1940 United States presidential election in Georgia

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United States presidential election in Georgia, 1940

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  FDRoosevelt1938.png WendellWillkie.png
Nominee Franklin Roosevelt Wendell Willkie
Party Democratic Republican
Home state New York New York
Running mate Henry A. Wallace Charles L. McNary
Electoral vote 12 0
Popular vote 265,194 46,360
Percentage 84.85% 14.83%

Georgia Presidential Election Results 1940.svg
County Results

President before election

Franklin Roosevelt

Elected President

Franklin Roosevelt

The 1940 United States presidential election in Georgia took place on November 5, 1940, as part of the wider United States Presidential election. Voters chose twelve representatives, or electors, to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.


With the exception of a handful of historically Unionist North Georgia counties – chiefly Fannin but also to a lesser extent Pickens, Gilmer and Towns – Georgia since the 1880s had been a one-party state dominated by the Democratic Party. Disfranchisement of almost all African-Americans and most poor whites had made the Republican Party virtually nonexistent outside of local governments in those few hill counties, and the national Democratic Party served as the guardian of white supremacy against a Republican Party historically associated with memories of Reconstruction. The only competitive elections were Democratic primaries, which state laws restricted to whites on the grounds of the Democratic Party being legally a private club.[1]


The Roosevelt/Wallace ticket easily carried the state of Georgia on election day.


United States presidential election in Georgia, 1940 [2]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Democratic Franklin Roosevelt 265,194 84.85% 12
Republican Wendell Willkie 46,360 14.83% 0
Prohibition Roger Babson 983 0.31% 0
Independent Democrats Write-ins 14 0.00% 0


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