Guyanese community in India

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Guyanese community in India
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Kolkata · Chennai
English (Guyanese Creole· Caribbean Hindustani · Other Indian languages
Hinduism · Islam
Related ethnic groups

The Guyanese community in India consists of immigrants from Guyana to India, mostly Indo-Guyanese returnees, and their locally born descendants.

Migration History[edit]

Ever since India gained its independence, many laborers of Indian origin in British Guiana and other Caribbean colonies like Trinidad and Jamaica wanted to be returned to India with their visions tinted with the ideal of being part of a new Indian republic, even those who had lived in the Caribbean for over 60 years and had grandchildren.[1] Only the government in British Guiana acquiesced and chartered a ship to bring the returnees back to India.

On September 4, 1955, about 243 passengers boarded the M.V. Resurgent and left Georgetown for Calcutta. Since their arrival in India, many felt that it was a mistake to return as India has changed drastically since they left and many could not afford the journey back to the colonies. Those who could however went back to British Guiana or moved to other British colonies such as Mauritius, Malta and other British Caribbean territories.[2]

The Indo-Guyanese who remained in India settled in villages and in cities like Chennai and Kolkata.[3] In addition, many Guyanese Hindus returned to India due to the spiritual importance of the Ganges River at the later stages of their lives.

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