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Coordinates: 22°35′20″N 120°31′49″E / 22.588971°N 120.530266°E / 22.588971; 120.530266

Not to be confused with Zhutian (zh), Nanxiong, in Guangdong, China.
Zhutian Township
Traditional Chinese 竹田鄉
Literal meaning bamboo field township
Hanyu Pinyin Zhútián Xiāng
Wade–Giles Chu2-t'ien2 Hsiang1
Tongyong Pinyin Jhútián Siang
Hokkien POJ Tek-chhân-hiong
Zhutian Township in Pingtung County
Zhutian Township
Zhutian Station

Zhutian Township,[1] also spelled Jhutian,[2] is a rural township in Pingtung County, Taiwan.


  • Population: 17,719 people (December 2014)
  • Area: 29.07 square kilometres (11.22 sq mi)
  • Main ethic group: Hakka

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises 15 villages:

  • Dahu (大湖村)
  • Erlun (二崙村)[3]
  • Fengming (鳳明村)
  • Futian (福田村)
  • Liuxiang (六巷村)
  • Lufeng (履豐村)
  • Meilun (美崙村)
  • Nanshi (南勢村)
  • Sizhou (泗洲村)
  • Tiaodi (糶糴村)
  • Toulun (頭崙村)
  • Xishi (西勢村)
  • Yongfeng (永豐村)
  • Zhunan (竹南村)
  • Zhutian (竹田村)


Rice factory in Zhutian

Zhutian is famous for its agricultural products.

Tourist attractions[edit]


Zhutian Station


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