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Administrative divisions
of Vietnam
  • Province
  • Municipality
    (Thành phố trực thuộc trung ương)
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Map of Centrally governed cities in Vietnam

Municipalities (Vietnamese: Thành phố trực thuộc Trung ương; literally cities centrally directed) are the highest-ranked cities in Vietnam.[1] They are centrally-controlled cities as province level.

  1. Municipalities
  2. Provincial cities
  3. Town

Three levels of cities in Vietnam:


The municipalities are divided into urban districts and rural districts or district-level towns. In turns, urban districts are divided into wards, and rural districts are divided into communes and commune-level towns (thị trấn).

Current Vietnamese municipalities[edit]

Municipalities of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Municipality Type Region Population
(2009 Census)
Ha Noi Special-class Red River Delta 7,067,000 1,943.4 3,344.7 List
Ho Chi Minh City Special-class Southeast 7,891,411 3,419 2,095 List
Can Tho 1st-class Mekong Delta 1,237,300 807 1,389.6 List
Da Nang 1st-class South Central Coast 1,007,000 599 1,256 List
Hai Phong 1st-class Red River Delta 1,946,000 1,250.1 1,507.57 List

Proposed municipalities[edit]

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