Juston Seyfert

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Juston Seyfert
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Sentinel #1 (April 2003)
In-story information
Team affiliations Avengers Academy
Abilities Gifted mechanic and programmer

Juston Seyfert is a fictional character appearing in comic books from Marvel Comics.

Publication history[edit]

Juston Seyfert first appeared in Sentinel #1 (April 2003).

Juston appeared as a supporting character in Avengers Academy beginning with issue #20 (Dec 2011), making several appearances throughout the series.

Juston appeared in Avengers Arena, a new series by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker.[1]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Juston Seyfert is an ordinary human teenager tormented by the seniors at Antigo High School in Wisconsin. He lives with his younger brother Chris and his father Peter (who operates a junkyard to which their house is adjacent). Their mother Jen walked out years ago. Being poor, Juston must find his own fun, and spends the days playing in the salvage yard or constructing robots from spare parts. One day, he finds a micro-processor which he then places into a Battle-Bot that he and his friends use. During the battle however, the robot disappears into the junkyard. Unbeknownst to Juston, the processor was actually the remains of a giant robot programmed to exterminate mutants: a Sentinel (namely the MK VI model). During this time, Juston has also met a senior girl at his school named Jesse, who he immediately falls for. A few days after the event, Juston discovers the battle bot and the half re-built Sentinel in his junkyard. Initially frightened by the discovery, he begins to assist rebuilding and reprogramming the Sentinel. The two form something of a bond. The good news does not last however, as Juston soon discovers the Sentinel's original purpose while searching online and coming across an article featuring the X-Men. Additionally, some bullies that had plagued Juston earlier in the series strike back, hurting one of his friends and turning his crush against him with lies that he had told the school body the pair had "hooked-up". Hurt and humiliated after the bullies reveal themselves, Juston returns to the Sentinel, contemplating using it for revenge. The next day, Jesse tries to find Juston to talk with him, and while talking to his two friends, the Sentinel arrives and begins to attack the school, targeting the two bullies specifically. Before they can be hurt, Juston smashes a hot-wired jeep into the Sentinel causing it to fall and retreat. It is later revealed that Juston staged the entire attack to earn positive standing at school and in the community, but he begins to feel guilt for the physical and psychological repercussions of his actions. He decides the best course is to use his Sentinel for good. Juston soon discovers it is not as easy as it looks, as he and his Sentinel are almost caught trying to save the survivors from a plane crash. The CSA, investigating the Sentinel attack on the school, arrive on the scene and begin attacking the Sentinel in an effort to reclaim it. The Sentinel fights back, despite Juston's orders, which puts their relationship in further strain. Unaware that the Sentinel was secretly repairing its prime directive, the robot begins to hunt mutants once again leading to a final confrontation with the head CSA Agent, who figured out what Juston was up to. The agent is killed and although Juston is free of suspicion, his Sentinel is damaged and confiscated. After going to free it, Juston decides to run away and use the Sentinel's DNA Detection skills to look for his long-lost mother.[volume & issue needed]

In the 2005 sequel to the first volume, Juston is still looking for his mother. His friends and family, not knowing where he went, begin to worry and his father does his best to try to find him. Meanwhile, Juston stumbles upon data indicating that his Sentinel was in fact used by a previous owner. One who used him for far less noble deeds then he had. It is revealed that a Wisconsin politician named Senator Jeff Knudsen and a military official named Colonel Archibald Hunt had worked together to take out Senator Knudsen's rival using the Sentinel. In Washington D.C., Senator Knudsen and Colonel Hunt discover their Sentinel is out and could incriminate the both of them, leaving them with one option: Destroy it before it can. To do this, they use a new, experimental "stealth" Sentinel Mark VII-A. Juston's search for his mother leads him to an estranged aunt named Ginny Baker, who allows him in only with the hope that she be repaid with money that Juston received from all his media appearances following his "heroics" at the school from the previous volume. When he tells her he does not have any and is only trying to find his mother, Ginny reveals that she left him and his family because she did not love them. Juston rushes out the door while Ginny calls the local news, leading his father right to her as well. The Stealth Sentinel catches up to Juston and his Sentinel and engages them. It is defeated, but not before doing serious damage. The Sentinel, acting on its directive to protect Juston, takes the opportunity to not only repair itself, but to also build a cockpit so Juston can operate it from inside. Juston makes his way back to Antigo, but is ambushed by the Stealth Sentinel who removes his Sentinel's hand. Juston's Sentinel and the Stealth Sentinel do battle while Juston tries to protect his family and friends in the process. His Sentinel loses one of its arms, but manages to gain the upper hand and destroy the Stealth Sentinel. He fends off Senator Knudsen and Colonel Hunt swearing that if the pair comes after him or his Sentinel again, he will reveal their secret. Juston reunites with his father in a heartfelt reunion where he learns the truth about his mother and then returns to school to meet Jesse and the rest of his friends again. On the final page, it is revealed he still has the Sentinel which now wields one of the Stealth Sentinel's arms and he hopes that he can do some real good now.[volume & issue needed]

Following Fear Itself, Juston and his Sentinel appear as students at the revamped Avengers Academy.[2][3] The Sentinel now features a cockpit to carry Juston around in during battle. The Sentinel has since been revealed possessing the advanced self-repair abilities of the latter generation Sentinels, thus negating every shred of damage dealt during its past adventures. Juston still prefers to help the Sentinel though keeping its repairs more aesthetically pleasing. Despite Juston hopes to be a hero along with his Sentinel, he was unable to fully eradicate the "Destroy all mutants" protocol from its A.I. Instead as a workaround solution, he implanted a long string of directives each one with a higher priority than the original program such as "Protecting Juston and his friends", "Defend humanity", and "Preserve itself unless that doesn't contradict the previous directives".[4]

During the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, Emma Frost (possessing a fraction of the Phoenix Force) arrives to destroy Juston's Sentinel, seeing it as a threat to mutantkind. When Juston claimed that he loved it, the entire Academy rose to defend the Sentinel. During the battle, the Sentinel demonstrated the ability to override its prime directive to self-preservation, sacrificing itself to save Juston. Emma then melted down its processor, unaware that Quicksilver had swiftly swapped it with a duplicate. He and Giant-Man were then able to rebuild the Sentinel.[5]

As part of the Marvel NOW! event within the issues of Avengers Arena, Juston Seyfert is among the young heroes who are abducted by Arcade and forced to fight for their lives in Murderworld.[6] Others in the group include Cammi, Darkhawk, Hazmat, Mettle, Nico Minoru, Reptil, Chase Stein, X-23, Apex (Tim/Katy), Nara, Kid Briton, Red Raven, Deathlocket, Cullen Bloodstone, and Anachronism. He is attacked and the Sentinel he is working on folds around him, apparently crushing him.[7] Juston Seyfert is later revealed to have survived, but is now paralyzed below the waist due to the injuries sustained when the Sentinel crashed. Distraught at the loss of his best friend, Juston salvages the remains of the Sentinel and creates a suit of battle armor, which he uses to attack Deathlocket. After the Runaways members Nico Minoru and Chase Stein become involved in the battle, Chase Stein transforms into the new Darkhawk and attacks Juston.[8] The battle was aborted by Tim's technopathic powers and the group's vote for Tim/Katy's life or death. Juston was among those who voted for death. When Tim reverts to Katy, Juston is murdered by Apex who breaks his neck and then steals his Sentinel.[9] When Deathlocket stumbles into an underground facility, Juston Seyfert's body is among the dead bodies that are seen in one of the rooms.[10]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Juston Seyfert has no powers, but is a gifted mechanic and programmer. Prior to finding the robot, Juston and his brother were capable of building small "battlebot" robots out of scrap parts.

Juston's Sentinel MK VI has been retooled after it was repaired from various scrap metal parts.[volume & issue needed] Following a battle with an experimental Mark VII-A Stealth Sentinel, the Sentinel upgraded itself to include a cockpit where Juston can safely pilot it.[volume & issue needed] After the final battle with the Mark VII-A, Juston used parts from the fallen Stealth Sentinel to repair and upgrade his robot.[volume & issue needed]


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