Guanshan, Taitung

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Coordinates: 23°01′05″N 121°11′38″E / 23.01806°N 121.19389°E / 23.01806; 121.19389

Guanshan Township
Guanshan Rice produced in the paddy fields of Guanshan Township, Taitung.jpg
Guanshan Township in Taitung County
Guanshan Township in Taitung County
LocationTaitung County, Taiwan
 • Total59 km2 (23 sq mi)
 (February 2023)
 • Total8,160
 • Density140/km2 (360/sq mi)

Guanshan Township (Chinese: 關山; pinyin: Guānshān Zhèn; Wade–Giles: Kuan1-shan1 Chen4) is an urban township in northern Taitung County, Taiwan.


Map including Guanshan area (1944)
Map including Guanshan area (1951)

Formerly called Lilong, which is from the Amis word meaning "red worms" and rendered in Hokkien as A-lí-lóng (阿里壟). By 1920, the town was called Kanzan Town under Kanzan District, Taitō Prefecture.


It is located in the Huatung Valley South segment. Beinan River flows through. In the east it is bordered by the Hai'an Range and in the west by the Central Mountain Range. Guanshan has a Tropical Monsoon Climate. Annual rainfall is 2,000 mm with an average temperature of 23.7 degrees Celsius.

Covering an area of 58.735 km2, Guanshan has a population of 8,160 people (as of February 2023).

Administrative divisions[edit]

Guanshan Township consists of 7 villages, namely Chungfu, Fengchuan, Hsinfu, Lilong, Tekao, Tienkuan and Yuemei, and 135 neighborhoods.


Rice is the most important crop in the township due to its relatively flat terrain suitable for paddy field.[1]

Tourist attractions[edit]

Old Guanshan Rail Station


Guanshan Township is accessible from Guanshan Station and Haiduan Station of the Taiwan Railways.

Notable natives[edit]


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