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Highway 98 is the primary north-south highway in the Golan Heights. It is shaped like an archer's bow, and it runs parallel to the ceasefire line of the occupied territory with the rest of Syria. The route runs from Tzemah junction south of the Kinneret, first through the Yarmuk valley, then it rises up a steep slope into the Golan Heights and crosses it until it reaches the lowest cable-car station on Mount Hermon. There it meets Route 999. Highway 98 is steep compared to the highways in Israel, rising from 210 meters below sea level at the Kinneret to 1600 meters above sea level on the Hermon.

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Coordinates: 33°01′39″N 35°50′14″E / 33.02750°N 35.83722°E / 33.02750; 35.83722