering articles[edit]

This is a Navbox - see Wikipedia:Navigational templates and Template:Navbox for simpler coding - converted to a Navbox, the name though would be Template:Window coverings David Ruben Talk 19:53, 29 October 2007 (UTC)

Infobox political organization[edit]

This would be something similar to the infobox for Non-profits, but for political groups. I'm thinking of smaller groups (rather than political parties), e.g. White Aryan Resistance or the GSM Association or Americans United for Life, that sort of group. Thoughts? -Elizabennet | talk 14:49, 13 November 2007 (UTC)

Infobox clinical phobias[edit]

After the previous attemps to create a template on phobias failed (second-latest, latest), I've thought that the best way to deal with the problem is an infobox. This would be a modified version of the existing template:Infobox Disease, with added fields for the phobias. The fields of the disease infobox are needed since some articles incorporate them already. The template's fields are explained on this proposal's talk page. --Once in a Blue Moon (talk) 23:51, 13 January 2008 (UTC)

Italian general election[edit]

request of — Preceding unsigned comment added by Zizi-EU (talkcontribs) 20:11, 9 February 2008

You rquery was on using an existing infobox, so I've moved it to Template talk:Infobox Election. David Ruben Talk 02:03, 10 February 2008 (UTC)

RADAR Infobox[edit]

FSAE Team Infobox[edit]

Infobox District Info[edit]

{{Infobox District Info
|name           = Calloway County
|image          = [[Image:HS-Building.jpg|100px]]
|established    = [[1960]] 
|type           = [[Public school|Public]] 
|Principal      = Yvette Pyle (Retiring)
|Asst. Principal= Brian Wilmurth
|city           = [[Murray, Kentucky|Murray]] 
|state          = [[Kentucky|KY]] 
|country        = [[United States|USA]] 
|endowment      = $14.8 million
|students       = 906 (2007)
|teachers       = 65 
|athletics      = 19 varsity teams 
|nickname       = "Lakers" and "Lady Lakers"
|colors         = Red <font color="#CC0000">█</font> and Columbia Blue <font color="#00CCFF">█</font>
|affiliations   = [[KHSAA]] 
|website        = []

— Preceding unsigned comment added by 17:57, 5 June 2008 (talkcontribs) Callowaycounty

Seems superfluous - there already is {{Infobox School}}. David Ruben Talk 03:33, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Infobox Artist's Books and Multiples[edit]

Similar to books, and artworks, but not quite fitting either.

this is beyond me. is this anywhere near right??

Infobox BTP[edit]

Infobox research centre[edit]

The essentials for any academic research centre.

Infobox dog breed[edit]

Can someone please make this?? Thanks

Infobox Air Training Corps Squadrons[edit]

I think this will be ideal, as squadrons can then go ahead and place these on their pages

Noted above is already #Air Training Corps Squadron, presumably you seek to reactivate that development ? David Ruben Talk 20:04, 13 October 2008 (UTC)

Infobox Song List[edit]

This infobox is similar to Infobox Artist Discography, and is designed to be used in articles of the category Lists of songs by authors or performers. Andre666 (talk) 12:21, 18 October 2008 (UTC)

Note: see User:Andre666/Infobox Song List.

Infobox Synchronized Skating[edit]

Infobox Sufi Saints[edit]

I propose the following sufi saint info box on the lines of monarch infobox. Please help in making it implementable. Comments, suggestions and corrections are more than welcome. Thank You

Infobox Podcast Host[edit]

Should be modeled along the lines of Template:Infobox Radio Presenter. I'm going to modify it and put it into articles, but I can't do the documentation. Cheers, Foodie113 (talk) 00:34, 7 December 2008 (UTC)

Infobox industrial park[edit]

Infobox JETDS designation[edit]

I've requested this on the discussion page at Joint Electronics Type Designation System. There are a bunch of these, and I feel an infobox would help unify the presentation of these across a huge number of articles. (talk) 18:29, 2 January 2009 (UTC)

Infobox NFL[edit]

Infobox PSDC Lab[edit]

Infobox Pricing Games[edit]

Federal Reserve Bank[edit]

Infobox Calender[edit]

  • Name: Infobox Calender
  • Proposed by: — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 23:53, 11 March 2009
  • Comment: This would be an infobox detailing information on various calenders it would list:
    • Number of days
    • Number of months
    • Names of months
      • Size of months (in days)
    • Size of weeks (in days)
    • Names of Days of the Week (in order)
    • Inception
    • Creator
    • Margin of error (in relation to the 365d 48h 46s model of a planetary year)

Infobox Holocaust Event[edit]

Infobox English bus stations[edit]

Infobox Roman Catholic Bishops[edit]

Infobox Podcast[edit]

Infobox Law Enforcement Action[edit]

Infobox African Movie Academy Awards[edit]

Infobox Movie Awards[edit]

Infobox Catholic Church[edit]

  • Name: Catholic Church
  • Project: Wikiproject Catholicism
  • Proposed by: Majoreditor (talk) 20:27, 28 November 2009 (UTC)
  • Comment: strawman infobox for discussion only. The infobox may also be modified to accomodate the 23 particular churches comprising the Catholic communion

Infobox Professorship[edit]

Infobox Wage and Hour Division[edit]

  • Name: Wage and Hour Division
  • Proposed by: Wildcard6 (talk) 23:49, 18 May 2010 (UTC)
  • Comment: Standard Law Enforcement infobox with WHD logo and badge, as well as links to web site.

Infobox forest[edit]

Infobox Postal History[edit]

Infobox Integer Sequence[edit]

Infobox Family History[edit]

  • Name: Family History
  • Project: Families
  • Proposed by: Tfeaster
  • Comment: I'm really horrible @ creating these but if it works, this Infobox is better then the current Family

Infobox Anthology[edit]

Infobox Official Government Reports[edit]

  • Name: Infobox govreport
  • Project: Wikipedia:WikiProject_United_States_History
  • Proposed by: user25be
  • Comment: This box would move beyond the not-quite-applicable "book" infobox and create a standardized infobox for historical government reports and documents such as the report of the Warren Commission, DADT Report, Taguba (Abu Ghraib abuse) Report, etc. from throughout American and world history. Would apply to UN and EU reports, as well as individual country's government reports of historical import, as well as US government reports. (Note: Infobox designed and fields proposed by a current government editor/archivist for ease of use by researchers and others.)

Infobox Coup d'état[edit]

Infobox robbery[edit]

  • Name: Infobox robbery
  • Project: Wikipedia:WikiProject_Crime
  • Proposed by: londonclanger
  • Comment: Was updating the Great Train Robbery article and thought an infobox would sit well. Had a look at the other robbery articles and it appears none exists. I put together an outline on the Edit tab but this is proving far more difficult to render than I ever imagined...


  • Name: Alias
  • Project: Japanese
  • Proposed by: GigaJew666
  • Comment: This infobox has been translated from japanese and has much better formatting than what is being currently used.

Infobox Business Schools[edit]

  • Name: Business Schools
  • Proposed by: Rloxham
  • Comment: There is no specific infobox for business schools - only universities etc., which do not share entirely the same criteria.


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