Xinyi, Nantou

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Coordinates: 23°39′44.5″N 121°00′56.6″E / 23.662361°N 121.015722°E / 23.662361; 121.015722

Xinyi Township in Nantou County
Xinyi Township

Xinyi Township or Sinyi Township (Chinese: 信義鄉; pinyin: Xìnyì Xiāng) is a mountain indigenous township in Nantou County, Taiwan. It is the largest township of Nantou County. Xinyi is home to Bunun people of the Taiwanese aborigines.


It has a population total of 16,813 and an area of 1,422.42 square kilometres (549.20 sq mi).[1]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises 14 villages: Aiguo, Deli, Fengqiu, Luona, Mingde, Renhe, Shenmu, Shuanglong, Tannan, Tongfu, Tungpu, Wangmei, Xinxiang and Zijiang.


The township ranks first in Taiwan in terms of plum production, reaching an annual production of 20,000 tonnes.[2]


Tourist attractions[edit]

  • Mount Mabolasi
  • Yushan National Park
  • Batongguan Historic Trail
  • Fengguidou
  • Dongpu Hot Springs
  • Pinglai Scenic Area
  • Rainbow Falls, Lover's Valley
  • Cloud Dragon Falls, Double Dragon Falls
  • Fubuzhizi Precipice
  • Danda Mountain Trail, Danye Mountain Trail
  • Seven Colors Lake
  • Papaya Pit Big Falls
  • Shenmu Big Tree
  • Husband Wife Tree



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