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Just Eat plc
Public limited company
Traded as LSEJE.
Industry Online food ordering
Founded 2001
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Key people
John Hughes, (Chairman)
David Buttress (CEO)
Revenue £157.0 million (2014)[1]
£19.0 million (2014)[1]
£51.8 million (2014)[1]
Website Just-Eat.com

Just Eat is an online service acting as a web based intermediary between independent takeaway food outlets and customers. It is headquartered in the UK and operates in 13 countries around the globe, including: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The platform allows customers to search for local take away restaurants to place orders online, and to choose from pick-up or delivery options.

It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.


Jesper Buch founded Just Eat in Denmark in 2000[2] and launched the service in August 2001.[3] In 2006, Jesper Buch moved to London and set up a team headed by sales director David Buttress and launched Just Eat UK in March.[4] The international expansion from the UK headquarters started with the Netherlands launched in July 2007, and was followed by Ireland in April 2008.[5]

In January 2011, Just Eat established a joint venture in India. In February, the Group raised £30 ($48) million from their Series B investment,[6] allowing it to make 7 acquisitions in a year:

  • 4 partnerships to launch new countries with local operators: eat.ch in Switzerland in April,[7] ClickEat in Italy in May,[8] RestauranteWeb in Brazil in June[9] and Alloresto in France in December;[10]
  • 3 acquisitions to solidify its presence in the UK (Urbanbite to get into the corporate market[11]) and Canada (YummyWeb purchased in April to cover the region of Vancouver[12] and GrubCanada in October for the Ontario and British Columbia markets[13]).

In April 2012, Just Eat consolidated its position in the UK by acquiring fillmybelly.com.[14] A week later, Just Eat announced its £40 ($64) million Series C funding round.[15] The funds were partly used to launch the Don't Cook rebranding campaign in the UK and to acquire in October its main competitor in Spain: SinDelantal.[16]

After nearly five years at the helm of Just Eat, the group CEO Klaus Nyengaard stepped down in February 2013[17] and was replaced in May by former UK MD, David Buttress.[18]

On 3 April 2014, Just Eat floated on the London Stock Exchange.[19] In July, Just Eat increased to 80% its stake in Alloresto.[20] In September, Just Eat merged its Brazilian business, RestauranteWeb, with one of its competitors, iFood, to form the joint venture IF-JE in which Just Eat has a 25% stake.[21]

In February 2015, Just Eat sold to FoodPanda its investments in their Indian JV,[22] and continued its expansion in the Americas by launching Mexico, via a 100% acquisition of SinDelantal, and increased its stake in IF-JE, the Brazilian JV with iFood.[23]

In May 2015, Just Eat announced that it would buy Menulog, an Australian food ordering company for $855 million Australian dollars, and would fund the deal by issuing new shares.[24]


Just Eat India was founded on 26 July 2006 as HungryBangalore,[25] by Ritesh Dwivedy.[26] In August 2008, HungryBangalore was renamed as HungryZone.[27] The objective of widening the reach of the company to several Indian cities was realised now by the first round of funding raised from the Indian Angel Network.[28] On 17 January 2011, HungryZone announced a partnership with Just Eat.[29] Just-Eat bought a 60% stake in HungryZone.[30]

Just Eat relinquished its majority stake in its India entity in November 2013, reducing its holding to 49.9% with Axon Partners Group and Forum Synergies India investing an undisclosed amount in Just Eat India. In February 2015, Foodpanda acquired Just Eat's India operations in an all-stock deal. Just Eat acquired an undisclosed stake in the combined Indian entity, which would be India's largest food-ordering provider with a presence in more than 200 cities across 12,000 restaurants. Foodpanda will operate Just Eat India as a separate company and later look to merge it. The combined entity will have 250 employees in India.[31][32]


The country launched in April 2008. In November, Just Eat acquired 250 restaurants from Eatcity.ie.[33]


In July 2009 Just Eat received their first Series A[34] investment funding. Index Ventures and Venrex Capital invested £10.5 million[35] into Just Eat Holdings Ltd. The new investment capital enabled Just Eat to increase their expansion into other markets and further develop the business. In March 2011 a second round of investment[36] saw two leading US venture capitalists, Greylock Partners and Redpoint Ventures invest £30 million.[37]

Greylock Partners have previously invested in Facebook, LinkedIn and Wonga. In April 2012, a third round of investment[38] saw Vitruvian Partners and existing backers, Index Ventures, Greylock Partners and Redpoint Ventures, invest a further £40 million in Just Eat Holdings Ltd.[39]


TV Advertisements UK[edit]

In late 2009 Just Eat UK began their first television marketing campaign. The adverts starred Just-Eat’s mascots ‘Belly’ and ‘Brain’ and were narrated by ‘The Wombles’ narrator Bernard Cribbins. The first two adverts entitled “Attention Please”[40] and “Down and Up”[41] ran throughout 2010. At the start of 2011, a second wave of ‘Belly and Brain’ TV adverts were created, entitled “Listen and Learn” [42] and “Boxing Clever”.[43]

Following a complete overhaul of their global brand positioning and launch of the Don't Cook Just Eat brand campaign in September 2012, Just Eat launched a new series of TV ads. The adverts introduce audiences to Mr Mozzarella AKA “The Mozz”, Mr Basmati, Mr Sweet and Mr Sour, Mr T-Bone, Mr Sashimi and Mr Halloumi – a hapless, motley crew of rebellious takeaway chefs, who will stop at nothing to prevent amateur chefs from cooking at home. The ads, including "Leave Cooking to Professionals",[44] "Cooking is Dangerous",[45] "Cookbooks"[46] and "Turn back, Cicciolina"[47] and "The Fridge" will also air.[48]


In May 2014, it was announced that Just Eat would be the primary shirt sponsor for Derby County Football Club for the 2014–15 season.[49] The sponsorship deal will last for three years.[50]

On 1 July 2015, Just Eat became the primary shirt sponsor for Oud-Heverlee Leuven for the 2015–16 season.[51] The sponsorship deal was made for one year, with an option to extend the deal for more years.


As of April 2015, Just Eat operates in 13 countries:[52]

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