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Miss Malaysia
Formation 1962
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Kuala Lumpur
Miss Universe
Miss World
Miss International
Miss Earth
Miss Tourism International
Miss Supranational
Miss Grand International
Official language
Website www.missuniversemalaysia.com.my

Miss Malaysia represents Malaysia in six of the international beauty pageants to select Malaysian representatives at Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Tourism International and Miss Supranational. The winners of the national pageants are selected at different competitions as each is owned by a different organisation. The winner of these national contests holds the title of Miss Universe Malaysia, Miss Malaysia World, Miss International Malaysia, Miss Malaysia Earth, Miss Tourism Malaysia and Miss Supranational Malaysia.


Miss Universe Malaysia[edit]

Colour key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Miss Malaysia represents her country at the Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Miss Universe Malaysia is the country’s premier pageant and reality TV event conducted annually that began in 1962 and revamped in 2010. It's part of the international Miss Universe franchise. Owned and managed by the esteemed Trump Organization in joint venture with NBC Universal. The woman who wears the Miss Universe Malaysia crown is not just a beauty queen with ' Hip, Urban, Relevant and Real ’ but a role model to provide a platform for young, ambitious Malaysian women to represent their nation on the international stage, that is Miss Universe and to compete with amongst the most beautiful and accomplished women from around the world. Miss Universe Malaysia's tagline " We're going to make you shine " rings true since its revamp, with established names emerging from MUMO’s stable of talent.

Deborah Henry, Miss Universe Malaysia 2011
Year Miss Malaysia Placement Special Awards
United States 2015 Vanessa Tevi Kumares TBA
United States 2014 Sabrina Beneett Unplaced
Russia 2013 Carey Ng Unplaced
United States 2012 Kimberley Leggett Unplaced
Brazil 2011 Deborah Priya Henry Unplaced
United States 2010 Nadine Ann Thomas Unplaced
The Bahamas 2009 Joannabelle Ng Li Vun Unplaced
Vietnam 2008 Levy Li Su Lin Unplaced
Mexico 2007 Adeline Chin Ai Nee Unplaced
United States 2006 Melissa Ann Tan Unplaced
Thailand 2005 Angela Gan Hui Boon Unplaced
Ecuador 2004 Andrea Veronica Fonseka Unplaced
Panama 2003 Elaine Daly Unplaced
Puerto Rico 2002 Karen Ang Lit Eit Unplaced
Puerto Rico 2001 Tung Mei Chin Unplaced
Cyprus 2000 Lynette Mei Ling Ludi Unplaced
Trinidad and Tobago 1999 Jeanette Ooi Unplaced
United States 1998 Sherine Wong Unplaced
United States 1997 Trincy Low Unplaced
United States 1996 Adeline Ong Unplaced
Namibia 1995 Suziela Azrai Unplaced
Philippines 1994 Liza Koh Unplaced
Mexico 1993 Lucy Narayanasamy Unplaced Best National Costume
(Top 10)
Thailand 1992 Crystal Yong Unplaced
United States 1991 Elaine Chew Unplaced
United States 1990 Anna Lin Unplaced
Mexico 1989 Carmen Cheah Swee Unplaced
Taiwan 1988 Linda Lum Chee Ling Unplaced
Singapore 1987 Christine Praglar Unplaced
Panama 1986 Betty Chee Unplaced
United States 1985 Agnes Chin Unplaced
United States 1984 Latifah Abdul Hamid Unplaced
United States 1983 Puspa Mohamed Unplaced
Peru 1982 Siti Rohani Wahid Unplaced
United States 1981 Audrey Loh Unplaced
South Korea 1980 Felicia Yong Unplaced
Australia 1979 Irene Wong Unplaced
Mexico 1978 Yasmin Yusoff Unplaced Best National Costume
(2nd Runner-up)
Dominican Republic 1977 Leong Li Ping Unplaced
Hong Kong 1976 Teh Faridah Ahmad Unplaced
El Salvador 1975 Alice Cheong Unplaced
Philippines 1974 Lily Chong Unplaced
Greece 1973 Maggie Loo Unplaced
Puerto Rico 1972 Helen Looi Unplaced
United States 1971 Yvette Bateman Unplaced
United States 1970 Josephine Lena Wong Top 15 Expo Queen
United States 1969 Rosemary Wan Chow Mui Unplaced
United States 1968 Maznah Mohammed Ali Unplaced
United States 1967 Monkam Anne Lowe Siprasome Unplaced
United States 1966 Helen Lee Siew Lien Unplaced
United States 1965 Patricia Agustus Unplaced
United States 1964 Angela Filmer Unplaced
United States 1963 Nik Azizah Nik Yahya Withdrew
United States 1962 Sarah AlHabshee Abdullah
(as Miss Malaya)

Miss World Malaysia[edit]

Miss World Malaysia
Miss World Malaysia Logo.jpg
Motto Beauty with A Purpose
Formation 1963
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Kuala Lumpur
Miss World
Official language
Key people
Datuk Anna Lim
Website www.facebook.com/pages/Miss-World-Malaysia/
Soo Wincci, Miss World Malaysia 2008.
Colour key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The Miss World beauty pageant was first introduced as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations. Miss World is the longest running major international beauty pageant. In every participating country, there is an annual national beauty pageant organised under the Miss World Organization. The winner of Miss Malaysia World would then proceed to contest in Miss World. The winner of Miss World would spend a year travelling to represent the Miss World Organization and its causes like Beauty with a Purpose (BWP).

Miss Julia Morley, wife of Miss World creator, Eric Morley took over in the year 2000 as current Chairman and CEO of the Miss World Organization, after Eric Morley died in 1951. BWP was created 30 years ago by Julia Morley so that BWP makes the Miss World crown the symbol for fundraising and charity. The element of charity does not stop at the title holder herself but it is extended to encourage the Miss World contestants and license holders from every country to help aid community projects in their own countries. With regards to the achievements of Miss World Malaysia titleholders after having the limelight during the Miss World pageant, many of them have proceeded to paths of success in other fields of the entertainment industry. As of now, Miss World has been organised for 61 years. It has evolved from a beauty pageant focused on aesthetics and physical beauty to one where charity and inner beauty are the main concerns.

Year Miss Malaysia Placement Special Awards
China 2015 Brynn Zalina Lovett TBA
United Kingdom 2014 Dewi Liana Seriestha Top 25 Miss World Talent
Indonesia 2013 Melinder Bhullar Unplaced 4th Runner-up at Multimedia Award
China 2012 Lee Yvonne Unplaced
United Kingdom 2011 Chloe Chen Unplaced Top 30 at Beauty with a Purpose
China 2010 Nadia Heng Unplaced
South Africa 2009 Thanuja Ananthan Unplaced Top 12 at Miss World Top Model
South Africa 2008 Soo Wincci Unplaced Top 32 Miss World Top Model
Top 19 at Miss World Talent
China 2007 Deborah Priya Henry Top 16 Top 21 at Miss World Beach Beauty
Top 16 at Miss World Sports
Poland 2006 Adeline Choo Wan Ling Unplaced
China 2005 Emmeline Ng Wei Shu Unplaced
China 2004 Gloria Ting Mei Ru Unplaced
China 2003 Wong Sze Zen Unplaced
United Kingdom 2002 Mabel Ng Chin Mei Unplaced
South Africa 2001 Sasha Tan Hwee Teng Unplaced
United Kingdom 2000 Tan Su Wei Unplaced
United Kingdom 1999 Jaclyn Lee Tze Wey Unplaced
Seychelles 1998 Lina Teoh Pick Lim 2nd Runner-up Continental Beauty
(Asia & Oceania)
Seychelles 1997 Arianna Teoh Lai Poh Top 10
India 1996 Qu-An How Cheok-Kuan Unplaced
South Africa 1995 Trincy Low Ee Bing Unplaced
South Africa 1994 Rahima Orchient Yayah Top 10
South Africa 1993 Jacqueline Ngu Unplaced
United Kingdom 1992 Fazira Wan Chek Unplaced
United States 1991 Samantha Schubert Unplaced
Hong Kong 1989 Vivian Chen Shee Yee Unplaced
United Kingdom 1988 Sue Wong Choy Fun Unplaced
United Kingdom 1987 Sheela Shankar Unplaced
United Kingdom 1986 Joan Cardoza Unplaced
United Kingdom 1985 Rosalind Kong Siew Kuen Unplaced
United Kingdom 1984 Christine Teo Pick Yoon Unplaced
United Kingdom 1983 Michelle Yeoh Choo-Kheng Unplaced
United Kingdom 1982 Nellie Teoh Swee Yong Unplaced
United Kingdom 1981 Cynthia Geraldine de Castro Unplaced
United Kingdom 1980 Callie Liew Tan Chee Unplaced
United Kingdom 1979 Shirley Chew Top 15
United Kingdom 1978 Kartina Osir Unplaced
United Kingdom 1977 Christine Mary Lim Lim Boey Withdrew
United Kingdom 1976 Che Puteh Naziadin Withdrew
United Kingdom 1975 Fauziah Haron Unplaced
United Kingdom 1974 Shirley Tan Unplaced
United Kingdom 1973 Narimah Yusoff Unplaced
United Kingdom 1972 Janet Mok Unplaced
United Kingdom 1971 Daphne Munro Unplaced
United Kingdom 1970 Mary Ann Wong Unplaced
United Kingdom 1966 Merlyn McKelvie Unplaced
United Kingdom 1965 Clara De Run Unplaced
United Kingdom 1963 Catherine Loh Top 10

Miss International Malaysia[edit]

Miss International Malaysia
Miss malaysia in't.jpg
Formation 1960
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Kuala Lumpur
Miss International
Official language
Key people
Marlene Lim, Miss Global International Malaysia, MerveilleuxM Production
Colour key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Miss International is an annual international beauty pageant held since 1960 and is part of the BIG FOUR international beauty pageants. The pageant was created in Long Beach California USA in 1960 after the departure of Miss Universe pageant to Miami Beach. The ultimate goal is to promote world peace, goodwill and understanding.

Miss International Malaysia is a national beauty pageant that began in 1960, and it is also the longest running pageant in Malaysia. Most of the delegates initially were being "Hand Pick" by the former franchise holder of Miss International Malaysia, but under the current National Director, Marlene Lim, an annual Miss Global International Malaysia (MGIM) is being held to crown the new Miss International Malaysia. Marlene Lim took over the pageant in 2013, under the umbrella of her organisation MGIM (founded in 2011) and decide to re-program back the pageant. Under her wing, there are 5 licences of pageant.The winner will go to Miss International and the runner up will be divided into 4. All of them will represent Malaysia to a different pageant. Miss Supranational, Miss Intercontinental, Miss Globe and World Miss University. Currently the pageant is one of the biggest pageant in Malaysia and gained support from local and international fans within less than 5 years of establishment.

Year Miss Malaysia Placement Special Awards
Japan 2015 Immaculate Lojuki Unplaced
Japan 2014 Jayarubini Sambanthan Unplaced
Japan 2013 Charissa Chong Unplaced
Japan 2012 Olivia Teng Mei Xian Unplaced
China 2011 Phong Sze Ling Unplaced
China 2010 Chantalle Chuah Shee Peng Unplaced
China 2009 Tay Tze Juan Unplaced
Macau 2008 Zi Wei Tham Unplaced
Japan 2007 Yim Lim Nee Unplaced
China 2006 Iris Hng Choy Yin Unplaced
Japan 2005 Winnie Chan Wai Ling Unplaced
Macau 2004 Lim Lee Ching Unplaced
Japan 2003 Ester Tan Unplaced
Japan 2002 Krystal Pang Chia Boon Unplaced
Japan 2001 Cheah Teck Yoong Unplaced
Japan 2000 Aida Stannis Kazum Unplaced
Japan 1999 Andrea Franklin Gomez Unplaced
Japan 1986 Latonia Chang Pei Pei Unplaced
Japan 1984 Jennifer Foong Sim Yong Unplaced Miss Friendship
Japan 1983 Helen Ann Peters Unplaced
Japan 1982 Karen Seet Yeng Chan Unplaced
Japan 1981 Gurmit Kaur Unplaced
Japan 1980 Christina Leong Unplaced
Japan 1978 Farida Abdul Samad Unplaced
Japan 1977 Dorothea Chuah Poh Kooi Unplaced
Japan 1976 Fauziah Haron Unplaced
Japan 1975 Jenny Tan Unplaced
Japan 1974 Amy Theresa Sibert Unplaced
Japan 1973 Nancy Thong Seow Moi Unplaced
United States 1972 Francesca Lee Mei Fung Unplaced
Japan 1970 Lucy Lee Unplaced
Japan 1969 Pauline Chai Siew Phin Unplaced
Japan 1968 Maznah Binte Mohammed Ali Unplaced
United States 1967 Marjorie Rongsank Unplaced
United States 1965 Linda Lim Hong Eng Top 15
United States 1962 Brenda Alvisse Unplaced
United States 1961 Helen Tan Hong Lean Top 15
United States 1960 Zanariak "Zena" Ahmad Unplaced

Miss Earth Malaysia[edit]

Miss Earth Malaysia
Miss earth malaysia logo.jpg
Formation 2001
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Kuala Lumpur
Miss Earth
Official language
Colour key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Miss Earth is the third-largest international pageant competition among women from countries around the world, after Miss Universe and Miss World. The delegates and winners give meaning and relevance to this beauty competition by promoting worthwhile environmental causes and getting actively involved in caring for the preservation of Mother Earth. This is a true celebration of a woman’s natural beauty, poise and personality. In fact, Miss Earth incorporates a special ‘Natural Beauty’ round where a women’s natural beauty is judged sans make-up or makeover. A tribute to the natural beauty that is a reflection of the beauty within. This pageant organised for the first time aims to appreciate what a woman always wants – to be a natural beauty. Unblemished, immaculate and refreshingly natural. Miss Malaysia Earth delegates are selected through a beauty contest which each state in Malaysia will send their top three winners from the state level. All the top 3 winners will compete at the national level to be crowned as Miss Malaysia Earth and represent Malaysia at Miss Earth Pageant.

The Miss Malaysia Earth 2012 is Deviyah Daranee. She represented the country in Miss Earth 2012 that take place on 24 November 2012 at the Versailles in Alabang, Manila, Philippines and won Best In Talent Competition Award ( Group 3 ) and 3rd place of Best In National Costume Competition Award. Although she was a heavy favourite by pageants' blogs and websites, she was not placed in the Top 16 by the judges. Miss Malaysia Earth 2013, Josephine Tan, who crowned by Deviyah Daranee,also unplaced in Miss Earth 2013.Renee Tan has been crowned as the new representative for Malaysia. She to date has been named as 1 of the most active beauty queen for the environmental conservation. Her job currently involving with lot of NGO and Environment Society. She will represent Malaysia for this upcoming Miss Earth 2014

Year Miss Malaysia Placement Special Awards
Austria 2015 Danielle Wong TBA
Philippines 2014 Renee Tan Unplaced
Philippines 2013 Josephine Tan Unplaced
Philippines 2012 Deviyah Radhakrishnan Unplaced Miss Talent (Group 3)
Best National Costume
(2nd Runner-up)
Philippines 2011 Joyce Tay Unplaced
Vietnam 2010 Appey Rowena Januin Unplaced
Philippines 2009 Madelyne M.Nandu Unplaced Best In Swimsuit (Top 20)
Philippines 2008 Audrey Valerie Ng Unplaced
Philippines 2007 Dorkas Cheok Unplaced
Philippines 2006 Alice Loh Unplaced
Philippines 2005 Jamie Pang Hui Ting Unplaced
Philippines 2004 Eloise Law Unplaced
Philippines 2003 Jasmine Lee Ying Ying Unplaced
Philippines 2002 Pamela Ramachandran Unplaced
Philippines 2001 Joey Tan Eng Li Unplaced

Miss Tourism Malaysia[edit]

Miss Tourism Malaysia
Formation 1994
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Kuala Lumpur
Miss Tourism International
Official language
Key people
Datuk Danny Ooi H.E
Website www.missmalaysia.com.my
Colour key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Miss Malaysia Tourism is a national beauty pageant organised by D' Touch International Sdn Bhd. The winner of the pageant represents Malaysia at the Miss Tourism International contest. Datuk Danny Ooi, President and Franchise Owner of Miss Malaysia Tourism, has come a long way, organising more than 35 National Miss Malaysia Grand Finals and 18 International Pageant Finals. The Miss Malaysia Tourism Pageant has not only provided an opportunity for the finalists to achieve a career advancement in the commercial field, but also help the Tourism Ministry in the promotion of local tourism as well as promoting Malaysia to the world when the Winner represents the country at an International World Final. This marked the beginning of Malaysia’s very homegrown titles stamping their mark globally, and becoming much sought-after pageants. The contest also serves as a platform to share and exchange cultural knowledge and create a new friendship bond among contestants coming from various states.

The first Miss Malaysia Tourism was crowned in 1993 and ever since then, Datuk Danny Ooi has organised this pageant. Aileen Gabriella Robinson, who participated in Miss Tourism International, won Malaysia's first Miss Tourism International title and was crowned by Nathalie Den Dekker, Miss Tourism International 2010.

Year Miss Malaysia Placement Special Awards
Vietnam 2015 TBA TBA
Malaysia 2014 Ranjani Rajamanickam Top 20 Miss Friendship
Malaysia 2013 Taarah Ganesan 4th Runner-up Miss Avant Garfe I-City
Malaysia 2012 Yong Wan Jun 4th Runner-up Best Talent
Malaysia 2011 Aileen Gabriella Robinson Miss Tourism Int'l 2011 Miss Charity Queen
Malaysia 2010 Gabrielle Ashley Boudville Top 10 Best National Costume
Malaysia 2009 Edweena Marcus 3rd Runner-up Best National Costume
Miss Popularity
Malaysia 2008 Angela Ching Top 15 Miss Friendship
China 2006 Brenda Chew Unplaced Miss Friendship
Malaysia 2005 Ivlyn Tan Theng Theng Top 15
Malaysia 2004 Melissa Theseira Top 15 Miss Friendship
Malaysia 2003 Carrie Lee Sze Kei Top 15
Malaysia 2002 Jacqlyne Chin Kim Lu Top 10
Malaysia 2001 Lyndel Soon 4th Runner-up
Malaysia 2000 Mabel Kang Top 10
Malaysia 1999 Michelle Tung Mei Chin Top 10 Miss Friendship
Malaysia 1998 Ooi Bee Bee 3rd Runner-up
Malaysia 1995 Lavinia Tan Poh Ling 1st Runner-up
Malaysia 1994 Emelia Abdul Hamid 1st Runner-up

Miss Supranational Malaysia[edit]

Miss Supranational Malaysia
Motto Unity of Beauty
Formation 2013
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Kuala Lumpur
Miss Supranational
Official language
Key people
Marlene Lim
Colour key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Miss Supranational Malaysia 2013, Nancy Marcus, was appointed as the first Miss Supranational Malaysia 2013 by the National Director Marlene Lim under MGIM organisation and represented Malaysian title for the first time at the fifth edition of the Miss Supranational pageant held on 6 September 2013 at Sport's Palace of Minsk, Belarus and gaining the Miss Supranational 2013 Best In Talent award.

Year Miss Malaysia Placement Special Awards
Poland 2015 Tanisha Kaur Harjit Singh TBA
Poland 2014 Audrey Loke Pui Yan Unplaced Best Smile
Belarus 2013 Nancy Marcus Unplaced Best Talent

Miss Grand Malaysia[edit]

Miss Grand Malaysia
Formation 2013
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Kuala Lumpur
Miss Grand International
Official language
Colour key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss Malaysia Placement Special Awards
Thailand 2015 Santhawan Dew Boonratana[1] Unplaced Best National Costume
(Top 20)

Miss Popular Vote
(Top 10)

Thailand 2014 Jane Koo Wai Kuan Unplaced Best National Costume
(Top 20)
Thailand 2013 Michelle Madeleine Moey Unplaced Best In Swimsuit (Top 20)

Miss Intercontinental[edit]

National winner will represent Malaysia at the international stage of Miss Intercontinental.

Year Miss Malaysia Placement Special Awards
Germany 2015 Livonia Ricky Guing[2] TBA
Germany 2014 Nicole Bungan Langdon-Down Unplaced
Germany 2013 Julies Lucas Unplaced


Fatwa ruling[edit]

In Malaysia, female Muslims were denied participation in beauty pageants following the issue of a fatwa in 1995 by the Mufti of Selangor.[3] The issue came to a nasty twist in July €“September 1997 when three Malay participants joined the Miss Malaysian petite contest, only to be arrested by the authorities. In the ensuing public outcry and debate that followed, the effectiveness of the fatwa was shown given the influence of the Selangor's Mufti over the nation's sharia law.[4] The fatwa resonated with the ideology that Muslim women should cover up private parts of their body, or Aurat of which the beauty pageants' practices ran contrary to €“even though such religious enactments also apply to male pageants.

Nevertheless, a public outcry ensued, as members of the public questioned the way the religious authorities handled the matter as well as the abrupt ruling which came about €“Muslim women in the past had participated in beauty pageants without much protest amongst the religious authorities.[5] This invoked the concerns of Mahathir's who had raised objections to the way the religious authorities had implemented and enforced the law €“and questions including distinctions on religious laws and personal freedom were raised.[6] Nevertheless, the fatwa ruling has since been very effective; Muslim women have since then been deterred from joining any beauty pageants.[7] Malaysian beauty pageants, in compliance with the law, similarly denied Muslim individuals from participating.[8] However, Muslim women may still join smaller scale beauty pageant contests such as Dewi Remaja, Miss Intercontinental and Miss Tourism, provided that they don't display publicly wearing swimsuits.


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