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Air Chang'an
Cháng'ān Hángkōng
Air Chang'an logo.png
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 11 April 1992
Commenced operations 5 January 1993
Operating bases Xi'an Xianyang International Airport
Fleet size 5 (March 2017)
Destinations 22
Parent company Hainan Airlines (59.43%)
Headquarters Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

Air Chang'an (simplified Chinese: 长安航空; traditional Chinese: 長安航空; pinyin: Cháng'ān Hángkōng) is an airline operating Chinese domestic flights from its Xi'an Xianyang International Airport hub in Shaanxi. Initially an independent carrier, Air Chang'an merged with Hainan Airlines in 2000 and leased all of its aircraft to the airline. Air Chang'an resumed service as an independent airline in May 2016, providing flights to four Chinese cities with three Boeing 737-800 aircraft.


In order to develop local economy and aviation industry, in September 1990, Shaanxi Province Government planned to organise a local airlines with purchasing 3 Xian Y-7 aircraft. On 2 March 1992, Shaanxi Province Government named the local airlines being prepared as Air Chang'an. The airlines was suggested to be operated by Shaanxi Province Government and several aircraft manufactures. On 11 April 1992, Air Chang'an was formally founded, with meanwhile merging Dapeng Airlines. On 5 January 1993, the first flight of Air Chang'an operated, from Xi'an to Yulin. Then, Air Chang'an was transfer to be operated by Shaanxi Province Government only, after other aircraft manufactures quit due to the new regulation.

On 30 August 2000, Air Chang'an was purchased and merged by HNA, and became a modern developing airline. It was renamed Chang'an Airlines. On 1 July 2002, the first Boeing 737-400 of Chang'an Airlines was put into operation, which is the first Boeing aircraft operated in Shaanxi Province. In October 2002, Chang'an Airlines was merged to be operated by Hainan Airlines with Xinhua Airlines and Shanxi Airlines together, and shared the IATA code "HU" and airlines logo.

In December 2015, HNA Group began talks with the Shaanxi provincial government regarding the restoration of Chang'an Airlines as an independent carrier. The airline would return to its original focus of flights within and out of Shaanxi Province.[1] The airline rebranded as its original name and unveiled its own livery.[2] After receiving its air operator's certificate in April 2016,[2] Air Chang'an resumed operations as an independent airline on 9 May 2016. The inaugural flight was from Xi'an to Zhuhai. During the customary water salute upon arrival in Zhuhai, the fire engines accidentally sprayed foam instead. As a result, the aircraft had to undergo a safety check, and the return flight was cancelled.[3]

Corporate affairs[edit]

Hainan Airlines holds an 83.3% stake in the airline, up 21.9% following a 1.01 billion yuan share purchase in September 2015.[4]


As of July 2016, Air Chang'an flies to the following destinations:

City Country IATA ICAO Airport Notes Refs
Changchun China CGQ ZYCC Changchun Longjia International Airport [5]
Changsha China CSX ZGHA Changsha Huanghua International Airport [5]
Dalian China DLC ZYTL Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport [6]
Fuzhou China FOC ZSFZ Fuzhou Changle International Airport [6]
Guilin China KWL ZGKL Guilin Liangjiang International Airport Summer [7]
Guiyang China KWE ZUGY Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport [7]
Haikou China HAK ZJHK Haikou Meilan International Airport [7]
Hefei China HFE ZSOF Hefei Xinqiao International Airport [5]
Hohhot China HET ZBHH Hohhot Baita International Airport Summer [8]
Lianyungang China LYG ZSLG Lianyungang Baitabu Airport [6]
Mianyang China MIG ZUMY Mianyang Nanjiao Airport [6]
Nanchang China KHN ZSCN Nanchang Changbei International Airport [5]
Sanya China SYX ZJSY Sanya Phoenix International Airport [6]
Shenyang China SHE ZYTX Shenyang Taoxian International Airport [5]
Shijiazhuang China SJW ZBSJ Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport [5]
Tongliao China TGO ZBTL Tongliao Airport [5]
Wenzhou China WNZ ZSWZ Wenzhou Longwan International Airport [5]
Xi'an China XIY ZLXY Xi'an Xianyang International Airport Base [7]
Xining China XNN ZLXN Xining Caojiabao Airport [8]
Yichang China YIH ZHYC Yichang Sanxia Airport [5]
Yinchuan China INC ZLIC Yinchuan Hedong International Airport [9]
Zhuhai China ZUH ZGSD Zhuhai Jinwan Airport [7]


An Air Chang'an Boeing 737-800 in 2012, wearing the pre–Hainan Airlines merger livery

As of March 2017, Air Changan operates the following aircraft:[10]

Air Chang'an fleet
Aircraft In service Orders Passengers Notes
Boeing 737-800 5 ?
Total 5 0

Fleet History[edit]

Chang An Airlines has previously operated the following aircraft:[11][12][13]


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