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Many of Croydon's tallest buildings were constructed as office blocks during the 20th century. However, high rise luxury apartment blocks and modern offices in Croydon is increasing.[1]

This list of the tallest buildings and structures in Croydon ranks buildings and structures in the London Borough of Croydon, England by height. The borough of Croydon, a local government district of Greater London, has a population of 330,587.[2] At its core is Croydon, a former market town, with interests in producing charcoal, tanned leather, and brewing.[3] It was heavily bombed in the Second World War mainly because of its aerodrome Croydon Airport, leading to the destruction of some buildings.

Most of the city's tallest buildings are office blocks constructed during the mid-20th century. However, since then many of these office blocks have become outdated, prompting a huge redevelopment programme for the town centre, called Croydon Vision 2020. The town has since witnessed a boom in the construction of high rise apartments, such as IYLO and Altitude 25, a former brownfield site. In contrast to the vast majority of London's tallest buildings, Croydon's high-rises were constructed in the 1960s and 70s as part of a project to create the South of England's largest office space outside of Central London.[4] Some of the early high-rise buildings have subsequently been demolished themselves, such as Wettern House to allow for new skyscrapers to be constructed.[5]

The list includes the year of completion for completed buildings, the height in metres and feet, and the current usage of the building. Similar to cities across the globe, Croydon's tallest structures are mostly concentrated in a central business district, which has added to the fact that many tourists enjoy Croydon because it is compact, especially those from far eastern countries including Japan.[6] The tallest building in Croydon was until recently No. 1 Croydon (formerly the NLA Tower), a high-rise office block, which was completed in 1970 and retained the crown of Croydon's tallest building until 2009, when Altitude 25, a residential high-rise complex, was completed. No. 1 Croydon has 24 storeys and 82 metres (269 ft) high and consists of the offices of AIG, Liberata, Pegasus and the Institute of Public Finance.[7] It is still in "Britain's 100 tallest towers" list, [8] The largest skyscraper proposed for the town is Wellesley Square which will stand at 149 metres (489 ft).[9] The oldest structure listed is Croydon Parish Church. It was completed in 1876 but the first mention of a church on the site was in the Domesday Book of 1086.

Tallest completed buildings[edit]

Altitude 25 while under construction in early 2008. Now completed it has become Croydon's tallest skyscraper.
The NLA Tower/No. 1 Croydon was the tallest building in Croydon for 38 years prior to the completion of Altitude 25
The council's offices at Taberner House.

The tallest completed buildings above 50 metres (164 ft), as of the end of 2010, in Croydon are listed below.[10] Buildings that have been demolished are included in the list.

Rank Name Built Use Height Floors Location
metres feet
1 Altitude 25 2009[11] Residential 94 308 26 Croydon
2 No. 1 Croydon 1970 Office 82 270 24 East Croydon
3 Nestlé Tower 1964 Office 79 260 24 Croydon
4 Whitgift Centre Tower 1970 Office 77 253 21 Croydon
5 Leon House 1966 Office 71 234 20 Croydon
6 Pembroke House 1967 Office 70 230 19 Croydon
7 Ryland House 1977 Office 66 215 15 Croydon
8 Lunar House 1970 Office 64 210 19 Croydon
Apollo House 1970 Office 64 210 19 Croydon
9 Southern House 1967 Office 63 208 19 Croydon
10 Carolyn House 1984 Office 55 180 16 East Croydon
11 Delta Point 1985 Office 55 179 15 Croydon
Whitgift Centre East 1969 Retail 55 179 15 Croydon
Whitgift Centre West 1969 Retail 55 179 15 Croydon

Tallest structures[edit]

The two tallest structures, as of the beginning of 2008, in Croydon are listed below. Structures which have been demolished are not included. A structure differs from a high-rise by its lack of floors and habitability.

Rank Name Built Use Height Location
metres feet
1. Croydon transmitting station 1962 Telecoms 153 502 Upper Norwood
2 IKEA Towers 1950 Power station chimneys Purley Way

Tallest under construction, approved, and proposed buildings[edit]

The tallest under construction, approved, or proposed buildings above or equal to 60 metres (197 ft), as of the beginning of 2013, in Croydon are listed below.

Under construction[edit]

Rank Name Use Height Floors Expected Completion Year
metres feet
1 Saffron Square Residential 134 439 44 2015
3 IYLO (Now ISLAND) Residential 61 200 20 2015


Rank Name Use Height Floors Completed
metres feet
1 Wellesley Square Block F Residential and office 149 488 44 2010
2 Croydon Gateway Arena Block A Residential 163 535 40 2013
3 Ruskin Square Building BR4 Office and residential 94 309 31 2012
4 13-16 Dingwall Road Office and retail 70 230 17 2009
5 Ruskin Square Building BO2 Office and Residential 67 219 15 2013


Rank Name Use Height Floors Completed
metres feet
1 Fairfield Halls Tower I Venue n/a n/a 60 Vision
2 Suffolk House Office 167 548 38 Planning permission denied
3 Fairfield Halls Tower II Venue n/a n/a 35 Vision
Fairfield Halls Tower III Venue n/a n/a 35 Vision

Timeline of tallest buildings and structures[edit]

Croydon's skyline has been built up mostly since the mid-20th century. No. 1 Croydon held the title of tallest structure in Croydon for 38 years until Altitude 25 is built. Although by 2010 if all predictions in the timing of construction is correct, the Croydon Vocational Tower will take over the title only to be replaced by the Croydon Gateway Landmark Tower a year later.[12]

Years tallest Name Use Height Floors Notes
metres feet
1964–1970 Nestlé Tower Office 79 260 24 [13]
1970–2008 NLA Tower Office 82 270 24 [14]
2008–2014 Altitude 25 Residential 94 307 26 [15]

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