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Highway 91 is an east-west highway in northern Israel and the Golan Heights. It extends through the Jordan Rift Valley and the central Golan Heights. It begins in the west at Mahanayim junction with Highway 90, and it ends in the east at Zivan junction near the Israeli settlement Ein Zivan, where it meets Highway 98. The road is 28 km long.

Junctions on the route[edit]

Kilometers Name Location Intersecting routes
Highway 91
0 Mahanayim Junction Mahanayim, near Hatzor HaGlilit ISR-HW90.png Highway 90 (Israel)
7 Gadot Junction Gadot Route 918
12 Customs House Junction Customs office Route 888
15 Nashot Junction Northwest of Katzrin Route 9088
21 Golan Heights Petroleum Road
22 HaShiryon Junction Golan Heights Route 978
23 Shipon Junction Shipon (spelt) mountain Route 9099
27 Avital Junction Mount Avital Route 9881
28 Zivan Junction Ein Zivan ISR-HW98.png Highway 98 (Israel)

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Coordinates: 33°01′32″N 35°40′25″E / 33.02556°N 35.67361°E / 33.02556; 35.67361