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National Vanguard was a magazine published by the National Vanguard Books, Inc., a non-profit corporation linked to the National Alliance.[1][2] The publication's first editor was William Luther Pierce the founder of the National Alliance. The magazine covers issues from a White Nationalist perspective.


Previously, National Vanguard was a tabloid newspaper first published in 1969. The name "National Vanguard" was started in October 1970, when William Pierce split from Matt Koehl. They had been running a publishing firm together called Midgard Books. Pierce renamed his new firm as National Vanguard Books, Inc. and Koehl renamed his NS Books. So, National Vanguard became the name for Pierce's book publishing and resale business in 1970. In 1978, the name of the newspaper "Attack!" was changed to "National Vanguard". In 1982 this newspaper went to a magazine format. In 2002, the magazine went to an all-color format.


National Vanguard replaced an earlier newspaper called Attack! which was published by the National Youth Alliance in 1978. Attack! was the newspaper for the National Youth Alliance from 1969 to 1974. In 1974 the group underwent a name change, back to the group name that William Pierce had been using, which was the National Alliance.


The last publisher was Erich Gliebe.


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