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Miss Singapore International

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Miss Singapore International
TypeBeauty pageant
Miss International
Miss Supranational
Miss Asia Pacific International
Official language
Singapore Women’s Association (SWA)
WebsiteOfficial website


The Singapore Women's Association (SWA), a charity organization has been organising beauty pageants since 1975 and is the first organisation to raise funds for the needy through beauty pageants. The funds raised have benefited many underprivileged children, old folks and the community. For the past 43 years, SWA has been the organiser of the Miss Singapore/Miss International beauty pageant.


The fundamental aspect of the Miss Singapore International is its "Beauty with Heart & Purpose" to inculcate in our young women a sense of community and charity. It is a platform for young women to develop themselves as women leaders through the various training programs and involvement in its charity activities.

Our aim for this group is to create awareness, and encourage participation and contribution for charitable causes.


Year Miss International Singapore Elemental Court Titlists
International Supranational Asia Pacific International Tourism Queen of the Year International
2019 Charlotte Chia Naomi Huth - -
2018 Eileen Feng S Priyanka Annuncia Nerrine Ng -
2017 Kylie Yeo Lynn Teo Lynette Chua Janice Sia
2016 Wang Hui Qi Ischelle Koo Ariel Xu -
Year International First Runner-up Second Runner-up Third Runner-up Fourth Runner-up
2015 Roxanne Zhang Hannah Yang Sharon Nadine Vivian Quek Pang Ling Ling
2014 Vanessa Sim Sonia Mao Deborah Yeo - -
2013 Chew Jia Min Novell Tan Michelle Goh Leah Yang Reine Wang
2012 Leong Ying Mae Christina Ng Shine Koh Peggy Heng Maisy Vanessa Lim

Singapore representatives at Miss International

Color key
  •   Declared as Winner
  •   Ended as runner-up
  •   Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Miss Singapore International represents her country at Miss International. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Singapore debut in 1960, before Miss Singapore International, another organization selected to the Miss International pageant. In 1960 Singapore placed for first time as Top 15 with Christl D’Cruz.

Year Miss International Singapore Placement at Miss International Special Awards
2021 TBA TBA
2020 Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no pageant in 2020
2019 Charlotte Lucille-Chia Unplaced
2018 Eileen Feng Unplaced
  • Miss International Asia
2017 Kylie Yeo Unplaced
2016 Wang Hui Qi Unplaced
2015 Roxanne Zhang Unplaced
2014 Vanessa Sim Unplaced
2013 Chew Jia Min Unplaced
2012 Leong Ying Mae Unplaced
2011 Stella Kae Sze Unplaced
2010 Kyla Tan Unplaced
2009 Annabelle Liang Xiang Unplaced
2008 Tok Wee Ee Unplaced
2007 Christabelle Tsai Unplaced
2006 Genecia Luo Wei Qi Unplaced
2005 Catherine Tan Unplaced
2004 Sherry Ng Yun Feng Unplaced
2003 Berlin Koh Meng Yean Unplaced
2002 Marie Wong Yan Yi Unplaced
2001 Juley Binte Abdullah Unplaced
2000 Lorraine Koo Mann Loo Unplaced
1999 Janice Koh Yeok Teng Unplaced
1998 Sudha Menon Unplaced
1997 Joey Chin Chin Chan Unplaced
1996 Carel Siok Liang Unplaced
1995 Lynette Lee Unplaced
1994 Joycelyn Ching Unplaced
1993 Teri Su Lian Tan Unplaced
1992 Li Li Goh Unplaced
1991 Audrey Siok Ling Tan Unplaced
1990 Genni Wan Unplaced
1989 Pamela Kurt Ha Chee Unplaced
1988 Angeline Lip Lai Fong Unplaced
1987 Marjorie Tan Unplaced
1986 Teo Ser Lee Unplaced
1985 Audrey Chua Chwee Lan Unplaced
1984 Wong Leng Unplaced
1983 Patricia Ngow Unplaced
1982 Angela Tan Unplaced
1981 Shanaz Ali Hussein Gandhi Unplaced
1980 Jennifer Liong Top 15
1979 Annie Tan Chen Unplaced
1978 Felina Teo Bee Wah Unplaced
1977 Theresa Leu San Unplaced
1976 Sandra Jane Binny Unplaced
1975 Jenny Tan Gwek Eng Unplaced
1974 Valerie Oh Choon Lian Unplaced
1973 Doris Ong Swee Gek Unplaced
1972 May Tan Unplaced
1970 Margaret Tan Quee Lin Unplaced
1969 Jenny Serwan Wong Unplaced
1968 Madeleine Teo Kim Neo Unplaced
1967 Angela Attias Unplaced
1962 Nancy Liew Unplaced
1960 Christl D'Cruz Top 15

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