Modern equipment of the Turkish Land Forces

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Modern equipment of the Turkish Land Forces

Infantry weapons[edit]



Submachine Guns[edit]

Assault and Battle Rifles[edit]

Sniper Rifles[edit]

Anti-Material Rifles[edit]

Machine Guns[edit]

Rocket & Grenade Launchers[edit]

Grenades & Mines[edit]


Recoilless Guns[edit]

AT Rockets[edit]

Protective gear[edit]



Model Image Origin Type Variant Number Details
Altay [1]  Turkey Main Battle Tank 4 (prototypes)[31] Serial production to start in 2017 with the first batch consisting of 250 units and estimated to cost $2B. Three more similar batches are expected to be ordered.[32]
Leopard 2 Kampfpanzer Leopard 2A4, KPz 2.JPG  Germany
Main Battle Tank NG
354[1][16] Bought from the German Bundeswehr in 2005.[33] (
M60 Patton Sabra tank.jpg
M60 A3 (7527994088).jpg
 United States
Main Battle Tank M60T 'Sabra'
Obtained through conventional forces in Europe treaty 1991
Leopard 1 Brazilian Leopard 1 tank.jpg  West Germany
Main Battle Tank 1T 'Volkan'
In the late 1970s, after the review of the next generation Soviet T-72 and T-80 tank capabilities, Turkey was alarmed to learn that their M48 Patton's would no longer be able to destroy these new tanks in the numbers required to prevent a Soviet occupation of the country if the Cold War were ever to go hot. So Turkey began to search for a tank that could deliver greater lethality eventually settling on the German Leopard 1. Under an agreement signed in Bonn in November 1980, Turkey would obtain a first batch of 77 tanks by 1983. A further 150 were delivered by the end of 1991, and the last units were received by the end of 1994.[37] In 2002 Turkey reached an agreement with ASELSAN Corporation to upgrade the Leopard 1 tanks, prolonging their service life by another 20 years.[38] This modernization ended suddenly in 2009 as a result of the Financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent shortage of money in the Turkish coffers. Only 170 units were modernized.[35]
M48 Patton M48A5 Forsvarsmuseet 01.jpg  United States
Main Battle Tank A5T2 758[34] The M48 was by far the most fielded tank of the Turkish Armed Forces with 3,008 units active during the Cold War, with the runner-up being the M47 Patton of which Turkey fielded 1,347.[39] Today all units are in reserve and will be replaced by the Altay Tank.

Armored Vehicles[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Variant Number Details
FNSS ACV-15 ACV-300 Adnan.jpg
 Turkey IFV
ACV-15 is the first indigenous armored tracked vehicles of Turkey which were heavily influenced by the M113 APC design. Produced between 1992 and 1997 and again between 2001 and 2004, in total 2,945 units were built of which 2,438 would serve in the Turkish Army.[40] The ACV-15 came in 12 different variants: armored infantry use the IFV, AAPC, AFOV, MES-V, CP, MEV, ATV vehicles; artillery uses AMV-81 and AMV-120; the engineers use ARV and the AESV; and the final variant is used by air defense - the Atılgan.[41] The IFV (infantry fighting vehicle) has a 25mm cannon similar to that of the American M2 Bradley. The FNSS Corporation continued further development of their ACV frame resulting in the FNSS ACV-19[5] - a bigger and more capable version of the ACV-15. Two units were produced in 2000 for evaluated, but Turkey chose not to follow on with an order and none are operational with the army today.
M113 US M113 in Samarra Iraq.jpg  United States
Armored Personnel Carrier Total 3,162[16] 187 units bought from Germany's stock in 1993.[42] *[6]
Next Gen APC FNSS Pars = [7]
Otokar Arma = [8]
 Turkey Armored Personnel Carrier 0 A competition exists between Turkeys two largest arms producers in winning the contract to supply Turkey's next generation APC which is intended to replace all of the BTR-80 and M113s. The FNSS Defence Systems is offering the Pars[16] while the Otokar Corporation is offering the Arma.[16] The results of the competitions will be announced in 2016, however, Azerbaijan has already demonstrated interest in the Arma which may sway the final ruling in Otokar's favor.
Ejder Ejder.jpg  Turkey Armored Personnel Carrier
BTR-80 Ukrainian BTR-80 in Tendra, 2010.jpg  Russia Armored Personnel Carrier 535[16] Bought from Russian stockpile between 1993 and 1999.[43]
Kirpi 2012 Eurosatory BMC trucks.JPG  Turkey MRAP 420 (+48)[44] Impressed by the survivability of the American Cougar and MaxxPro MRAPs during the Iraq war, Turkey decided to create its own MRAP bus. Serial production began in 2010 by the BMC with all of the 468 vehicles supposed to be delivered by 2013, but the BMC failed badly delivering only 200 units by the deadline.[45] The following year it declared bankruptcy putting the Kirpi production into serious jeopardy and forcing the government seize the company to protect production while the company restructured.[46] As of May 2015 BMC exited bankruptcy and the production rate begun to increase. Today 620[47] units have been produced, 200 of which are in service with the Turkish Gendarmerie. Kirpi is Turkish for hedgehog.
Cobra Paradbaku98.jpg  Turkey MRAP 1,200[1] Turkey's first MRAP entered production in 1997, design to rectify its predecessors weakness - its mine resistance. Its suspension / wheel base is based on the American HMMWV which led some to mistakenly claim that Turkey actually uses the HMMWV as one of its utility vehicles.[48]
Akrep Mosul, Iraq.jpg  Turkey Armored Car 370[1] In 1994 Turkey's first indigenous armored car entered production;[49] it was light and nimble, capable of operating in the country as well as in the city, and had enough armor to protect against small arms. But it had one major weakness - landmine survivability - as was demonstrated during a war against the PKK. So the army suspended its procurement of Akreps in favor of Otokar Cobra, with all the follow on units produced going for export only. Since the mid 2000s Turkey has been selling off its Akreps as the stock of Cobras built.
LAV-150 Cadillac Gage V-150 do Exército português.jpg  United States Armored Scout Car 124 [1] Lacking a dedicated vehicle for its reconnaissance batallion's Turkey ordered 124 LAV-150 vehicles in 1992 from the Cadillac Corporation.[50]

Rockets & Artillery[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Variant Number Details
J-600T Yıldırım [9]  Turkey
SRBM with 100 missiles in stock.[1] They are launched from the German MAN 26.372[1] trucks.
MGM-140 ATACMS ATACMSMay2006.jpg  United States SRBM with 120 missiles in stock.[51][52]
T-300 Kasırga [10]  China
Multiple Rocket Launcher 80[1] Is the WS-1 variant of the Chinese Weishi Rockets family that Turkey purchased the license to produce in the 1997 after America refused to sell the license to produce the M270,[53] installing them on the German MAN 26.372[1] trucks. It has a maximum range of 100km.
TOROS [11]  Turkey
 FR Yugoslavia
Multiple Rocket Launcher 1 TOROS is a reverse engineered Yugoslavian M-87 Orkan with Turkish designed missiles which have a maximum range of 110km. A single unit was produced in 1997 and underwent evaluation, however no contract followed since then.[53]
M270 MLRS 05.jpg  United States Multiple Rocket Launcher 12[1] In 1992 Turkey purchased 12 units from US. Later during the mid 90s further 24 units were requested but under the condition that they and the rockets were to be produced in Turkey. US refused and no further acquisition followed.[53]
T-122 Sakarya [12]  Turkey
Multiple Rocket Launcher 130+[1] Development for the T-122 Sakarya began in 1995 with mass production commencing in 1997. It's a Turkish version of the Soviet BM-21 MRL with modern fire control and range that Turks doubled to 40km.[54] The German contribution was the MAN 26.372[1] truck on which the system rests.
RA-7040 [13]  Turkey Multiple Rocket Launcher 24[1] The RA-7040 was the first indigenously design MLR system development for which started in 1980. It can fire up to 40 70mm rockets which come in 4 different types: anti-personnel HE, anti-personnel flechette, ant-armor, and smoke. By 1983 24 units were delivered and field tests commenced, however, the results proved disappointing with the weapon system struggling to destroy anything beyond 7km - about the range of a heavy 120mm mortar.[55]Further acquisition was cancelled that same year, but the weapon saw service nevertheless in the 1990s during a war against the PKK. All units are in storage since 2005 after being replaced by T-122 Sakarya.
T-107 H12 Type 63 multiple rocket launcher.JPG  China
Multiple Rocket Launcher 100+[1] Is a license built copy of the Chinese Type 63 MRL.
M110 M110.jpg  United States 203mm SP gun M110A2 219[16]
M107 M107-Romach-beyt-hatotchan-2-1.jpg  United States 175mm SP gun 36[1]
T-155 Fırtına Firtina obus kzlsngr.JPG  Turkey
 South Korea
155mm SP howitzer 280[1] (+70) Turkey in partnership with South Korea was able to create an indigenous self-propelled howitzer, with production starting in 2001 and an order for 350 units.[56] They will eventually replace all M44T, M107, M108, M109.
M109 M109A4 155 mm SP Gun, CCFB Valcartier, Quebec, 5 Sep 2011 (26).JPG  United States 155mm SP howitzer  ?  ? Bought for evaluation.
M52 [14]  United States
155mm SP howitzer M52T 362[1] Originally obtained from the US during the 1950s, by the 1990s the system became woefully obsolete so in 1995 Turkey began a modernization program which saw the SPG get a new turret, digital command and fire control, German 155-mm / L39 gun which replaced the original 105-mm gun, and a new more powerful German diesel engine replacing the original fuel guzzling petrol engine.[57]
M44 [15]  United States
 West Germany
155mm SP howitzer M44T 164[1] The first artillery system to be modernized by Turkey, with the help of West Germany, starting in 1987 and ending in 1992. In total 222 units were modernized but by the mid 2000s Turkey placed these systems into reserve. As the numbers of the new T-155 Fırtına continued to grow the M44T were slowly removed from storage and scrapped.[58]
M108 ROCA M108 howitzer in Armor School Side View 20130302.jpg  United States
105mm SP howitzer M108T 26[16] Though modernized in the 80s, in 2014 all units were withdrawn from service into storage and will likely be scrapped as soon as the new batch of T-155 Fırtına is produced.[19]
FNSS ACV-15 [16]  Turkey 81mm SP mortar AMV-81 170[59]
M115 M115 203mm Howitzer Display in ORDC 20121013b.jpg  United States 203mm howitzer 162[1]
Panter Panterrr.JPG  Turkey
155mm howitzer 225[1](+175) Turkey has spent an extensive amount of money modernizing the American artillery pieces but by the late 1980s an assessment on modern warfare requirements concluded that Turkey no longer could compete with artillery of other countries on an equal footing. So in the mid 1990s, and with the help of Singapore Technologies Kinetics, Turkey developed a new 155mm howitzer - The Panther - which entered serial production in 2002.
M114 USArmy M114 howitzer.jpg  United States 155mm howitzer M114A2 535[1]
M101 M101-105mm-howitzer-camp-pendleton-20050326.jpg  United States 105mm howitzer M101A1 75[16]
M116 Two M116 75mm Howitzers in Chengkungling 20111009.jpg  United States 75mm howitzer  ?[1]


Model Image Origin Type Number Details
Atılgan PMADS [17]  Turkey
 United States
Short Range Air Defense 150[1]
Zıpkın PMADS [18]  Turkey
 United States
 United Kingdom
Short Range Air Defense 80[1]
FNSS ACV-30 [19]  Turkey SPAAG 1
M42A1 Duster M42-Duster-latrun-1.jpg  United States SPAAG 262[1][16]
Oerlikon 35 mm Nationalfeiertag 2007 DSC 2420 (1767720595).jpg   Switzerland Towed AA 120[1][16]
Bofors 40 mm QF 40mm Mk1 CFB Borden 1.jpg  Sweden Towed AA 803[1][16]
Rheinmetall 20 mm 20 mm anti-aircraft gun of the Bundeswehr.JPEG  Germany AA Gun 432[1][16]
Oerlikon 20 mm [20]   Switzerland AA Gun 439[16]
M45 Quadmount M45 Quadmount, Pegasus Bridge, Normandy, France.JPG  United States AA Gun 160[1]

Engineering Vehicles[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Number Details
M88A1 U.S. Soldiers with the 3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division man an M88A2 Hercules recovery vehicle during the battalion's Table VI live fire gunnery at Fort Hood 130924-A-WZ642-915.jpg  United States Armored recovery vehicle 33[1][16]
M48A5T5 Tamay [21]  United States
Armored recovery vehicle 105[1][16]
AZMİM [22]  Turkey /
 United States
Armored bulldozer A Turkish license built copy of the American M9 ACE.[60]
Leguan Panzerschnellbrücke Leguan.jpg  Germany Armoured vehicle-launched bridge 36[1][16] Bought from the German Bundeswehr in 2008.[61]
SYHK [23]  Turkey
Amphibious bridging vehicle x[62]
  • Bozena 5

Utility Vehicles[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Number Details
Engerek [24]  Turkey 550 [1]
Wrangler 2008 Wrangler JK Unlimited Sahara.jpg  United States 5,700[1]
Defender Land Rover Defender front 20070518.jpg  United Kingdom 9,800[1]
M151 AMG M151 A2 (1978) GB (owner Gavin Broad).JPG  United States x[63]
Willys MB Covered Willy's jeep Wings Over Wine Country 2007.JPG  United States x[64][65]

Cargo Vehicles[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Number Details
Mercedes Actros Actros 3344 Ejército.JPG  Germany Truck Tractor x[1]
Mercedes NG [25]  West Germany Truck Tractor
PLS Palletized load system.jpg  United States Very Heavy Truck
(16,500 kg)
HEMTT HEMTT M977A4 Cargo with A-kit cab.jpg  United States Very Heavy Truck
(12,000 kg)
BMC 380-26 [26]  Turkey Heavy Truck
(10,000 kg)
BMC 235-16 [27]  Turkey Heavy Truck
(5,000 kg)
M939 US Marine Corps 030224-M-XT622-034 USMC M923 (6X6) 5-ton cargo truck heads a convoy departing Camp Matilda, Kuwait crop.jpg  United States Heavy Truck
(5,000 kg)
M54 REFORGER 1991, M54 Truck unloading.jpg  United States Heavy Truck
(5,000 kg)
BMC 185-09 [28]  Turkey Medium Truck
(2,500 kg)
Unimog Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5000.jpg  Germany Medium Truck
(2,500 kg)


Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles[edit]


Fixed Wing Aircraft[edit]

Future procurements[edit]

Name Type Quantity Notes
National Infantry Rifle Project Battle and assault rifle 600,000[72] MKEK and Kalekalıp won the project, first 200 batch delivered to the Land Forces. All G3 and HK33 rifles will be replaced with MPT in next 10 years.[73] Rifle will have 7.62mm[74] and 5.56 NATO variants.[75] MKEK MPT-76 National Rifle delivered to Turkish Land Forces in May 2014.[7][76]
Modern National Machine Gun Project General-purpose machine gun TBD MKEK and Kalekalıp won the project.[77] First batch will be delivered in 2015.[78] Machine gun will use 7.62mm.[79]
Utility Helicopter Programme Utility helicopter 109~300[80] A version of AgustaWestland AW149 named TUHP149, and the Turkish T-70 version of the S-70i Black Hawk, were candidates for the programme which worth $4 billion.[80] On 21 April 2011 the Turkish defence minister announced that the Sikorsky T-70 Black Hawk had been declared the winner.[81]
Indigenous Helicopter Project Utility helicopter TBD Under Development by TAI.[82][83]
Heavy Lift Helicopter Programme Transport helicopter 11[84] CH-47F's ordered. 5 to Land Forces Command, 1 to Special Forces Command,[84] expected to be produced by 2015.[85]
T-LORAMIDS Air Defence Programme Long range air defence system 12 systems on order[86] FD-2000 Selected over competing U.S., Russian, and European systems.[87][88] Cancelled in favor of a domestically produced initiative.[89]

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