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Katarina Marinič (30 October 1899 – 2 September 2010) was a Slovenian supercentenarian. She was the oldest ever person from Slovenia.[1][2]

Marinič was the 9th of 10 children born to Anton and Marija Gabršček at Deskle, Austria-Hungary. In 1915 the family became refugees and moved elsewhere within Austria's kingdom, but returned to the territory of modern-day Slovenia in 1918 (as Yugoslavia 1918-1991). During her time away from her place of origin, Marinič worked in the chocolate factory at Vienna and attended a culinary school in Bruck[disambiguation needed]. In 1929 she married Rudolf Marinič at Smrečje[disambiguation needed]. They had no children. Rudolf died in 1967. Marinič had eight nephews and a centenarian niece living in Italy. She lived in a retirement home in Nova Gorica for the last 13 years of her life.[3][4]

She died on 2 September 2010, aged 110 years, 307 days, taking the title as Slovenia's oldest person.[5]

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