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JARIC - The Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre has also been known as the National Imagery Exploitation Centre, and until 2012 was part of the Intelligence Collection Group (ICG) within United Kingdom Defence Intelligence. In 2012 Defence Intelligence moved under the control of the new UK Joint Forces Command, ICG became the Joint Forces Intelligence Group (JFIG) and JARIC changed its name to the Defence Geospatial Intelligence Fusion Centre (DGIFC).


JARIC was the UK's imagery analysis and intelligence centre based for most of its existence at RAF Brampton near Huntingdon, and historically known as MI4, by which name it is still sometimes informally, but not popularly, known. In 2013 moved to a new home at RAF Wyton in Huntingdonshire.


JARIC, and now DGIFC, employs members of RAF Intelligence, Army Intelligence Corps, Royal Navy photographer trade and Defence Intelligence civil servants.


JARIC was originally based at RAF Medmenham, where it examined aerial photography from reconnaissance aircraft, notably of V-1 missile sites.

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