Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe

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Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe
Motto Beauty and Charisma
Formation 1963
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Port of Spain
Miss Universe
Official language
Dean Ackin
Website Official website

Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe is a national Beauty pageant in Trinidad & Tobago


Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe is an organisation dedicated to selecting a national delegate to represent the country at the international Miss Universe pageant annually. While the organising committee seeks to do this in a fair and democratic manner, it also seeks other outcomes including but not limited to the upliftment of women through beauty and expression.


To seek a national candidate to represent our twin-island republic at the international, annual Miss Universe pageant; and in so doing create a forum for the upliftment of women through beauty, intellect and expression.


Color key
  •      Winner
  •      Runner-up
  •      Finalist or semifinalist

The winner of Miss Universe Trinidad and Tobago represents her country at the Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Trinidad & Tobago has two Miss Universes since the Miss Universe inception in 1952

Year Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe City represented Placement Special Awards
1963 Jean Stodart San Fernando Unplaced
1964 Julia Merlene Laurence Port of Spain Unplaced
1966 Kathleen Hares Port of Spain Unplaced
1971 Sally Karamath San Fernando Unplaced
1973 Camella King San Fernando Unplaced
1974 Stephanie Lee Pack Port of Spain Unplaced
1975 Christine Mary Jackson Saint Augustine Unplaced Miss Congeniality
1976 Margaret Elizabeth McFarlane Couva Unplaced Miss Congeniality
1977 Janelle Commissiong Port of Spain Miss Universe 1977 Miss Photogenic
1978 Sophia Titus Maraval Unplaced Miss Congeniality
1979 Marie Noelle Diaz Port of Spain Unplaced
1980 Althea Ingrid Rocke Port of Spain Unplaced
1981 Rohini Samaroo San Fernando Unplaced
1982 Suzanne Troboulay Port of Spain Unplaced
1983 Sandra William Saint Joseph Unplaced
1984 Gina Maria Tardieu Port of Spain Unplaced
1985 Brenda Joy Fahey Santa Cruz Unplaced
1986 Candace Jennings Port of Spain Unplaced
1987 Sheree Ann Denise Richards San Fernando Unplaced
1988 Cheryl Ann Gordon Port of Spain Unplaced
1989 Guenevere Helen Kelshall Port of Spain Unplaced
1990 Maryse De Gourville Port of Spain Unplaced
1991 Josie Ann Richards San Juan Unplaced
1993 Rachel Charles Speyside Unplaced
1994 Lorca Chelsea Gatcliffe Couva Unplaced
1995 Arlene Peterkin Port of Spain Top 10
1996 Michelle Khan Princes Town 3rd Runner-up
1997 Margot Rita Bourgeois Arouca 2nd Runner-up
1998 Wendy Fitzwilliam[1] Diego Martin Miss Universe 1998 Best National Costume
1999 Nicole Simone Dyer Diego Martin Unplaced Best National Costume
2000 Heidi Ann Rostant Port of Spain Unplaced
2001 Alexia Charlerie Saint Augustine Unplaced
2002 Nasma Mohammed Saint Augustine Unplaced
2003 Faye Alibocas Port of Spain Top 10
2004 Danielle Jones Port of Spain 4th Runner-Up
2005 Magdalene Walcott Port of Spain Top 15
2006 Kenisha Thom Saint Augustine Top 10 Best National Costume (Top 20)
2008 Anya Ayoung-Chee Port of Spain Unplaced
2010 La Toya Woods Couva Unplaced
2011 Gabrielle Walcott Port of Spain Unplaced Best National Costume (Top 10)
2012 Avionne Mark Champs Fleurs Unplaced
2013 Catherine Miller[2] Port of Spain Unplaced Best National Costume (First Runner-up)
2014 Jevon King[3] Diego Martin Unplaced

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