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Articles related to cryptography include:


3-D Secure 3-subset meet-in-the-middle attack 3-Way 40-bit encryption 56-bit encryption 5-UCO


A5/1 A5/2 ABA digital signature guidelines ABC (stream cipher) Abraham Sinkov Acoustic cryptanalysis Adaptive chosen-ciphertext attack Adaptive chosen plaintext and chosen ciphertext attack Advantage (cryptography) ADFGVX cipher Adi Shamir Advanced Access Content System Advanced Encryption Standard Advanced Encryption Standard process Adversary AEAD block cipher modes of operation Affine cipher Agnes Meyer Driscoll AKA (security) Akelarre (cipher) Alan Turing Alastair Denniston Al Bhed language Alex Biryukov Alfred Menezes Algebraic Eraser Algorithmically random sequence Alice and Bob All-or-nothing transform Alphabetum Kaldeorum Alternating step generator American Cryptogram Association AN/CYZ-10 Anonymous publication Anonymous remailer Antoni Palluth Anubis (cipher) Argon2 ARIA (cipher) Arlington Hall Arne Beurling Arnold Cipher Array controller based encryption Arthur Scherbius Arvid Gerhard Damm Asiacrypt Atbash Attack model Auguste Kerckhoffs Authenticated encryption Authentication Authorization certificate Autokey cipher Avalanche effect


B-Dienst Babington Plot Baby-step giant-step Bacon's cipher Banburismus Bart Preneel BaseKing BassOmatic BATON BB84 Beale ciphers BEAR and LION ciphers Beaufort cipher Beaumanor Hall Bent function Berlekamp–Massey algorithm Bernstein v. United States BestCrypt Biclique attack BID/60 BID 770 Bifid cipher Bill Weisband Binary Goppa code Biometric word list Birthday attack Bit-flipping attack BitTorrent protocol encryption Biuro Szyfrów Black Chamber Blaise de Vigenère Bletchley Park Blind credential Blinding (cryptography) Blind signature Block cipher Block cipher mode of operation Block size (cryptography) Blowfish (cipher) Blum Blum Shub Blum–Goldwasser cryptosystem Bomba (cryptography) Bombe Book cipher Books on cryptography Boomerang attack Boris Hagelin Bouncy Castle (cryptography) Broadcast encryption Bruce Schneier Brute-force attack Brute Force: Cracking the Data Encryption Standard Burrows–Abadi–Needham logic Burt Kaliski


C2Net C-36 (cipher machine) C-52 (cipher machine) Caesar cipher Camellia (cipher) CAPICOM Capstone (cryptography) Cardan grille Card catalog (cryptology) Carlisle Adams CAST-128 CAST-256 Cayley–Purser algorithm CBC-MAC CCM mode CCMP CD-57 CDMF Cellular Message Encryption Algorithm Centiban Central Security Service Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research Central Bureau Certicom Certificate authority Certificate-based encryption Certificateless cryptography Certificate revocation list Certificate signing request Certification path validation algorithm Chaffing and winnowing Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol Challenge–response authentication Chosen-ciphertext attack Chosen-plaintext attack CIKS-1 Cipher disk Cipher runes Cipher security summary CipherSaber Ciphertext expansion Ciphertext indistinguishability Ciphertext-only attack Ciphertext stealing CIPHERUNICORN-A CIPHERUNICORN-E Classical cipher Claude Shannon Claw-free permutation Cleartext CLEFIA Clifford Cocks Clipper chip Clock (cryptography) Clock drift CMVP COCONUT98 Codebook Code (cryptography) Code talker Codress message Cold boot attack Collision attack Collision resistance Colossus computer Combined Cipher Machine Commitment scheme Common Scrambling Algorithm Communications security Communications Security Establishment Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems Comparison of disk encryption software Comparison of SSH clients Completeness (cryptography) Complexity trap Computational Diffie–Hellman assumption Computational hardness assumption Computer insecurity Computer and network surveillance COMSEC equipment Conch (SSH) Concrete security Conel Hugh O'Donel Alexander Confidentiality Confusion and diffusion Content-scrambling system Controlled Cryptographic Item Corkscrew (program) Correlation immunity COSIC Covert channel Cover (telecommunications) Crab (cipher) Cramer–Shoup cryptosystem CRAM-MD5 CRHF Crib (cryptanalysis) CrossCrypt Crowds Crypt (C) Cryptanalysis Cryptanalysis of the Enigma Cryptanalysis of the Lorenz cipher Cryptanalytic computer Cryptex Cryptico Crypto AG Crypto-anarchism Crypto API (Linux) Microsoft CryptoAPI CryptoBuddy Cryptochannel CRYPTO (conference) Cryptogram Cryptographically Generated Address Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator Cryptographically strong Cryptographic Application Programming Interface Cryptographic hash function Cryptographic key types Cryptographic Message Syntax Cryptographic primitive Cryptographic protocol Cryptographic Service Provider Cryptographie indéchiffrable Cryptography Cryptography in Japan Cryptography newsgroups Cryptography standards Crypto: How the Code Rebels Beat the Government—Saving Privacy in the Digital Age Cryptologia Cryptology ePrint Archive Cryptology Research Society of India Cryptomathic Cryptome Cryptomeria cipher Cryptonomicon CrypTool Crypto phone Crypto-society Cryptosystem Cryptovirology CRYPTREC CS-Cipher Curve25519 Custom hardware attack Cycles per byte Cyclometer Cypherpunk Cyrillic Projector


D'Agapeyeff cipher Daniel J. Bernstein Data Authentication Algorithm Data Encryption Standard Datagram Transport Layer Security David Chaum David Kahn David Naccache David Wagner David Wheeler (computer scientist) Davies attack Davies–Meyer hash DEAL Decipherment Decisional Diffie–Hellman assumption Decorrelation theory Decrypt DeCSS Defence Signals Directorate Degree of anonymity Delegated Path Discovery Delegated Path Validation Deniable encryption Derek Taunt Derived unique key per transaction DES Challenges DES supplementary material DES-X Deterministic encryption DFC (cipher) Dictionary attack Differential cryptanalysis Differential-linear attack Differential power analysis Diffie–Hellman key exchange Diffie–Hellman problem DigiCipher 2 Digital Fortress Digital rights management Digital signature Digital Signature Algorithm Digital signature forgery Digital timestamping Digital watermarking Dilly Knox Dining cryptographers problem Diplomatic bag Direct Anonymous Attestation Discrete logarithm Disk encryption Disk encryption hardware Disk encryption software Distance-bounding protocol Distinguishing attack DMA attack dm-crypt Dmitry Sklyarov DomainKeys Don Coppersmith Dorabella Cipher Double Ratchet Algorithm Doug Stinson Dragon (cipher) DRYAD Dual_EC_DRBG


E0 (cipher) E2 (cipher) E4M EAP-AKA EAP-SIM EAX mode ECC patents ECHELON ECRYPT Edouard Fleissner von Wostrowitz Edward Hebern Edward Scheidt Edward Travis EFF DES cracker Efficient Probabilistic Public-Key Encryption Scheme EKMS Electronic Communications Act 2000 Electronic money Electronic signature Electronic voting ElGamal encryption ElGamal signature scheme Eli Biham Elizebeth Friedman Elliptic-curve cryptography Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman Elliptic Curve DSA Elliptic curve only hash Elonka Dunin Encrypted function Encrypted key exchange Encrypting File System Encryption Encryption software Enigmail Enigma machine Enigma rotor details Entrust Ernst Fetterlein eSTREAM Étienne Bazeries Eurocrypt EuroCrypt Export of cryptography Extensible Authentication Protocol


Fast Software Encryption Fast syndrome-based hash FEA-M FEAL Feige–Fiat–Shamir identification scheme Feistel cipher Félix Delastelle Fialka Filesystem-level encryption FileVault Fill device Financial cryptography FIPS 140 FIPS 140-2 Firefly (key exchange protocol) FISH (cipher) Fish (cryptography) Floradora Fluhrer, Mantin and Shamir attack Format-preserving encryption Fortezza Fort George G. Meade Fortuna (PRNG) Four-square cipher Franciszek Pokorny Frank A. Stevenson Frank Rowlett Freenet FreeOTFE FreeS/WAN Frequency analysis Friedrich Kasiski Fritz-chip FROG FROSTBURG FTP over SSH Full disk encryption Full Domain Hash F. W. Winterbotham


Galois/Counter Mode Gardening (cryptanalysis) GCHQ Bude GCHQ CSO Morwenstow GDES Generic Security Services Application Program Interface George Blakley George Scovell GGH encryption scheme GGH signature scheme Gilbert Vernam GMR (cryptography) GNU Privacy Guard GnuTLS Goldwasser–Micali cryptosystem Gordon Welchman GOST (block cipher) GOST (hash function) Government Communications Headquarters Government Communications Security Bureau Grain (cipher) Grand Cru (cipher) Great Cipher Grill (cryptology) Grille (cryptography) Group-based cryptography Group signature Grover's algorithm Gustave Bertrand Gwido Langer


H.235 HAIFA construction HAIPE Hans Dobbertin Hans-Thilo Schmidt Hard-core predicate Hardware random number generator Hardware security module Harold Keen Harry Hinsley Harvest (computer) HAS-160 Hash-based cryptography Hashcash Hash chain Hash function security summary Hash list Hasty Pudding cipher HAVAL HC-256 HC-9 Heath Robinson (codebreaking machine) Hebern rotor machine Henri Braquenié Henryk Zygalski Herbert Yardley Hidden Field Equations Hideki Imai Hierocrypt High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection Higher-order differential cryptanalysis Hill cipher History of cryptography HMAC HMAC-based One-time Password algorithm (HOTP) • Horst Feistel Howard Heys Https Hugo Hadwiger Hugo Koch Hushmail Hut 6 Hut 8 HX-63 Hybrid cryptosystem Hyperelliptic curve cryptography Hyper-encryption


Ian Goldberg IBM 4758 ICE (cipher) ID-based cryptography IDEA NXT Identification friend or foe IEEE 802.11i IEEE P1363 I. J. Good Illegal prime Impossible differential cryptanalysis Index of coincidence Indifferent chosen-ciphertext attack Indistinguishability obfuscation Indocrypt Information leakage Information Security Group Information-theoretic security Initialization vector Integer factorization Integral cryptanalysis Integrated Encryption Scheme Integrated Windows Authentication Interlock protocol Intermediate certificate authorities International Association for Cryptologic Research International Data Encryption Algorithm Internet Key Exchange Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol Interpolation attack Invisible ink IPsec Iraqi block cipher ISAAC (cipher) ISO 19092-2 ISO/IEC 9797 Ivan Damgård


Jacques Stern JADE (cypher machine) James Gillogly James H. Ellis James Massey Jan Graliński Jan Kowalewski Japanese naval codes Java Cryptography Architecture Jefferson disk Jennifer Seberry Jerzy Różycki Joan Daemen Johannes Trithemius John Herivel John Kelsey (cryptanalyst) John R. F. Jeffreys John Tiltman Jon Lech Johansen Josef Pieprzyk Joseph Desch Joseph Finnegan (cryptographer) Joseph Mauborgne Joseph Rochefort Journal of Cryptology Junger v. Daley


Kaisa Nyberg Kalyna (cipher) Kasiski examination KASUMI KCDSA KeePass Kerberos (protocol) Kerckhoffs's principle Kevin McCurley (cryptographer) Key-agreement protocol Key authentication Key clustering Key (cryptography) Key derivation function Key distribution center Key escrow Key exchange Keyfile Key generation Key generator Key management Key-recovery attack Key schedule Key server (cryptographic) Key signature (cryptography) Keysigning Key signing party Key size Key space (cryptography) Keystream Key stretching Key whitening KG-84 KHAZAD Khufu and Khafre Kiss (cryptanalysis) KL-43 KL-51 KL-7 Kleptography KN-Cipher Knapsack problem Known-key distinguishing attack Known-plaintext attack KnownSafe KOI-18 KOV-14 Kryha Kryptos KSD-64 Kupyna Kuznyechik KW-26 KW-37 KY-3 KY-57 KY-58 KY-68 KYK-13


Lacida Ladder-DES Lamport signature Lars Knudsen Lattice-based cryptography Laurance Safford Lawrie Brown LCS35 Leo Marks Leonard Adleman Leon Battista Alberti Leo Rosen Leslie Yoxall LEVIATHAN (cipher) LEX (cipher) Libelle (cipher) Linear cryptanalysis Linear-feedback shift register Link encryption List of ciphertexts List of cryptographers List of cryptographic file systems List of cryptographic key types List of cryptology conferences List of telecommunications encryption terms List of people associated with Bletchley Park List of SFTP clients List of SFTP server software LOKI LOKI97 Lorenz cipher Louis W. Tordella Lsh Lucifer (cipher) Lyra2


M6 (cipher) M8 (cipher) M-209 M-325 M-94 MacGuffin (cipher) Madryga MAGENTA Magic (cryptography) Maksymilian Ciężki Malcolm J. Williamson Malleability (cryptography) Man-in-the-middle attack Marian Rejewski MARS (cryptography) Martin Hellman MaruTukku Massey–Omura cryptosystem Matt Blaze Matt Robshaw Max Newman McEliece cryptosystem mcrypt MD2 (cryptography) MD4 MD5 MD5CRK MDC-2 MDS matrix Mean shortest distance Meet-in-the-middle attack Mental poker Mercury (cipher machine) Mercy (cipher) Meredith Gardner Merkle signature scheme Merkle–Damgård construction Merkle–Hellman knapsack cryptosystem Merkle's Puzzles Merkle tree MESH (cipher) Message authentication Message authentication code Message forgery MI8 Michael Luby MICKEY Microdot Military Cryptanalysis (book) (William F. Friedman) Military Cryptanalytics Mimic function Mirror writing MISTY1 Mitsuru Matsui MMB (cipher) Mod n cryptanalysis MQV MS-CHAP MUGI MULTI-S01 MultiSwap Multivariate cryptography


National Communications Centre National Cryptologic Museum National Security Agency National Cipher Challenge Navajo I Neal Koblitz Needham–Schroeder protocol Negligible function NEMA (machine) NESSIE Network Security Services Neural cryptography New Data Seal NewDES N-Hash Nicolas Courtois Niederreiter cryptosystem Niels Ferguson Nigel de Grey Nihilist cipher Nikita Borisov Nimbus (cipher) NIST hash function competition Nonlinear-feedback shift register NOEKEON Non-malleable codes Noreen Nothing up my sleeve number NSA cryptography NSA encryption systems NSA in fiction NSAKEY NSA Suite A Cryptography NSA Suite B Cryptography NT LAN Manager NTLMSSP NTRUEncrypt NTRUSign Null cipher Numbers station NUSH NTRU


Oblivious transfer OCB mode Oded Goldreich Off-the-Record Messaging Okamoto–Uchiyama cryptosystem OMI cryptograph OMNI (SCIP) One-key MAC One-time pad One-time password One-way compression function One-way function Onion routing Online Certificate Status Protocol OP-20-G OpenPGP card OpenSSH OpenSSL Openswan OpenVPN Operation Ruthless Optimal asymmetric encryption padding Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR) • OTFE Otway–Rees protocol


Padding (cryptography) Padding oracle attack Paillier cryptosystem Pairing-based cryptography Panama (cryptography) Partitioning cryptanalysis Passive attack Passphrase Password Password-authenticated key agreement Password cracking Password Hashing Competition Paul Kocher Paulo Pancatuccio Paulo S. L. M. Barreto Paul van Oorschot PBKDF2 PC Bruno Pepper (cryptography) Perfect forward secrecy Perforated sheets Permutation cipher Peter Gutmann (computer scientist) Peter Junger Peter Twinn PGP Corporation PGPDisk PGPfone Phelix Phil Zimmermann Photuris (protocol) Physical security Physical unclonable function Pig Latin Pigpen cipher Pike (cipher) Piling-up lemma Pinwheel (cryptography) Piotr Smoleński Pirate decryption PKC (conference) PKCS PKCS 11 PKCS 12 PKIX Plaintext Plaintext-aware encryption Playfair cipher Plugboard PMAC (cryptography) Poem code Pohlig–Hellman algorithm Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol Pointcheval–Stern signature algorithm Poly1305 Polyalphabetic cipher Polybius square Portex Post-quantum cryptography Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Power analysis Preimage attack Pre-shared key Pretty Good Privacy Printer steganography Privacy-enhanced Electronic Mail Private Communications Technology Private information retrieval Probabilistic encryption Product cipher Proof-of-work system Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol Provable security Provably secure cryptographic hash function Proxy re-encryption Pseudo-Hadamard transform Pseudonymity Pseudorandom function Pseudorandom number generator Pseudorandom permutation Public key certificate Public-key cryptography Public key fingerprint Public key infrastructure PURPLE PuTTY Py (cipher)


Q (cipher) Qrpff QUAD (cipher) Quadratic sieve Quantum coin flipping Quantum cryptography Quantum digital signature Quantum fingerprinting Quantum key distribution


Rabbit (cipher) Rabin cryptosystem Rabin–Williams encryption RadioGatún Rail fence cipher Rainbow table Ralph Merkle Rambutan (cryptography) Random function Randomness tests Random number generator attack Random oracle RC2 RC4 RC5 RC6 Rebound attack Reciprocal cipher Red/black concept REDOC Red Pike (cipher) Reflector (cipher machine) Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 Reihenschieber Rekeying (cryptography) Related-key attack Replay attack Reservehandverfahren Residual block termination Rijndael key schedule Rijndael S-box Ring signature RIPEMD Rip van Winkle cipher Robert Morris (cryptographer) • Robot certificate authority Rockex Rolf Noskwith Ron Rivest Room 40 Root certificate Ross J. Anderson Rossignols ROT13 Rotor machine RSA RSA| RSA-100 RSA-1024 RSA-110 RSA-120 RSA-129 RSA-130 RSA-140 RSA-150 RSA-1536 RSA-155 RSA-160 RSA-170 RSA-180 RSA-190 RSA-200 RSA-2048 RSA-210 RSA-220 RSA-230 RSA-232 RSA-240 RSA-250 RSA-260 RSA-270 RSA-280 RSA-290 RSA-300 RSA-309 RSA-310 RSA-320 RSA-330 RSA-340 RSA-350 RSA-360 RSA-370 RSA-380 RSA-390 RSA-400 RSA-410 RSA-420 RSA-430 RSA-440 RSA-450 RSA-460 RSA-470 RSA-480 RSA-490 RSA-500 RSA-576 RSA-617 RSA-640 RSA-704 RSA-768 RSA-896 RSA-PSS RSA Factoring Challenge RSA problem RSA Secret-Key Challenge RSA Security Rubber-hose cryptanalysis Running key cipher Russian copulation


S-1 block cipher SAFER Salsa20 Salt (cryptography) SAM card Security Support Provider Interface SAML SAVILLE SC2000 Schnorr group Schnorr signature Schoof–Elkies–Atkin algorithm SCIP Scott Vanstone Scrambler Scramdisk Scream (cipher) Scrypt Scytale Seahorse (software) SEAL (cipher) Sean Murphy (cryptographer) SECG Secret broadcast Secret decoder ring Secrets and Lies (Schneier) Secret sharing Sectéra Secure Module Secure access module Secure channel Secure Communication based on Quantum Cryptography Secure copy Secure cryptoprocessor Secure Electronic Transaction Secure Hash Algorithms Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure key issuing cryptography Secure multi-party computation Secure Neighbor Discovery Secure Real-time Transport Protocol Secure remote password protocol Secure Shell Secure telephone Secure Terminal Equipment Secure voice SecurID Security association Security engineering Security level Security parameter Security protocol notation Security through obscurity Security token SEED Selected Areas in Cryptography Self-certifying File System Self-shrinking generator Self-signed certificate Semantic security Serge Vaudenay Serpent (cipher) Session key SHACAL Shafi Goldwasser SHA-1 SHA-2 SHA-3 Shared secret SHARK Shaun Wylie Shor's algorithm Shrinking generator Shugborough inscription Side-channel attack Siemens and Halske T52 SIGABA SIGCUM SIGINT Signal Protocol Signal Intelligence Service Signcryption SIGSALY SILC (protocol) Silvio Micali Simple Authentication and Security Layer Simple public-key infrastructure Simple XOR cipher S/KEY Skein (hash function) Skipjack (cipher) Slide attack Slidex Small subgroup confinement attack S/MIME SM4 algorithm (formerly SMS4) • Snake oil (cryptography) Snefru SNOW Snuffle SOBER-128 Solitaire (cipher) Solomon Kullback SOSEMANUK Special Collection Service Spectr-H64 SPEKE (cryptography) Sponge function SPNEGO Square (cipher) Ssh-agent SSH File Transfer Protocol SSLeay Stafford Tavares Standard model (cryptography) Station CAST Station HYPO Station-to-Station protocol Statistical cryptanalysis Stefan Lucks Steganalysis Steganography Straddling checkerboard Stream cipher Stream cipher attacks Strong cryptography Strong RSA assumption Stuart Milner-Barry STU-II STU-III Stunnel Substitution box Substitution cipher Substitution–permutation network Superencryption Supersingular isogeny key exchange Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment SWIFFT SXAL/MBAL Symmetric-key algorithm SYSKEY


Tabula recta Taher Elgamal Tamper resistance Tcpcrypt Television encryption TEMPEST Template:Cryptographic software Temporal Key Integrity Protocol Testery Thawte The Alphabet Cipher The Code Book The Codebreakers The Gold-Bug The Magic Words are Squeamish Ossifrage Theory of Cryptography Conference The world wonders Thomas Jakobsen Three-pass protocol Threshold shadow scheme TICOM Tiger (cryptography) Timeline of cryptography Time/memory/data tradeoff attack Time-based One-time Password algorithm (TOTP) • Timing attack Tiny Encryption Algorithm Tom Berson Tommy Flowers Topics in cryptography Tor (anonymity network) Torus-based cryptography Traffic analysis Traffic-flow security Traitor tracing Transmission security Transport Layer Security Transposition cipher Trapdoor function Trench code Treyfer Trifid cipher Triple DES Trivium (cipher) TrueCrypt Truncated differential cryptanalysis Trusted third party Turing (cipher) TWINKLE TWIRL Twofish Two-square cipher Type 1 encryption Type 2 encryption Type 3 encryption Type 4 encryption Typex


UES (cipher) Ultra UMAC Unbalanced Oil and Vinegar Undeniable signature Unicity distance Universal composability Universal one-way hash function (UOWHF)


Venona project Verifiable secret sharing Verisign Very smooth hash VEST VIC cipher VideoCrypt Vigenère cipher Vincent Rijmen VINSON Virtual private network Visual cryptography Voynich manuscript


Wadsworth's cipher WAKE WLAN Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure Watermark (data file) Watermarking attack Weak key Web of trust Whirlpool (hash function) Whitfield Diffie Wide Mouth Frog protocol Wi-Fi Protected Access William F. Friedman William Montgomery (cryptographer) WinSCP Wired Equivalent Privacy Wireless Transport Layer Security Witness-indistinguishable proof Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems World War I cryptography World War II cryptography W. T. Tutte


X.509 XDH assumption Xiaoyun Wang XML Encryption XML Signature xmx XSL attack XTEA XTR Xuejia Lai XXTEA


Yarrow algorithm Y-stations Yuliang Zheng


Zeroisation Zero-knowledge password proof Zero-knowledge proof Zfone Zodiac (cipher) ZRTP Zimmermann–Sassaman key-signing protocol Zimmermann Telegram

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