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Maps of the West Bengal (India) and Bangladesh, showing North Bengal in green and the South Bengal in red.

South Bengal (Bengali: দক্ষিণ বঙ্গ/ দক্ষিণ বাংলা) is a term used for the southern parts of Bengal including Southern Bangladesh and Southern West Bengal.

The Bangladesh part denotes the Khulna Division, Barisal Division and proposed Faridpur Division. Bay of Bengal is located at the end of southern part of Bangladesh.[1][2]

In Bangladesh[edit]

Barisal Division Khulna Division Faridpur Division (Proposed)

In West Bengal(India)[edit]

Burdwan division Presidency division Medinipur division Malda division

Cities and towns[edit]

Major cities and towns in the South Bengal are (in alphabetical order):

In sport[edit]

The South Zone cricket team in Bangladesh is a first-class cricket team that represents southern Bangladesh (Khulna and Barisal) in the Bangladesh Cricket League.

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