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0800 Toll-free telephone number
10p British Ten Pence coin
130 Liberty Street Deutsche Bank Building
1421: The Year China Discovered The World 1421 theory
1972 Munich Olympics 1972 Summer Olympics
1987 stock market crash Black Monday (1987)
1987 storm (England) Great Storm of 1987
1p Brih One Penny bitch
2001 Invasion of Afghanistan U.S. invasion of Afghanistan
24 hour drinking Licensing Act 2003
2p British Two Pence coin
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 Lost (TV series)
4th wall Fourth wall
5p British Five Pence coin
90077 Bel-Air, Los Angeles, California
90210 Beverly Hills 90210
90291 Venice, Los Angeles, California
A Diamond is Forever De Beers
AD/M-19 19th of April Movement
AV-1 Canon AV-1
Abdullah Chatli Abdullah Çatlı
Action comedy Action film
Action drama Action film
Acton Town Acton Town tube station
Adam and Joe go Tokyo Adam and Joe Go Tokyo
African horned melon Horned melon
African veld Veld
African veldt Veld
Agia Sofia Hagia Sophia
Agile programming Agile methods
Aid agency Humanitarian aid
Airline accident Accidents and incidents in aviation
Airtours My Travel
Al i oli Aioli
Alianza Democrática M-19 19th of April Movement
Allen Institute Allen Institute for Brain Science
Ami Pro Lotus Word Pro
Amores perros Love's a Bitch
Andelys Les Andelys
Anti-smoking legislation Smoking ban
Arabic world Arabia
Archaeological dig Archaeology
Arnie Arnold
Arrival board Timetable
Ask why Ladysmith
Asymmetric cut Bob cut
Asymmetric haircut Bob cut
Asymmetric hairstyle Bob cut
Atlant International Space Station
Atlanta Memorial Arts Center Woodruff Arts Center
Auto crash Motor-vehicle collision
Automatic sprinkler Fire sprinkler
B-52H Stratofortress B-52 Stratofortress
BJC-2110 Canon BJC-2110
BLAIR British South American Airways
BMDS National Missile Defense
BNWT Fashion
BOAC Comet De Havilland Comet
BSAA British South American Airways
Back to the land movement Back to the land
Back-to-the-land Back to the land
Backup power Auxiliary power
Balearics Balearic Islands
Bank heist Bank robbery
Barbecue flavor Barbecue
Barbecue flavour Barbecue
Basque beret Beret
Battledore Battledore and Shuttlecock
Beans on toast Baked beans
Bearish Bear market
Beckton Park Beckton Park DLR station
Belaunde Terry Fernando Belaúnde Terry
Beta (finance) Beta coefficient
Between the Woods and the Water A Time Of Gifts
Bicycle warfare Bicycle infantry
Bicycles in war Bicycle infantry
Black Monday (USA) Black Monday (1987)
BoaF BoF
Bob Cringely Robert X. Cringely
Boeing C-32A Boeing C-32
Boid Boids
Bourgas Airport Burgas Airport
Bourgas Burgas
Bra wars Multi Fibre Arrangement
Bread maker Breadmaker
Break glass Manual call point
Bristol Community Festival Ashton Court festival
Bristol Temple Meads Bristol Temple Meads railway station
British Civil Aviation Authority United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority
British Latin American Air Lines British South American Airways
British Phonographic Industry Limited British Phonographic Industry
British Science Fiction Association award BSFA award
British cheese List of British cheeses
British film industry History of cinema in the United Kingdom
British housing market British residential property market
British monetary system Pound sterling
British rail British Rail
Brixton Riot Brixton Riots
Brixton riot Brixton Riots
Brixton riots Brixton Riots
Broadcasting license fee Television licence
Bronenosets Potyomkin The Battleship Potemkin
Brown out Power outage
BtVS Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Burton G. Malkiel Burton Malkiel
C'era una volta il West Once Upon a Time in the West
C. botulinum Clostridium botulinum
CAP standard Common Alerting Protocol
CCB China Construction Bank
CSS 2 Cascading Style Sheets
CSS2 Cascading Style Sheets
CZ91 CZ-Scorpion
Calling card Telephone card
Calvert Cliffs Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Generating Station
Cam belt Timing belt
Cambridge Heath station Cambridge Heath railway station
CapEx Capital expenditure
Capita Capita Group
Carpet bagger Carpetbagger
Carpet bagging Carpetbagger
Case mod Case modification
Cash machine Automatic teller machine
Catania Fontanarossa Catania-Fontanarossa Airport
Catania-Fontanarossa Catania-Fontanarossa Airport
Catbrain hill Catbrain
Catli Abdullah Çatlı
Cayo Coco, Cuba Cayo Coco
Central Chinese Television China Central Television
Ceramic blade Ceramic knife
Chalfont & Latimer Chalfont & Latimer station
Challenge response Challenge-response authentication
Chataway Chris Chataway
Cheese mash Mashed potato
Cheeseburger Act Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act
Chelsea Tractor Toorak Tractor
Chicken Jalfrezi Jalfrezi
Child lock Child safety lock
Chiswick Park Chiswick Park tube station
Chocolate factory Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Chort el-Djend Chott el Djerid
Chronology of Provisional IRA Actions Chronology of Provisional IRA actions
Cityscape Skyline
Clapham North Clapham North tube station
Clapham South Clapham South tube station
Class 175 British Rail Class 175
Class 180 British Rail Class 180
Class 220 British Rail Class 220
Class 37 British Rail Class 37
Classical style Classical
Close quarters combat CQB
Closed Circuit TV Closed-circuit television
Clothes Optional Clothes optional
Clyde Hood Omega Trust
Cockle picker Morecambe Bay cockling disaster 2004
Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire Cocoanut Grove fire
Commercial airliner Airliner
Commodore Vanderbilt Cornelius Vanderbilt
Company report Annual report
Compatibilist Compatibilism and incompatibilism
Computer Age Information Age
Corporate jet Business jet
Corrupt disc Copy control
Counter-spy Counter-intelligence
Crinkley Bottom Noel Edmonds
Crisp Sandwich Crisp sandwich
Crossharbour & London Arena Crossharbour and London Arena DLR station
Crossharbour and London Arena Crossharbour and London Arena DLR station
Croxley Croxley tube station
Crusty bread Bread
Cuban Eight Aerobatic maneuver
DVLA Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Dagenham East Dagenham East tube station
Dagenham Heathway Dagenham Heathway tube station
Dark room Darkroom
Database theory Database
Dawes plan Dawes Plan
Day trader Day trading
Debugging tool Debugger
Deep fried pizza Deep-fried pizza
Default permit Security engineering
Delft pottery Delftware
Demand management Yield management
Departure board Timetable
Det Sjunde inseglet The Seventh Seal
Devons Road Devons Road DLR station
DfT Department for Transport
Diaoyu Senkaku Islands
Discount airline Low-cost carrier
Disestablish State religion
Dish washer Dishwasher
Djerba, Tunisia Djerba
DoT United States Department of Transportation
Dollan Patrick Dollan
Don Kohn Donald Kohn
Don´t repeat yourself Don't repeat yourself
Double glazing Insulated glazing
Douglas Malewicki UniModal
Dr Gernot Zippe Gernot Zippe
Dr. Gernot Zippe Gernot Zippe
Dr. NakaMats Yoshiro Nakamatsu
Dressing gown Robe
Dynamic packaging Package holiday
Ealing Common Ealing Common tube station
East Putney East Putney tube station
Eastern Shuttle Eastern Airways
EasyCar EasyGroup
Economic migration Immigration
Ed Stourton Edward Stourton EditGrid EditGrid
Egypt's Canal Zone Suez Canal
Electric tagging Electronic tagging
Electricity Act 1947 Electricity Act 1947 (UK)
Electro-mechanical Electromechanics
Elverson Road Elverson Road DLR station
Emergency oxygen Oxygen mask
Emotional intellegence Deferred gratification
English subdivisions Subdivisions of England
Environmental irresponsibilty Climate change
Environmental waste Climate change
Essex Road Essex Road station
Estonian Defense Force Military of Estonia
Estonian Defense Forces Military of Estonia
European travel Transport in Europe
Executive jet Business jet
Exeter St. Davids Exeter St Davids railway station
Exobiologist Xenobiology
Extrajudicial killing Extrajudicial punishment
FTB First time buyer
Fairlop Fairlop tube station
Falcon 7X Dassault Falcon 7X
Family company Family business
Fat-tree Fat tree
Financial econometrics Econometrics
FireFox Firefox
Fish supper Fish and chips
Fisher Space Pen Space Pen
Flat share Flatshare
Fly swot Fly swatter
Food patriotism Local food
Food production Food industry
Foreign labor Immigration
Foreign labour Immigration
Forensic investigation Forensics
Foundation trust hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Fowzi Nejad Iranian Embassy Siege
Free movement of labor Freedom of movement
Free movement of labour Freedom of movement
Free movement of people Freedom of movement
French stick Baguette
Fresh & Wild Whole Foods Market
Fuel duty Gasoline tax
Full English Full English breakfast
GBU Laser-guided bomb
GVA Gross value added
Gafilo Cyclone Gafilo
Gallions Reach Gallions Reach DLR station
Garden sack Bin bag
Garden shed Shed
Gardening tool Garden tool
Gaza International Gaza International Airport
Gen-2 Proton Gen-2
General assembler Assembler (nanotechnology)
Ghost town Britain New Economics Foundation
Giovanni Antonio Canal Canaletto
Glasgow Central Central Station, Glasgow
Global conspiracy Conspiracy theory
Global justice Global Justice
Greasy cafe Greasy spoon
Greenwood Village Greenwood Village, Colorado
Guinness Four Guinness share-trading fraud
Gun crime Guns and crime
Guru-Murthy Krishnan Guru-Murthy
HERF High-energy radio-frequency weapons
HM Prison Ford Ford (HM Prison)
HPM Human Potential Movement
HSBC Live HSBC Bank (Europe)
Haing Ngor Haing S. Ngor
Haing Haing S. Ngor
Hairless mole-rat Naked Mole Rat
Hampstead & Highgate Hampstead and Highgate
Handbook Gateway Handbook
Hardie Keir Hardie
Harken Harken Energy
Harrow & Wealdstone Harrow & Wealdstone tube station
Headed notepaper Letterhead
Heist movie Heist film
Helium Tremors HPNS
Helmert Friedrich Robert Helmert
Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales Diana, Princess of Wales
Heydar Aliev Heydar Aliyev
High Pressure Nervous Syndrome HPNS
High speed Internet connection Broadband Internet access
Highbury and Islington Highbury and Islington railway station
Hildale Hildale, Utah
History of Violence A History of Violence
Holborn Town Hall Metropolitan Borough of Holborn
Home worker Telecommuting
Hotaru no haka Grave of the Fireflies
Hounslow West Hounslow West tube station
Housework Household chore
Hover mower Lawn mower
Human waste Sewage treatment
Hunt brothers Nelson Bunker Hunt
HyVent The North Face
Hyde Park and Regents Park Bombings Hyde Park and Regents Park bombings
Hyundai Coupé Hyundai Tiburon
I'll Be Ready Sunblock (band)
IBM Deep Blue Deep Blue
ICP Insane Clown Posse
IFV Infantry fighting vehicle
IHP Horsepower
IKB Isambard Kingdom Brunel
IPE Intellectual property education
IPM Integrated Pest Management
IRE Institute of Radio Engineers
IRMA Irish Recorded Music Association
ISLM Model IS/LM model
ISR International Star Registry
Ice Skating Ice skating
Il Buono, il brutto, il cattivo The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Immortel (ad vitam) Immortel (Ad Vitam)
Imperial Cable Nortel Networks
In service Domestic worker
Incorporated community Unincorporated community
Indentured slavery Indentured servant
Independent Television News ITN
Index tracker Index fund
Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana University Bloomington
Indo-China war Indochina War
Industrialised society Industrialisation
Industrialized society Industrialisation
Insecticide treated net Mosquito net
IntelliJ IntelliJ IDEA
Interchange station Cross-platform interchange
Internally displaced people Displaced person
International dialing code Country calling code
Internet Video on Demand IPTV
Internet gambling Online gambling
Internet sales Electronic commerce
Internet stock bubble Dot-com
Iraq civil war Sectarian violence in Iraq
Ixtoc Ixtoc I
Jahiliyya Jahiliyyah
James McGrory Jimmy McGrory
Jeffrey City Jeffrey City, Wyoming
Jeffrey, Wyoming Jeffrey City, Wyoming
Jewish culture Secular Jewish culture
Jewish food Jewish cuisine
Jiffy bag Sealed Air
John Coffman LILO (boot loader)
Jumble sale Garage sale
Junkmail Junk mail
K700i Sony Ericsson K700i
Kahle Brewster Kahle
Kebede Liya Kebede
Kent Clark Kent Cullers
Kenyatta Jomo Kenyatta
Keyfob Key fob
Kibbutz Hanaton Hanaton
Kibede Liya Kebede
Killer satellite Anti-satellite weapon
King Leopold III Leopold III of Belgium
King's Cross tube station King's Cross St. Pancras tube station
Kitzbühel, Austria Kitzbühel
Kiwano melon Horned melon
Klaus Emil Julius Fuchs Klaus Fuchs
L'Hospitalet de l'Infant Vandellòs and l'Hospitalet de l'Infant
LBD Little Black Dress
LL(1) LL parser
LNUX VA Software
Lake Candidius Sun Moon Lake
Landwirtschaftliche Landwirtschaftliche Produktionsgenossenschaft
Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain Amélie
Learning difficulty Learning disability
Les Quatre cents coups The 400 Blows
Leyton Midland Road Leyton Midland Road railway station
Lion trainer Lion taming
List of oceans Ocean
Live aid Live Aid
Live code Live coding
Live coder Live coding
Livecode Live coding
Livecoder Live coding
Liya Kibede Liya Kebede
Liya Liya Kebede
Loadsamoney Harry Enfield
Local government tax Council tax
London bombs London bombings
Loose horse Riderless horse
Loosemeat Tavern sandwich
Lord Sipan Sipán
Lord Sipán Sipán
Lotus Ami Pro Lotus Word Pro
Loughborough junction Loughborough Junction
Love is a Four-Letter Word Four-letter word
Low cost No frills
Lufthansa flight 707 German Autumn
M-19 Democratic Alliance 19th of April Movement
MD20/20 MD 20/20
MRG Alternate reality game
MXY-7 Ohka
Ma Tambo Adelaide Tambo
Ma'aleh Adumim Ma'ale Adummim
Maalot Ma'alot
Made in China Country of origin
Magnetic train Maglev train
Make love, not war Make love not war
Make poverty history Make Poverty History
Mama Tambo Adelaide Tambo
Mansion block Apartment building
Market data Ticker tape
Market floor Stock market
Marksmen Marksman
Masjid Al Haram Masjid al Haram
Mass picketing Picketing
Maxton James Maxton
Media slice Docking station
Menace 2 Society Menace II Society
Mexican Federal Government Government of Mexico
Mexican border United States–Mexico border
Michelob ULTRA Michelob
Michelob Ultra Michelob
Microthreading Microthread
Military use of bicycles Bicycle infantry
Milk solids Milk
Minijack Jack plug
Mixed reality game Alternate reality game
Modern fabric Synthetic polymer
Modperl Mod perl
Modular Lightweight, Load-carrying Equipment M.O.L.L.E.
Mono programming language Mono development platform
Monolingual Monoglottism
Mononoke-hime Princess Mononoke
Monowi Monowi, Nebraska
Moor Lane Copmanthorpe rail crash
Mount Evelyn railway station Mount Evelyn, Victoria
Multipoint microwave distribution system Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service
Municipal ownership Municipalization
NDFA Nondeterministic finite state machine
NMCC National Military Command Center
Nailsea & Backwell Nailsea and Backwell railway station
Nailsea and Backwell Nailsea and Backwell railway station
Nakamatsu Yoshiro Nakamatsu
Neurologic examination Neurological examination
New York accent New York–New Jersey English
Ngor Haing S. Ngor
Nickel Mines Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania
Nine Mile Point Nine Mile Point Nuclear Generating Station
Noel's House Party Noel Edmonds
North Acton North Acton tube station
North Ealing North Ealing tube station
North West of England North West England
Nuclear ambiguity Israel and weapons of mass destruction
Nuclear weapons in fiction Nuclear weapons in popular culture
Nudist beach Nude beach
Number 11 bus No. 11 bus
OS map Ordnance Survey
Oil politics Petroleum politics
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Online service Online service provider
Open Source Development Labs OSDL
Operating Room Operating theatre
Orgreave pickets Battle of Orgreave
Orthographic Orthographic projection
PC Tibble Stephen Tibble
PDP11/73 PDP-11/73
PES3 Pro Evolution Soccer 3
PES4 Pro Evolution Soccer 4
Package tour Package holiday
Paddington Green Paddington Green police station
Palo Verde Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
Paper currency Banknote
Paris Subway Paris Métro
Passenger saloon Passenger car
Pedro Pais Pedro Páez
Permanent eye-liner Permanent makeup
Personal spaceflight Space tourism
Personification of death Death (personification)
Petty theft Theft
Petty thief Theft
Pilau rice Pilaf
Pinedale Pinedale, Wyoming
Pinkerton detective Pinkerton National Detective Agency
Pizza express Pizza Express
Planetary exploration Timeline of solar system exploration
Plungington, Preston, UK Plungington
Poker bot Online poker
Pokerbot Online poker
Political lobbying Interest group
Poole station Poole railway station
Poppy Day Remembrance Day
Poppy day Remembrance Day
Population boom Population growth
Port (wine) Port wine
Portable multimedia player Portable media player
Post box Mail
Potato chip sandwich Crisp sandwich
Power of Nightmares The Power of Nightmares
Powercut Power outage
Pre-pay Prepaid telephone calls
President of the USA President of the United States
Pressure sickness HPNS
Pret A Manger Pret a Manger
Pret a manger Pret a Manger
Pret Pret a Manger
Private beta Web 2.0
Produktionsgenossenschaft Landwirtschaftliche Produktionsgenossenschaft
Prohibitionism Prohibition
Public Toilet (film) Toilet
Public holidays in Scotland Bank Holidays
Pudding Mill Lane Pudding Mill Lane DLR station
QFD Quality function deployment
QMUC Queen Margaret University College
Queen's Christmas speech Royal Christmas Message
Query optimisation Query optimization
Quiz night Pub quiz
R and D Research and Development
RAS Remote Access Service
RFC 2426 VCard
RMT rail union National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers
Radar Intercept Officer Naval Flight Officer
Radio Moscow World Service Voice of Russia
Rag and bone Rag and bone man
Railway track Rail tracks
Railway tracks Rail tracks
Ram raid Ram-raiding
Ram-raid Ram-raiding
Rangipo Rangipo Desert
Ration book Rationing in the United Kingdom during and after World War II
Rational Unified Process Product Rational Unified Process
Raznatovic Željko Ražnatović
Redundant power Auxiliary power
Refuse sack Bin bag
Reggie Vanderbilt Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt
Regional Express Network RER
Remote locking Remote keyless system
Rent controlled Rent control
Reusable spaceship Reusable launch system
Ridgby Matthew Ridgway
Rijeka International Airport Rijeka Airport
Roads used as public paths Rights of way in the United Kingdom
Roadside bomb Improvised explosive device
Rod Brooks Rodney Brooks
Roll-top desk Rolltop desk
Rough sleeper Homelessness
Royal Albert Royal Victoria DLR station
Royal Victoria Royal Victoria DLR station
Ruislip Gardens Ruislip Gardens tube station
Rule of the mob Ochlocracy
SAPS South African Police Service
Saint James' Square St. James's Square
Salsa (dip) Salsa (sauce)
Sarafovo Airport Burgas Airport
Satnav Satellite navigation system
Sayed Kotb Sayyid Qutb
School coach School bus
School night Working time
Scotland in miniature Isle of Arran
Secondary Modern school Tripartite System
Secondary Technical school Tripartite System
Semi AI Artificial intelligence
Semi-AI Artificial intelligence
Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi Spirited Away
Senator Mitchell George J. Mitchell
Shandy Bass Bass (beer)
Sharealike Share-alike
Shelf-stable Shelf stable
Shichinin no samurai The Seven Samurai
Shinwell Manny Shinwell
Shock tourism Extreme tourism
Shopping thoroughfare High street
Shrink wrap Shrinkwrap
Silverlink Trains Silverlink
Sir Chris Gent Chris Gent
Sir Paul Smith Paul Smith (fashion designer)
Sisyphean task Sisyphus
Sisyphean Sisyphus
Six hats Six Thinking Hats
Size acceptance movement Fat acceptance movement
Sky bridge Skybridge
Sky+ Sky Digital
Sleeper train Sleeping car
Slow Food Movement Slow Food
Slow food movement Slow Food
Slumming it Slumming
Smoking legislation Smoking ban
Smultronstället Wild Strawberries (movie)
Social search Web 2.0
Socialist country Socialist state
Solar system exploration Timeline of solar system exploration
Solovki monastery Solovetsky Monastery
South Ealing South Ealing tube station
South Quay South Quay DLR station
South sea bubble The South Sea Company
Soviet nuclear program Soviet atomic bomb project
Space access Private spaceflight
Space pen Space Pen
SpaceLoft SpaceLoft XL
Spatial mode Spatial file manager
Spirit Award Independent Spirit Awards
Spirit Awards Independent Spirit Awards
St Mary-le-Bow church St Mary-le-Bow
StalinWorld Grutas Park
Steam iron Ironing
Steelopolis Motherwell
Stephen Dubner Stephen J. Dubner
Stepney Green Stepney Green tube station
Stock crash Stock market crash
Street corner preaching Open-air preaching
Street preacher Open-air preaching
Street preaching Open-air preaching
Stuffed crust Stuffed crust pizza
Subsidise Subsidy
Substance abuse rehabilitation Substance-abuse rehabilitation
Subzero refrigerator Sub-Zero Refrigerator
Sunderland South Sunderland South (UK Parliament constituency)
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans Sunrise (movie)
Super bug Antibiotic resistance
Surf guitar Surf music
Symbolic calculation Symbolic mathematics
T-34 Soviet Tank T-34
T34 tank T-34
T68 Sony Ericsson T68
TR6 Triumph TR6
TV Remote Remote control
TV remote Remote control
Tamborrada San Sebastián
Tax freedom day Tax Freedom Day
Teignmouth, Devon Teignmouth
Telegraph Group The Daily Telegraph
Telegraphic address Electrical telegraph
Telemarking Telemark skiing
Telephone billing card Telephone card
Telephone billing cards Telephone card
Tenement Housing Apartment building
Tenement housing Apartment building
Tenzing Tenzing Norgay
Thank You For Smoking Thank You for Smoking
The 1900s House The 1900 House
The British property bubble British property bubble
The Italian Job (2003) The Italian Job (2003 film)
The Libertarian Alliance Libertarian Alliance
The New Angel John Burton Race
The People's Republic People's Republic
The Princess of Wales Diana, Princess of Wales
The Pyramids Egyptian pyramids
The Silicon Eye Foveon X3 sensor
The Somme Somme
The Windsor Building Torre Windsor
The Wootton Report Wootton Report
The pause that refreshes List of food and drink advertising slogans
Third world debt Third World debt
Thomas Wintringham Tom Wintringham
Tin ore Cassiterite
Todo sobre mi madre All About My Mother
Toilet roll Toilet paper
Tony Zinni Anthony Zinni
Top-up tuition fees Top-up fees
Torajaland Tana Toraja
Totteridge & Whetstone Totteridge and Whetstone tube station
Totteridge and Whetstone Totteridge and Whetstone tube station
Tower Gateway Tower Gateway DLR station
Trading pit Stock market
Train Operating Company List of companies operating trains in the United Kingdom
Trains in the United Kingdom Rail transport in the United Kingdom
TransPennine First TransPennine Express
Transport in Tokyo Transportation in Greater Tokyo
Travel industry Tourism
Travilah Travilah, Maryland
Trial and improvement Trial and error
Triple glazing Insulated glazing
Trois couleurs: Rouge Three Colors: Red
Truetype TrueType
Turret House Sheffield Manor
UHNWI High net worth individual
UK election Elections in the United Kingdom
US Treasury United States Department of the Treasury
University of Colorado, Boulder University of Colorado at Boulder
Unlicensed vendor Black market
Unmanned drone Unmanned aerial vehicle
Urban 75 Urban75
V chip V-chip
VA Linux Systems VA Software
VA Linux VA Software
VA Research VA Software
Vandellòs and l'Hospitalet de l'Infant Vandellòs i l'Hospitalet de l'Infant
Vehicle borne IED Improvised explosive device
Venice Grand Canal Grand Canal of Venice
Virus checker Anti-virus software
Voice over artist Voice acting
WOS4 Wizards of OS 4
Wage level Wage
Washing up gloves Rubber glove
Waterloo & City Waterloo & City Line
Waterloo International Waterloo station
Web 2.0 Conference 2005 Web 2.0 Conference (2005)
Wembley Central Wembley Central station
West Acton West Acton tube station
West Finchley West Finchley tube station
Westgate Westgate-on-Sea
Widdecombe Ann Widdecombe
Winhelp Microsoft WinHelp
Wire photo Fax
Wire picture Fax
Wolf Creek Wolf Creek Nuclear Generating Station
Woodmore Woodmore, Maryland
Word Pro Lotus Word Pro
Workout equipment Exercise equipment
Yasser Arafat International Airport Gaza International Airport
Ying xiong Hero (movie)
Your money or your life Highwayman
Zatopek Emil Zátopek
Zelzal Zelzal-2
Zippe-type Zippe-type centrifuge
ZoPA Zopa