Yizhu, Chiayi

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Coordinates: 23°21′24″N 120°13′25″E / 23.356549°N 120.223511°E / 23.356549; 120.223511

Yizhu Township in Chiayi County
Yizhu Township Government Office

Yizhu Township or Yijhu Townshop (Chinese: 義竹鄉; pinyin: Yìzhú Xiāng) is a rural township in Chiayi County, Taiwan.


It has a population of 19,578 and an area of 79.2925 km2.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Anjiao Village, Yizhu Village, Liugui Village, Renli Village, Zhuanfang Village, Touzhu Village, Wucuo Village, Zhongping Village, Beiqian Village, Pingxi Village, Houzeng Village, Beihua Village, Xindian Village, Tungguo Village, Xiguo Village, Guanhe Village, Guanshun Village, Xinfu Village, Tungguang Village, Tungrong Village, Longjiao Village, Xizhou Village.

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