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Original author(s)W3C
Developer(s)W3C, Apple Inc., Mozilla, Microsoft, Google, Open-source community
Initial releaseUnreleased
PlatformWeb platform
Available inEnglish

WebGPU is the working name for a future web standard and JavaScript API for accelerated graphics and compute, aiming to provide "modern 3D graphics and computation capabilities". It is developed in the W3C GPU for the Web Community Group with engineers from Apple, Mozilla, Microsoft, Google, and others.[1]

Unlike WebGL, WebGPU is not a direct port of any existing native API. It is based on concepts in Vulkan, Metal, and Direct3D 12 and is intended to provide high performance on these modern graphics APIs across mobile and desktop platforms.[2]


On February 7, 2017, Apple's WebKit team proposed the creation of the W3C community group and announced a technical proof of concept and proposal under the name "WebGPU", based on concepts in Apple's Metal.[3][4][5] The WebGPU name was later adopted by the community group as a working name for the future standard rather than just Apple's initial proposal.[2]

The W3C "GPU for the Web" Community Group was launched on February 16, 2017. At this time, all of Apple, Google, and Mozilla had experiments in the area, but only Apple proposal was official.[6][7] On March 21, 2017, Mozilla also published a WebGPU proposal.[8]

On June 1, 2018, citing "resolution on most-high level issues" in the cross-browser standardization effort, Google's Chrome team announced intent to implement the future WebGPU standard.[2]

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