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Miss International France
Motto Love, Beauty and Peace
Formation 1960
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Paris
Miss International
Official language
National Director
Bruno Lestienne
Website Miss International France

The Miss International France is a beauty pageant which selects Miss France to the Miss International pageant.


France was debuted at the Miss International beauty pageant in 1960 by Miss France contest. Along with French representatives for Miss Universe and Miss World, Miss France for Miss International also became the most prestigious title at the Miss France contest. In 1976 Miss France 1975, Sophie Perin won Miss International 1976 in Tokyo, Japan.[1] Between 1960 and 2015 French representatives at the Miss International were selected by runner-up Miss France, Miss National, and Miss Prestige National contests.

In 2016 France comes from Katia Maes directorship in Miss International history. The winner of Miss International France may come at the Miss International beauty pageant which mostly happens in Japan. The reigning title is expected to serve as Ambassador of Peace in France.[2][3] In 2017, a new french organisation with Bruno Lestienne as national director, with the help from Katia Maes, will organise the first Miss International Contest[4] in september 2017.


Miss International France[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss International France Placement at Miss International Special Awards Placement at Miss France
2016 Khaoula Najine Unplaced Miss Roubaix 2013 for Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2013
2017 Maëva Balan Unplaced

France's Delegates 1960-2015[edit]

Year Names Placement at Miss International Special Awards National Position
1960 Suzanne Degrémont Unplaced
1961 Brigitte Barazer de Lannurien Unplaced Miss France 1960
1963 Marie-Josée LeCocq Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1964 Brigitte Pradel Unplaced
1965 Marie-Perron Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1967 Martine Grateau Unplaced
1968 Nelly Gallerne Top 15
1969 Sophie Yallant Unplaced
1970 Dominique Pasquier Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1971 Laurence Vallée Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1972 Suzanne Angly Top 15 Miss France 1969
1973 Christine Schmidth Top 15 1st Runner-up
1974 Josiane Bouffeni Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1975 Isabelle Nadia Krumacker Top 15 Miss Photogenic Miss France 1973
1976 Sophie Perin Miss International 1976 Miss France 1975
1977 Catherine Pouchele Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1978 Véronique Fagot Unplaced Miss France 1977
1979 Martine Juliette David Unplaced 2nd Runner-up
1980 Sylvie Hélène Marie Parera Top 10 Miss Photogenic Miss France 1979
1981 Beatriz Peyet Unplaced 2nd Runner-up
1982 Isabelle Rochard Unplaced 2nd Runner-up
1983 Valérie Guenveur Unplaced 2nd Runner-up
1984 Corinne Terrason Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1985 Nathalie Jones (New-Caledonia) Unplaced Miss France Outre-Mer
1986 Cathy Billaudeau Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1987 Joelle Annik Ramyhed Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1988 Nathalie Marquay Top 10 Miss France 1987
1989 Dorothée Lambert Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1990 Celine Marteau Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1991 Catherine Clarysse 1st Runner-up 1st Runner-up
1992 Benedicte Marie Delmas Unplaced 2nd Runner-up
1993 Marie-Ange Noelle Contart Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1994 Nathalie Pereira Top 10 1st Runner-up
1995 Mélody Vilbert Top 10 Miss France 1995
1996 Nancy Cornelia Delettrez Unplaced 2nd Runner-up
1997 Marie Pauline Borg 2nd Runner-up 1st Runner-up
1998 Patricia Spehar Top 10 Miss France 1997
1999 Céline Cheuva Unplaced 2nd Runner-up
2000 Tatiana Michèle Bouguer Unplaced 1st Runner-up
2001 Nawal Benhlal Unplaced 3rd Runner-up
2002 Emmanuelle Jogadinsinski 1st Runner-up 3rd Runner-up
2003 Elodie Couffin Top 15 2nd Runner-up
2004 Lucie Degletagne Top 15 1st Runner-up
2005 Cynthia Tevere Top 15 1st Runner-up
2006 Marie-Charlotte Meré Unplaced Top 15
2007 Sophie Vouzelaud Unplaced 1st Runner-up
2008 Vicky Michaud Unplaced 3rd Runner-up
2009 Mathilde Muller Unplaced Top 15
2010 Florima Treiber Top 15 Top 15
2011 Laura Maurey Unplaced
2012 Marion Amelineau Unplaced
2014 Aurianne Sinacola Unplaced Best Body 3rd Runner-up
2015 Charlotte Pirroni Unplaced 2nd Runner-up


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