Short Trips: Time Signature

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Short Trips: Time Signature
Short Trips - Time Signature.jpg
Author Simon Guerrier
Series Doctor Who book:
Big Finish Short Trips
Release number
Publisher Big Finish Productions
Publication date
October 2006
ISBN 1-84435-235-8
Preceded by Short Trips: The Centenarian
Followed by Short Trips: Dalek Empire

Short Trips: Time Signature is a Big Finish original anthology edited by Simon Guerrier and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The collection is themed loosely around music, time and consequences.


Title Author Doctor Featuring
An Overture Too Early[1] Simon Guerrier 3rd Sarah and The Brigadier
The Ruins of Time Philip Purser-Hallard 1st Susan, Ian and Barbara
Gone Fishing Ben Aaronovitch 6th William
The Avant Guardian Eddie Robson 2nd Jamie and Zoe
Second Contact Jonathan Clements 8th
Resonance Ben Woodhams 5th
Walkin' City Blues Joff Brown 6th William
The Hunting of the Slook Marc Platt 7th
The Earwig Archipelago Matthew Sweet 6th William
DS Al Fine Simon Guerrier 8th
Certificate of Destruction Andrew Cartmel 6th William


  1. ^ Originally published in Short Trips: The Muses

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