List of cities in the Netherlands by province

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This is a list of large cities and towns in the Netherlands, alphabetically by province.

There are no words in the Netherlands which exactly correspond to the English concept of a 'town'. Either one lives in a 'gehucht' (hamlet, settlement, or any other entity smaller than a village), a 'dorp' (village), or a 'stad' (city). There is no longer an official 'city status' in Dutch law or custom defining what constitutes a city (see City rights in the Netherlands). Small places are sometimes also considered cities, especially if they historically had city rights or if they function as an urban center in a rural area; while larger population centers in densely populated areas are often neither considered a village nor a city and are usually referred to by their municipalities. When discussing cities the distinction if sometimes made between the big four — Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht — middle-sized cities (smaller than Utrecht but lower limit not clearly defined) and other cities.







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