Dyords Javier

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Dyords Javier (George Javier)
Origin Manila, Philippines
Genres OPM, hip-hop, folk
Years active 1980s–present
Associated acts ANG4, APO Hiking Society, Vincent Dafalong

Dyords Javier (born George Javier) is a Filipino singer, stand-up comedian, actor and hip-hop artist in the Philippines. He is the brother of Danny Javier (APO Hiking Society) and the originator of Pinoy hip hop in the Philippines.[1]

He is also part of a vocal group called ANG4 or ANGForgettables (with Isay Alvarez of Miss Saigon fame, Bimbo Cerrudo and Pinky Marquez). He is now the director of Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit or OPM.

Javier was also part of the first Filipino noontime show Student Canteen.

Based on unofficial web articles, his song "Na-Onseng Delight" is the first rap/hip hop song recorded in the Philippines. See: Pinoy hip hop


  • "Na Onseng Delight" (singer)
  • "Ang Galing ng Pilipino" (composer)
  • "Trapik Dyan" (composer)
  • "Ayoko ng Cha-Cha" (songwriter)
  • Puede (album)
  • Ukay-Ukay Condom (album)


  • Bida si Mister, Bida si Misis - as Chief Dyords Pipay (1 episode, 2003)
  • Sagot Kita: Mula Ulo Hanggang Paa (2000)
  • Working Girls 2 - as Adio (1987)
  • Hari ng Tonto - as himself (1985)
  • A Man Called Tolongges - as Tolongges (1981)
  • Kakabakaba ka ba? - as the Japanese Master (1980)
  • Tulume Alyas Zorro - as Tulume (1983)


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