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Holiday Rapid Okutama
Holiday Rapid Akigawa
Special Rapid Okutama & Akigawa.jpg
E233-0 series EMU on a Holiday Rapid Okutama & Akigawa service, July 2011
Service typeSpecial Rapid
StatusIn service
LocaleTokyo, Japan
First serviceJuly 1971
Current operator(s)East Japan Railway Company (JR East)
Former operator(s)Japanese National Railways
StartShinjuku / Tokyo
EndOkutama / Musashi-Itsukaichi
Line(s) usedChūō Main Line, Ōme Line, Itsukaichi Line
On-board services
Class(es)Standard class only
Seating arrangementsLongitudinal
Catering facilitiesNone
Other facilitiesNo toilets
Rolling stockE233-0 series EMUs
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification1,500 V DC overhead
Operating speedMaximum 110 km/h (68 mph)

The Holiday Rapid Okutama (ホリデー快速おくたま) is a Holiday Rapid service train operated by East Japan Railway Company from Shinjuku / Tokyo (Eastbound only) to Okutama on the Chūō Main Line (Chūō Line (Rapid) and the Ōme Line.

Additionally, this article will also mention the related Holiday Rapid Akigawa (ホリデー快速あきがわ) train from Shinjuku / Tokyo (Eastbound only) to Musashi-Itsukaichi on the Chūō Main Line (Chūō Line (Rapid), the Ōme Line, and the Itsukaichi Line.

Service pattern[edit]

From October 1990, the service is included in the variety of Holiday Rapids, and starts operation during the holidays as a temporary service, denoted as the Holiday Rapid Okutama・Akigawa (ホリデー快速おくたま・あきがわ) . Afterwards, from 1st December 2001 onwards, the service is upgraded to a regular service, operating on the weekends and holidays.

On weekends and holidays, 3 trains would operate each day. From Shinjuku to Haijima, the Okutama and the Akigawa would be coupled and run together.

  • Westbound trains depart Shinjuku, and decouple at Haijima. The Okutama would continue on the Ōme Line to Okutama, and the Akigawa would head on to the Itsukaichi Line to Musashi-Itsukaichi.
  • Eastbound trains depart Okutama (Okutama) and Musashi-Itsukaichi (Akigawa) separately, and couple at Haijima, then head towards Tokyo.

Stations served[edit]

Holiday Rapid Okutama

(TokyoKandaOchanomizuYotsuya ← ) Shinjuku - Nakano - Mitaka - Kokubunji - Tachikawa - Nishi-Tachikawa - Haijima - Fussa - Ōme - Mitake - Okutama

  • Stations listed in brackets are only served by eastbound services only.
  • Additionally, the service would stop at extra stops where events are held.

Holiday Rapid Akigawa

(Tokyo ← (Coupled with the Okutama) ← ) Shinjuku - (Coupled with the Okutama) - Haijima - Kumagawa - Higashi-Akiru - Akigawa - Musashi-Hikida - Musashi-Masuko - Musashi-Itsukaichi

  • The service stops at all stations within the Itsukaichi Line (Haijima - Musashi-Itsukaichi).
  • From Tokyo / Shinjuku - Haijima, the service is coupled with the Okutama, hence the stations served are the same.


The timetable will only list departure time (unless noted) at major stations, namely Tokyo, Shinjuku, Mitaka, Tachikawa, Haijima, Ōme, Okutama and Musashi-Itsukaichi.

Station ↓ Westbound ↓ ↑ Eastbound ↑
Okutama Akigawa Okutama Akigawa
No. 1 No. 3 No. 5 No. 1 No. 3 No. 5 No. 2 No. 4 No. 6 No. 2 No. 4 No. 6
Tokyo / 17:11 18:03 18:36 (Coupled with the Okutama)
Shinjuku 06:46 07:44 08:19 (Coupled with the Okutama) 16:58 17:50 18:22
Mitaka 06:59 07:58 08:33 16:44 17:35 18:09
Tachikawa 07:15 08:11 08:47 16:32 17:22 17:56
Haijima 07:31 08:27 09:04 07:29 08:25 09:01 16:19 17:13 17:46 16:16 Arrival 17:11 Arrival 17:44 Arrival
Ōme 07:49 08:44 09:20 / 15:55 16:52 17:25 /
Okutama 08:21 09:17 09:54 15:27 16:18 16:54
Musashi-Itsukaichi / 07:55 08:48 09:21 / 15:55 16:48 17:21

Rolling stock[edit]

JR East 201 series EMU for the Holiday Rapid Okutama at Hamura Station


  • E233-0 series 6+4 car EMUs
    • Decoupling / coupling operations takes place at Haijima Station. East of Haijima, 10-car trains would be operated; West of Haijima, 6-car trains would operate for the Okutama, and 4-car trains would operate for the Akigawa.


Future development[edit]

With green cars entering service on the Chūō Line, Ōme Line in 2020, it has not been announced if the Okutama and Akigawa services would be changed or cancelled as a result of this.


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