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Burning Log is a television program which airs traditionally on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning on the Shaw TV community channels in Canada.

The program is a film loop of a wood fire burning in a fireplace. It airs free of charge, without commercial interruption.


Burning Log was shot in 1999 by a Shaw Cable staffer named John. It was conceived as a means by which Shaw employees could stay home with their families, instead of working over the holidays.[1]

The original film was shot by John at his home near Victoria, British Columbia.

The video became famous when university students in Victoria staged a mock protest after Shaw took it off the air in 2000. The program was both a critical and ratings success,[citation needed] and by popular demand, it has been rebroadcast ever since.

The program is a Canadian counterpart to the older (unrelated) WPIX Yule Log.

Ownership controversy[edit]

Craig McAllister of North Vancouver has claimed that it was he that shot the video, not John.[2]


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