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Guntakal is located in Andhra Pradesh
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 15°10′N 77°23′E / 15.17°N 77.38°E / 15.17; 77.38Coordinates: 15°10′N 77°23′E / 15.17°N 77.38°E / 15.17; 77.38
Country India
State Andhra Pradesh
District Anantapur
Elevation 432 m (1,417 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 126,700
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 515 xxx
Telephone code +91–8552
Vehicle registration AP–02
Website Guntakal Municipality

Guntakal is a town in Anantapur district in the southwestern part of the state of Andhra Pradesh and 50 km away from Bellary of Karnataka, India. It has a population of 126,658 (2001 census). In 1963, experts identified Guntakal station, the hub of Meter Gauge / Broad Gauge movements in several directions, as a natural and ideal location for the Guntakal Railway Division of South Central Railway. Now Guntakal has become entirely BG with the gauge conversion of the Guntakal – Kallur section in 2009.[1]

It also houses a railway diesel locomotive shed and is one of the most profitable divisions in Indian Railways. It also had spinning mill which is Asia's second largest cotton spinning mill, A. P. Co-Operative Spinning mill.


Guntakal is located at 15°10′N 77°23′E / 15.17°N 77.38°E / 15.17; 77.38.[2] It has an average elevation of 432 metres (1,417 ft).


As per provisional data of 2011 census, Guntakal municipality had a population of 126,479, out of which males were 62,695 and females were 63,784. The literacy rate was 75.70 per cent.[3]

Religions in Guntakal
Religion Percent
Distribution of religions
Includes Sikhs (0.2%), Buddhists (<0.2%).


Guntakal named after Guntakallu (There is a Dargah of Sufi Saint Hazrat Mastan Vali Rehmatullahi Alaih in Guntakal). People speak Telugu. Hindi and Urdu are also spoken.


Guntakal is largely known for railways; it is a junction which connects south cities to north India, half of its population are employees of railways.

Places of interest[edit]

Kasapuram Main entrance
Buggasangala Sivalayam entrance
Our Lady of Health Shrine

Lord Anjaneya Swamy Temple (referred to as 'Nettikanti' Anjaneya Swami Temple) is located near Guntakal Town (about 4 km away from Railway Station, at a place called as Kasapuram). People from remote areas of Andhra Pradesh and South India come for Darshan. The temple is maintained by the Endowments Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

In Guntakal, there is a tomb (Dargah, near Old Guntakal where annual Urs is conducted) of a great Sufi saint named Hazrath Mastan Vali Rehmatullahi Alaih, for which many people irrespective of their religion come there and take blessings from one of the greatest sufi saints.

Guntakal is also famous for the tomb of saint Hazrat Gulam Sha Khadri Rehmatullahi Alaih located at Porter's Lane Colony, Guntakal. Most of the people visit this dargah on every Friday evening to take blessing from hazrat.

Our Lady of Health Shrine: The church at Guntakal was established in 1880. The Mill Hill Fathers worked in this Parish till 1971. The original church was built by Fr. A. Karoot. Fr. G. Goes added two wings to the church. Fr. Louis Rego extended the church in length and width in 1980 and built a Shrine in honor of Our Lady of Good Health. Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Rajappa, the then Bishop of Kurnool, declared the shrine as a Pilgrim Centre. The major festivals of this parish is Nativity of Our Lady on 8 September. The popular belief in the reported vision of Our Lady of Lourdes to 2 Hindu School Children has spread far and wide and since then thousands of devotees are visiting the Shrine. A shrine of Our Lady of Health was blessed and opened by His Excellency on 8 September 2002 This architectural masterpiece is a must visit. Every year a grand birthday celebration of Mother Mary is being conducted from 29 August to 8 September, which draws many devotees of all religions and from other states too.


Sri Guntakallappa Temple: Established long ago, this temple mainly depends on the Kurubas. A big pooja will be performed every Sunday in the temple. Lord Shiva is located here.Sri Vasikerappa temple also located in old guntakl. Big pooja will be performed every big Hindu's festival like ugadi. Lord shiva is located here, this temple mainly depends on nelagonda families. One can visit the "Buggasangala Sivalayam" very near to Kasapuram.

Sri Venkateswara Temple: Established in 2002. This temple construction is similar to the Tirumala temple. This temple is situated in Rajendra Nagar, 3 km from the Guntakal station. A lovely dhyan mandir constructed below ground level attracts many devotees during Bhajan and prayer session. All Hindu festivals are carried out with great pomp and splendour in this temple. During Vaikuntha Ekadashi it draws large number devotees from in and around Guntakal. The Venkateswara Swami idol is very similar to Tirumala vigraham.

Chippagiri or Chippigiri is a place in Kurnool District 7 km from Guntakal.

Chippagiri is famous for Dargah Shariff of eminent sufi saint Hazrat Sattar Haji Rehmatullahi Alaih right visible from the main cross roads and also one more Dargah of sufi saint Hazrat Syed Sultan Mohiyuddin khadri urf Bham Bham Saheb

Using granites of Chippagiri the cluster of temples was built. Chippagiri is also place known for Daasa Saahitya with Vijayadasa (1682–1755) lived here. He was the 5th in the line of the Haridasas.[4] Chippagiri village also has 101 temples and 101 wells. The shiridi sai baba temple near vv nagar is very famous.

There is a Mother Mary Church which is very famous, and there is Masthan Vali Baba Darga is there, it is about 400 years very famous darga. Near to Guntakal, in Kasapuram puram village there is very famous Nettekanti Anjenaya Temple is there, which is about 4 km from Guntakal. Guntakal is also known for film distributors, it was a distribution wing for movies in Andhra Pradesh.


Guntakal Junction

Guntakal has the fifth-biggest railway station in Andhra Pradesh.

Guntakal is an important junction, connecting most parts of the country and thus to many places in India. It is the serving station for Bellary.

It has major lines branching out to Howrah, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Vasco da Gama, Goa.

Some important long-distance trains pass through Guntakal Junction, and these include: Karnataka express, Amaravati express, Chennai express, Mysore - Jaipur express, Bangalore–Gorakhpur express, Yeswantpur–Ajmer / Jodhpur express, Duronto, Garibrath and Rajadhani expresses.

Buses form another mode of transportation to rural and other areas where there are no railway lines.

Autos are commonly used for general purposes in the city.

There is a plan to build an airport near the town as it is near Bellary. This would help in the development of town. Chippagiri was derived from the historical name of that place "Shilpagiri".


Schools and colleges[edit]

St.Peters Techno School,Rotary High School, K.C.Naryana High school,Railway High School & Degree College,SKP Degree College, Sankaranadagiri College etc.

Hospitals: Railway Hospital, Govt Hospital; SV polyclinic and Nursing Home, Gooty Road, Guntakal.

Important landmarks: Railway Institute, Railway Play Ground, Gandhi statue, Old Bus stand, Dharmavaram Gate etc. Sri Venkateshwara temple in Rajendra Nagar.

Guntakal Rural[edit]

Guntakal is a Grade 1 Municipality and the Guntakal mandal has been divided into 18 Revenue villages, 24 Gram panchayats and 39 habitations. There are 47 schools in rural area (5 high schools, famous for sports & cultural activities, 11 MPUP Schools, and 31 MP Elementary schools). There is 1 Primary Health Centre at Nagasamudram and 10 sub centres at different locations of Guntakal rural. There are 49 Anganwadi centres out of which 21 are running in Government buildings and 28 are in Private buildings. There are 2 Veterinary hospital Outlets and 2 Police stations are working in Guntakal Rural area. Only 1 Boys hostel is there in Rural area for the welfare of weaker section students studying from 6th to 10th class.

The Gram Panchayat names are 1. Kasapuram, 2. Dosaludiki, 3. Gundala thanda, 4. Molakalapenta, 5. Konganapalli, 6. Obulapuram, 7. Yerra Thimma Raya Cheruvu, 8. Dhancherla, 9. Patha Kotha Cheruvu, 10. Gundala, 11. Nakkanadoddi, 12. N. Thimmapuram, 13. Nalladasaripalli, 14. G. Kottala, 15. Donimukkala, 16. Puliguttapalli, 17. Nelagonda, 18. N. Venkatampalli, 19. Chintalampalli, 20. Gurrabbadu, 21. Nagasamudram, 22. Imampuram, 23. Kadiripalli, 24. Ayyavaripalli.

Rural Water Supply Department[edit]

The Rural Water Supply Engineering Department has provided water supply schemes to all the 39 villages with protected water supply schemes with 34 OHSRs and 24 GLSRs. (Two villages are providing with direct pumping through cisterns). These 39 PWS schemes are having 62 sources and having 37 pump rooms.

There is 1 CPWS scheme for Kasapuram, Chennappa kottala, Dosaludiki, Sangala villages which are facing excess fluoride and scarcity of water. To provide fluoride-free water to entire mandal - all the villages have been covering under JC Nagi Reddy Drinking Water Project. This work is in progress.

There are two summer storage tanks constructed and maintained by RWS Department in this mandal:

  1. For (0.0055 TMC) CPWS Scheme to Kasapuram and other three villages.
  2. SS tank (0.0024 TMC) for G. Kottala exclusively. (This village has very high fluoride > 7 PPM and hence canal water is stored in SS tank and supplied to the village)

The number of hand pumps in this mandal (rural) is 277 and all the schools have been covered with 500/1000 litres PVC tank connected from local PWS Scheme.


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