Stuffed eggplant

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Stuffed eggplants
Azerbaijani Badımcan dolması 1.JPG
Region or state Turkey, Azerbaijan, Italy
Serving temperature Hot
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Stuffed eggplants (Azerbaijani: Badımcan dolması) (Turkish: Patlıcan dolması)[1] (Italian: Melanzane ripiene) are a dish typical of many countries.

Turkey and Azerbajan[edit]

Eggplants are stuffed with meat (lamb) and rice.The ingredients eggplants, minced meat, rice, onion, tomato paste, tomato,parsley, mint, salt, black pepper,sunflower oil .


In Italy, stuffed eggplant are cooked in oven, and can be filled with mozzerella cheese (in Rome), or with minced meat (in Sicily). [2]In Sicily, eggplants of the violet variety are used.

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