Rosa Rein

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Rosa Rein
Born 24 March 1897
Dzietkowitz (Dziećkowice), a suburb of Myslowitz, Upper Silesia, German Empire, now Poland
Died 14 February 2010
(aged 112 years, 327 days)
Paradiso, Switzerland
Occupation Retired
Known for Oldest verified person in Switzerland

Rosa Rein (née Karliner; 24 March 1897 – 14 February 2010)[1] was a Polish-born Swiss supercentenarian,[2] and the oldest living person in Switzerland since the 3 September 2006 death of 110-year-old Anna Ringier-Kieser, and as of 20 June 2008 their new longevity recordholder. She was one of the 15 verified oldest living people at the time of her death. Rein was the fourth oldest validated person to be born in Germany.

She was born in Upper Silesia in Dzietzkowitz/Dziećkowice, at the time part of the German Empire, but now in Poland. A German Jew,[3] her mother died in a Nazi concentration camp and the rest of the family fled from Germany, first to Brazil, then to Genoa, and finally to Switzerland. Rein married twice, but had no children. She lived on her own until 2001, when, after a fall,[3] she decided to move to a nursing home in Paradiso, Switzerland, where she lived until her death.[4]

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Honorary titles
Preceded by
Berta Rosenberg
Oldest recognized person born in Germany
28 January 2009 – 14 February 2010
Succeeded by
Frieda Schmidt
Preceded by
Anna Ringier-Kieser (110)
Switzerland's oldest living person
3 September 2006 – 14 February 2010
Succeeded by
Adelheid Wehrle-Rieger (110)