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The Disney–ABC Television Group, formerly American Broadcasting Companies and Capital Cities/ABC, has formed a number of production companies over the years. ABC Film Syndication, or ABC Films, was ABC's syndication distribution arm from 1953 to 1971 when FCC passed the fin-syn rule. As a result, ABC Films was sold to 5 of its former executives becoming Worldvision Enterprises. ABC's current primary production company is ABC Studios.

A number of production companies were formed under Capital Cities/ABC Video Enterprises, or ABC Cable and International Broadcast Group: Capital Cities/ABC Video Productions, Ultra Entertainment, the Hemisphere Group and DIC Entertainment.

ABC Circle 7 Productions

ABC Circle 7 Productions
Subsidiary corporation
Industry Television
Genre news
Fate closed
Parent ABC Owned Television Stations

ABC Circle 7 Productions, Inc. was the programming subsidiary of the ABC Owned Stations in the 1980s.

In August 1983, Circle 7 Productions announced its Newsbank news distribution service.[1] ABC Circle 7 Productions was incorporated on December 15, 1983.[2]

  • Newsbank, news distribution service making about 24 stories available to subscribing stations from ABC's five O&O Stations[3]

ABC Productions

ABC Productions
Industry Television
Fate closed
Founded (March 21, 1989 (1989-03-21))[4]
Defunct June 7, 1996 (1996-06-07)
Headquarters Century City[5]
Key people
Brandon Stoddard, president[4]
Brian McAndrews,[6] EVP of production at ABC[7]
Production output
TV shows, miniseries, telefilms
Owner ABC Television Network Group
(Capital Cities/ABC)
Number of employees
13 (1996)[5]

ABC Productions (ABCP) was a television production company that was a division of ABC Television Network Group. While the ABC network had first shot at the unit's shows, the company was allowed to shop shows to other networks[8] and was the first to sell to another network.[5] The company was set up increase the control and financial rewards of producing its own TV shows.[8]


ABC Productions was formed in 1989 as ABC Network's in-house production unit after the alteration of the fin-syn rules[5] that increased network ownership to only 40% of prime-time programs.[8] Former ABC Motion Pictures president[8] and ABC Entertainment president Brandon Stoddard on March 21, 1989 to head up the then unnamed production unit.[4]

By May 1991, ABCP produced eight pilots, a series, a miniseries and several TV movies. "My Life and Times" was the company's first series production placed with the ABC network and debuted in May 1991, but was yanked after the ratings dropped 19% from week 1 to 2, so as to avoid May sweeps. While its first miniseries, "An Inconvenient Woman" was shown on ABC in the May sweeps. For Lifetime, ABCP produced a telefilm, 'Stop at Nothing'.[8] By the 1994-95 season, ABC Productions was providing half of ABC's regular series programming.[9]

DreamWorks Television was formed in December 1994 as DreamWorks Studios agreed to a $200 million seven-year TV production joint venture with the Capital Cities/ABC.[10] ABCP placed "The Boys are Back" with CBS for the 1994-1995 season.[11]

In June 1995, Stoddard stepped down as ABC Productions president.[12] On June 7, 1996 due to the merger with Disney, Capital Cities/ABC indicated that its ABC Productions division operations would be shut down while keeping its boutique production companies: Victor Television Productions, ABC/Kane Productions, DIC Entertainment and Greengrass Productions.[5][6] ABCP executive in charge Brian McAndrews continued managing ABC's other production arms for TV movies, documentaries and children's programming and production interests with DreamWorks SKG, Brillstein-Grey Entertainment and Jim Henson Productions.[6] McAndrews left in early March 1998 for an ABC Sports position, while Greengrass Productions was folded into ABC Entertainment and its telefilm unit, ABC Pictures, would finish its last five projects then disband.[7]

ABC Pictures

ABC Pictures
Industry Filmed entertainment
Successor ABC Circle Films
Defunct 1998 (1998)
Key people
Didier Pietri (Senior VP)[13]
Number of employees
9 (1998)
Parent ABC Productions[7]

ABC Pictures was an in house television movie production company of ABC Productions.

The company agreed to a two-year TV movie and miniseries deal with Gary L. Pudney in 1997 with “The Picture of Dorian Gray” in development under the deal.[13] ABC Pictures agreed on August 20, 1997 with the C.P. Group and BIG Entertainment to develop "Tom Clancy's Net Force", as a four-hour miniseries which was broadcast in 1998.[14]

After its final five projects in development, ABC Pictures was shut down in 1998.[7]


ABC Circle Films

ABC Circle Films
Industry TV
Genre Movie of the week
Successor ABC Pictures
Founded (1970 (1970))
Products TV movies, miniseries and series
Production output
TV shows

ABC Circle Films (ACF or Circle) was a Television movie production company owned by ABC that operated from 1970[ABCMOW 1] to ?.

ABC Circle Films was formed after the first season of Movie of the Week to build on the telefilm success. ACF was granted a larger budget (by $250,000) and half an hour longer than the movie of the week thus considered a prestige or "A" movie. Circle's films were shown on Sunday night where they alternated with recent feature films and on Monday night after the end of Monday Night Football.[ABCMOW 1] With the 1972-1973 season, ACF began producing films for Movie of the Week including Pursuit.[ABCMOW 2]

Lewis H. Erlicht was demoted from president of ABC Entertainment to senior vice president and president of ACF in November 1985.[15]

  • Amerika, 14 1/2-hour mini-series, February 1987[16]
  • The Bounty Man, October 31, 1972, Spelling-Goldberg Productions
  • Can Ellen Be Saved?, Tuesday, February 5, 1974
  • A Cold Night's Death, January 30, 1974
  • The Day the Earth Moved, September 18, 1974
  • The Girl Most Likely to.., Tuesday, November 6, 1973
  • The Great Ice Rip-off, Wednesday, November 6, 1974, Dan Curtis Productions
  • Guess Who's Sleeping in My Bed?, Wednesday, October 31, 1973
  • Haunts of the Rich, September 20, 1972[ABCMOW 3]
  • Isn't It Shocking?, October 2, 1973[ABCMOW 4]
  • The Letters, Tuesday, March 6, 1973, Spelling-Goldberg Productions
  • The Night Strangler, Tuesday, January 16, 1973, Dan Curtis Productions
  • No Place to Run, September 18, 1972, Spelling-Goldberg Productions[ABCMOW 3]
  • Pray for the Wildcats, January 23, 1973[ABCMOW 4]
  • Pursuit, Movie of the Week (MOW), December 12, 1972[ABCMOW 2]
  • Outrage, Wednesday, November 28, 1973[ABCMOW 3]

ABC/Kane Productions

ABC/Kane Productions International
Genre documentary
Founded (October 1, 1989 (1989-10-01))
Headquarters Washington, D.C., US
Parent Disney-ABC Television Group

ABC/Kane Productions International (AKPI) is/was a nonfiction programs production company owned by Disney-ABC Television Group. The production company earned 13 Emmy Awards, 6 Genesis Awards, numerous CINE awards, film festival awards and an Academy Award nomination.[17]

ABC/Kane Productions International was formed by Capital Cities/ABC Inc. as a unit of its ABC Television Network Group on October 1, 1988 with the appointment of its first president, Dennis B. Kane. Original plans for the unit was five programs a year for five years starting in October 1990 for ABC and other outlets.[18]

ABC/Kane received 11 Emmy nominations in 1998 for The Living Edens series, the highest to date, while winning 5 five news and documentary Emmys. Devillier Donegan Enterprises, a unit of Buena Vista International Television, in February 1999 took over distribution, management and operation of AKPI.[17]

  • The Living Edens (1995- PBS)
  • ABC's World of Discovery
  • Secrets of the Internet
  • Tales of the Serengeti
  • Wildlife Tales[17]
  • ABC Saturday Children's Special & series pilot "Crash the Curiosaurus" (January 14, 1995)[19]

Devillier Donegan Enterprises

Devillier Donegan Enterprises
Founded 1980
Headquarters Washington, DC
Production output

Devillier Donegan Enterprises (DDE) was first formed by Ron Devillier and Brian Donegan in 1980 as a documentary production company[17] and was reformed in 1994 with majority ownership by Capital Cities/ABC. Disney took over ownership upon its purchase of CC/ABC.[20] DDE, a unit of Buena Vista International Television, in February 1999 took over distribution, management and operation of ABC/Kane Productions International.[17] In 2001, DDE began looking for a new owner as Disney is in the movie business with Alliance Atlantis Communications and Granada begin front runners.[20] Instead DDE management on March 11, 2002 bought Disney/ABC stake in the company. DDE also held on to ABC/Kane Productions' library and will continue to represent ABC News Productions.[21]

ABC News Productions

ABC News Productions (ABCNP) is a long form documentary production unit[22] with in ABC News's ABC News Digital Media Group.[23] ABCNP produces documentaries for cable channels, international broadcasters and home video. [22]

ABC News Productions was formed in 1994. In August 2006, ABCNP was placed into ABC News All Media along with the ABC News production unit.[22]

  • The Trial of Adolf Eichhmann (PBS) Emmy Award nominated
  • Vietnam War (TLC) 8 hours
  • Biography (A&E) 200 plus episodes
Daily TV shows

ABC Motion Pictures

ABC Motion Pictures
Industry Entertainment
Fate closed
Predecessor ABC Pictures International
Founded (May 1979 (1979-05))[25]
Defunct October 1985
Key people
Brandon Stoddard, president[25]
Production output
Theatrical & TV films, TV shows, miniseries
Parent American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

ABC Motion Pictures was a production company of ABC that operated from May 1979.[25] Fox was the company's distributor. Until October 1985, the division produced theatrical films along with TV movies, series and mini-series.[26]


ABC Motion Pictures was found in May 1979 with Brandon Stoddard as president.[27] Soon the division was swapped with old film projects. While a boutique would make only a few films per year, Stoddard figured that ABC would succeed in movie production as there were additional revenue sources from video cassettes and cable on top of theater ticket sales and broadcast TV sales.[25] ABC Motion Pictures was incorporated by June 11, 1980.[28]

The division waited two years to get its first slate of three films into production with National Lampoon's Class Reunion just an announcement and Young Doctors in Love beginning production in December 1981 under the theatrical directorial debut of Gary Marshall. In June 1982, "Chain Reaction" (later "Silkwood"[26]) starring Meryl Streep was expected to be in production.[29]

The Flamingo Kid after released by Fox did well but not strong business, Fox pulled the film from release so as to stop spending money on advertising.[26]

With networks getting better rating for their own movies of the week over films released on cable and cassettes, networks reduced licensing of theatrical films. Additional boutique production companies entered the market at the same time crowding the market and increasing filming costs. With films distributed by a major studio, ABC's films were slotted in less desirable release dates. On October 28, 1985, ABC shut down ABC Motion Pictures theatrical motion picture operation after the release of only 6 theatrical films[26] which was within weeks of CBS shutting down CBS Theatrical Films.[25] The unit released one last movie, "SpaceCamp", already produced in the summer of 1986.[15] The unit would continue producing TV movies and mini-series while increasing TV series output. A Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Corporation media analyst forecast ABC's losses on its theatrical operations for 1985 to be $5 million.[26]

  • theatrical films
    • The Flamingo Kid, profitable[26]
    • Prizzi's Honor (1985)[8] profitable
    • Young Doctors in Love, profitable[26]
    • National Lampoon's Class Reunion (1982)[29]
    • Silkwood (1983) profitable
    • Impulse, box office failure
    • Class Opinion, box office failure
    • SpaceCamp (summer 1986)[15]
  • TV series

ABC Pictures International

ABC Pictures International, Inc.
Industry Filmed entertainment
Successor ABC Motion Pictures, Inc.
Founded 1965 (1965)
(Inc.: November 3, 1967 (1967-11-03))
Defunct 1973 (1973)
Dissolution (February 19, 1988)
Key people
Martin Baum[li 1]
Production output
theatrical films
Parent American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

ABC Pictures International, Inc. (also ABC Picture Holdings, Inc., ABC Circle Films, or Circle Films; API) was the theatrical production company owned and operated by ABC from 1965 to 1973 and produced or co produced 37 films.[li 1] The company's films were distributed by Cinerama Releasing Corporation.[li 2]


ABC Pictures was started as a division in 1965[27] and was incorporated as ABC Picture Holdings, Inc. on November 3, 1967 (1967-11-03).[30] With the entry of ABC into the theatrical film production lead to a FCC inquiry over the network's control of programming and a MPAA anti-trust lawsuit.[li 1] David O. Selznick owned films were sold after his death in 1965 to API by his widow, Jennifer Jones.[31]

With the recession of 1969-1971 brought about the purchase of the Major film studios by media conglomerates also led to ABC Pictures Corporation to closing down operations[li 3] in early 1973.[li 1]

On October 20, 1977, ABC Picture Holdings, Inc. changed its name to ABC Pictures International, Inc. and finally dissolved on February 19, 1988.[30]

Release Date Title Other production co.
December 18, 1968 Hell in the Pacific Selmur Pictures[32][li 1]
1968 Charly
1968 The Killing of Sister George
1968 Candy
December 10, 1969 They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
November 4, 1970 Song of Norway
November 3, 1971 Straw Dogs
1971 Kotch
1971 The Touch
1972 Junior Bonner
1972 Cabaret Allied Artist[li 1]

ABC Media Productions

ABC Media Productions
Formerly called
Buena Vista Productions
Industry TV
Genre talk, game, reality
Predecessor Buena Vista Development
Owner ABC Daytime Group
(ABC Television Group)

ABC Media Productions (AMP), originally named Buena Vista Productions (BVP), was the in house television development, production and programming unit within ABC Daytime. The company produces non-scripted programming in all three areas (talk, game, reality) for syndication, cable and prime time outlets including outside the Disney conglomerate. The division has oversite of the production of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire".[33]


In September 2000 following the merger of ABC Daytime Group and Buena Vista's development group, ABC Daytime replace Buena Vista Development with Buena Vista Productions to be headed by president Angela Shapiro, who is also ABC Daytime president.[34] Shapiro was transferred to ABC Family President in April 2002 with Holly Jacobs taking over at BVP as executive vice president the next month.[35]

In August 2006, BVP and Fujisankei Communications partnered to develop and produce "Run for Money," for the American market from the original Japanese reality-game show.[36]

In September 2008, BVP entered a first-look development deal with Silverback, a Swedish production company.[33] In 2009, Buena Vista Productions was renamed ABC Media Productions. In May, AMP was developing The Aisha Tyler Show, a variety & comedy talk show with interactive components including social media, for cable or broadcast syndication.[37]


Circle Seven Productions

Not to be confused with ABC Circle 7 Productions, an ABC stations news production company and Circle 7 Animation, a short-lived division of Walt Disney Feature Animation formed to make Pixar sequels.
Circle Seven Productions
Industry Television
Products TV shows
Owner KGO-TV
(American Broadcasting-Paramount Theatres)

Circle Seven Productions was the production company of television station KGO-TV in the 1950s & 1960s. The company produced shows for the network and for syndication. Shows produced included a Jack LaLanne fitness series and a Tennessee Ernie Ford daytime talk/variety series.[39]

Greengrass Productions

Greengrass Productions
Subsidiary corporation
Parent ABC Entertainment
(Disney–ABC Television Group)

Greengrass Productions, Inc. is a production company of ABC Entertainment, a division of Disney–ABC Television Group.

Greengrass Productions was incorporated in California on February 10, 1992.[40] On June 7, 1996 due to the merger with Disney, Capital Cities/ABC indicated that its ABC Productions division operations would be shut down while keeping its boutique production companies: Victor Television Productions, ABC/Kane Productions, DIC Entertainment and Greengrass Productions.[5][6] Greengrass was transferred into ABC Entertainment from ABC Productions.[7]

TV series
Movies of the Week
  • Betrayed By Love (1993–94)
  • Harmony Gold (1993–94)
  • Jingo Django (1993–94)[42]

Keep Calm and Carry On Productions

Keep Calm and Carry On Productions, Inc. is an ABC subsidiary production company[43] that produced Duets[44] and The Glass House. Keep Clam was sued over The Glass House by CBS for using proprietary procedures from Big Brother via hired away staff.[43] The production company was incorporated on October 24, 2008.[45]

Lincoln Square Productions

Lincoln Square Productions, LLC
Subsidiary LLC
Industry TV
Genre documentaries, docudramas and talk shows
Predecessor ABC News Productions
Founded (January 8, 2003 (2003-01-08))
Key people
Morgan Hertzan[46]
Parent ABC News
(Disney-ABC Television Group)

Lincoln Square Productions, LLC (LSP) is a non-fiction branch production company owned by ABC News that produces documentaries and talk shows.


Lincoln Square Production was formed as a limited liability company on January 8, 2003.[47]

LSP had Watt’s World (working title) series, which is about journalist Nick Watt traveling to find "little-known places and sub-cultures", in development for the Travel Channel as of Scripps Networks Interactive’s upfront event in April 2014.[48] On October 30, 2014, The View talk show was transferred into Lincoln Square from ABC Entertainment after struggling in ratings and a change in hosts.[49]

In January 2015, Licoln had signed a production deal with Christine Connor’s XCON historical docudrama company.[50]

  • The Assets (ABC) January 2, 2014 - August 3, 2014[51]
  • “Ebola: Inside the Deadly Outbreak” (Discovery)[49]
  • Final Witness (ABC) a seven-episode true-crime series that premiered June 27, 2012[52]
  • “Mustang Millionaire” (National Geographic Channel)
  • NY Med” (ABC)
  • “Surgeon Oz” (OWN)
  • The View” (ABC) October 30, 2014—present[49]
  • “Next Step Realty: NYC” (ABC Family) 2015—-present a documentary series that follows the Next Step Realty employees in their specialty of finding recent college graduates apartments[53]
  • "In an Instant" with Committee Films (ABC)[54] March 9, 2015—present[55]

Palomar Pictures International

This is about the American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. owned film production company. Another company with the name Palomar Pictures was founded in 1992 by Anne-Marie Mackay and Jonathon Ker and majority ownerhsip stake was sold to Sigurjon "Joni" Sighvattson, a founder of Propaganda Films, in 1999.[56]
Palomar Pictures International
Industry Movie
Parent American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Palomar Pictures International was a film production subsidiary of American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.[57]

  • The Birthday Party (December 9, 1968) released through Continental, the motion picture division of the Walter Reade Organization [57]
  • For Love of Ivy (1968) production company
  • The Killing of Sister George (1968) production company & copyright
  • Ring of Bright Water (1969) copyright
  • They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969) production company
  • And Jenny Makes Three (1969) production company
  • Take the Money and Run (1969) production company
  • A Touch of Love (1969) production company
  • What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? (1969) production company
  • Homer (1970) production company
  • Too Late the Hero (1970) [Produced] in association with
  • What Became of Jack and Jill? (1971) copyright
  • The Strange Vengeance of Rosalie (1971) production company
  • The Darwin Adventure (1971) Presents
  • To Kill a Clown (1971) Presents
  • The Strangers in 7a (1972) production company
  • Sleuth (1972) production company & copyright
  • The Heartbreak Kid (1972) production company
  • Getting Away from It All (1972) production company
  • When Michael Calls (1972) production company
  • Gordon's War (1973) production company
  • The Stepford Wives (1974) production company
  • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974) Presented by
  • The Silence (1975) production company[58]


ProdCo, Inc.
Whole owned subsidiary corporation
Industry Television
Founded August 14, 2007 (2007-08-14) (Incorporated)
Key people
Jayne Bieber (VP, Production Management and Operations)[59]
Parent ABC Family Worldwide Inc.

ProdCo, Inc. is the in house production company of ABC Family Worldwide Inc. for original scripted series.[59] ProdCo was incorporated on August 14, 2007.[60]

Selmur Productions

Selmur Productions, Inc.
Subsidiary corporation
Industry Filmed entertainment
Founder Selig J. Seligman
Production output
TV shows, theater features
Parent American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Selmur Productions, Inc. (Selmur Pictures, Inc.) was a film production company owned by American Broadcasting Companies, Inc..[61]

TV series[61]
  • "Combat"
  • "Garrison's Gorillas,"
  • "General Hospital"
  • Shindig
Feature Films[61]
Release Date Title Other production co.
1967 Smashing Time co- productions with Carlo Ponti
1968 A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die
1968 Candy
Hell in the Pacific
1967 The Rover
Diamonds for Breakfast
The High Commissioner
1969 Midas Run

Valleycrest Productions

Valleycrest Productions Ltd.
Subsidiary corporation
Industry Television
Founded March 6, 1987 (1987-03-06)
Services TV series production
Parent Times Square Studios
(ABC Entertainment Group)

Valleycrest Productions Limited is a television series production company owned by Times Square Studios.

Valleycrest Productions was incorporated on March 6, 1987 (1987-03-06).[62] By 1999, Valleycrest was producing "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and was a subsidiary of Buena Vista Television by that time.[63]

On December 2, 2011 (2011-12-02), Disney-ABC TV Group placed daytime and syndicated production under Times Square Studios.[64]

Valleycrest moved its production of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in 2014 to the Connecticut Film Center in Stamford, Connecticut for the state production tax credit to cut costs.[65][66]


Victor Television Productions

Victor Television Productions is a boutique production owned by ABC Entertainment.

On June 7, 1996 due to the merger with Disney, Capital Cities/ABC ended its ABC Productions division operations while keeping its boutique production companies: Victor Television Productions, ABC/Kane Productions, DIC Entertainment and Greengrass Productions.[5][6]

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