Akelo's Village

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Akelo's Village
Akelo's Village is located in Kenya
Akelo's Village
Akelo's Village
Location of Akelo's Village
Coordinates: 0°38′S 34°35′E / 0.63°S 34.58°E / -0.63; 34.58Coordinates: 0°38′S 34°35′E / 0.63°S 34.58°E / -0.63; 34.58
Country Kenya
County Homa Bay County
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
Climate Am

Akelo's Village is a settlement in Kenya's Homa Bay County.


The predominant language in Nyanza is Dholuo, a Nilotic language whose origins are from Southern Sudan, spoken by the Luo.

Other languages include Gusii, Luhya, Kuria, Suba and the national languages English and Swahili. Other languages from the many Kenyan communities are also spoken in small pockets by migrants from these communities.


Before the Kenyan general election in 2013, Akelo's Village voted as part of the Nyanza Province.